ECTASY OF GODThe front page of Todays Daily Mail grabbed my attention. The former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey states that “The Church of England will be extinct within One generation!” It reminded me a little of a great quote I’ve used many times from Mike Bickle where the Lord shared with Him that, “In one generation I will so redefine the Church that it will never be seen as irrelevant again!” Two perspectives, two assumptions, one declaring that in a single generation Church will be extinct, another that Church will be so redefined it will be unnoticeable! Thoughts…

I love mystery. I understand totally that the revelation of the Gospel is a revelation of a Mystery revealed. In Christ we see the full unveiling of the very manifold wisdom and grace of God. To see this great Gospel we need look no further than the Face of our Lover, In Him we live move and have our being, He is the full depiction of every love letter on the heart of the Father to be delivered to Humanity. All of Scripture points to Him and He fully unravels and reveals the Mystery of the ages. The prophets of old spoke of Him in type, in shadow, as best they could but a day came when the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us! No more declaration of what is to come but a full blown manifestation of Love and Grace. Our Spirit man has no problem resonating with the vibration of His revealing, whenever He is revealed to us even though our minds may do cartwheels our spirits scream YES! He has at last spoke to us, not via dark sayings or mere writings but through a Son, In whom all the fullness of Deity dwells and in and from whom we have our very existence! We need look no further for answers He answers every Question!

Yet in saying that somehow whenever heaven manifests we who are slow at times to understand often are left scratching our heads. Seemingly in the revealing of ‘The Mystery’ mystery ensues! The Gospel even though simple has Truth Profound, even though loving is scandalous at the core. The mystics of Old would talk of how every time they received a fresh revelation of the Crucified Christ it would lead to more questions and more mystery! In many ways it seems that in the revealing He becomes more unsearchable, even though He’s very present and all around us and manifests continually in every fibre of substance He is also invisible and untouchable?

Seemingly whenever something is revealed from Heaven and substance arrives mystery is triggered. The Manna is a prime example, a generation fed bread from heaven, angels food every day but ‘What is it?’ Manna – ‘What is it?’ Thousands of years later the True Bread from Heaven is revealed, Real Substance, the full blown manifestation of Divinity yet ‘Who is this?’ He came to bring revelation yet spoke in Parables, His life was an enigma, a parabolic mystery revealed totally mis-understood! Even those close to Him sought out answers, “Jesus explain to us the parable of the sower!” Heaven was with them, Mystery revealed with many questions, even John asked the question after baptising Him “Are you the One or should I look for another?” It seemed every time the disciples had an angle on Him He threw them a curve ball “Unless you eat my body and drink my blood you have no part with Me?” Mmmm “What manner of man is this?” We see this same paradox in the life of the Baptist, the crazy man in the Wilderness, obviously anointed by God yet totally mis-understood! Jesus Himself even picks up on the queries of those who had gone to Johns meetings, “Well what did you expect? What did you go out to see? This man is way more than you thought He was, He is the Elijah to come!” In the revealing of an apparent Elijah we see guys at the revealing of Mystery scratching their heads wondering what on earth is going on!

Once we lose the revealing ‘Of’ AND yet the cause ‘Of’ more mystery we are in danger of ‘Extinction.’ I’m not surprised the former Archbishop has aired his concerns of a Church left with pomp and ceremony when after all much of the Mystery left a long time ago! I remember a few years back when a young man by the name of Todd Bentley arrived on the scene. Man the guy was so passionate, he carried so much new bread from heaven, there was a fire on him and a life carried which was new and fresh. So many guys were impacted by his life and teaching YET there seemed to be so much mystery in what he brought. It was obvious something new was manifesting around Todds life, it was obvious he was breaking new ground open for many to enjoy yet this New Life was mysterious to say the least. I experienced the same in 1995 when I visited London to hear Rodney H Browne, man the glory was so heavy and it was obvious to me that Heaven was being revealed yet I left with way more questions than answers! My life was totally transformed through both of these ministries and I’m thankful forever but man there was so much Mystery revealed at the same time! At a time where so much of The Mystery is being revealed, where we see so many great Grace preachers all around us I sometimes wonder “Where is the Mystery?” Where is the ‘Different?’ Surely if our revelation of heaven and our articulation of theological brilliance is correct then some sort of Mystery should follow? ‘These SIGNS will follow those who ‘Believe’!” I’m not demeaning great teaching at all, our growth depends upon it, all I’m saying is IF heaven is truly being revealed then mystery should follow, a stir should be our portion!

SO, I guess what I’m saying is in the enjoyment of a revealed Mystery ‘Christ in Us’ I’m anticipating a powerfully successful yet mysterious Life to unfold. I get a sense that once we lose that sense of Awe and Wonder, of gazing and losing ourselves in Trance like states we’ve missed something. When I no longer lose myself in the Truth revealed to me by creation then I’m already in danger of having Disengaged Mr Life! I’m still one with Him, we are always One with Him yet we miss out on precious moments of Mystery together with Him on planet Earth! I’m looking for Mystery amongst those who are apparently aware of the ‘Mystery’ revealed in the Gospel. Many are awakening to the Truth, a whole generation is being redefined, all irrelevancies in our thinking are going. In the revealing of this great Gospel we are in no danger of extinction so I guess crazy Mystery will ensue! As heaven is revealed through us minds and mindsets will be sent reeling, questions will be asked, supernatural stuff will pop effortlessly! Albert Einstein said so it so well “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead, his eyes are closed!”

Big Big Hugs DAVE x