Hell is a real place. Not the physical, customised torture chamber specially selected and tweaked by a ‘loving’ God for your own eternal wellbeing, the Hell which Religion taught us all to know and love, the place of judgement and endless pain. No I’m not talking about the ‘Place’ called Hell but the ‘State’ called Hell, a planetary system of delusion, isolation and nakedness, a world within a world that mankind creates for himself in order to hide from a reality as great as himself. Allow me to elaborate.

WORLD WE LIVE INThis week I had a dream, the dream was so real that in it I asked another if I had left my body and visited Hell? In the dream I saw a Planet, the planet was inhabited by others who had passed on from this world and found themselves rewarded with the very desires of their hearts. By the grace of God these ones were allowed to live out the freedom to dwell within the delusion they had created for themselves. It was almost as if they were graced to be with each other within a community that understood each others crazy nature and who agreed with each others strange perceptions and ideologies. No longer were they alienated from society, no longer the fringe element, no longer mis-understood, no longer in need of hiding their secret desires from others. No they were free to be the ‘Themselves’ that they perceived themselves to be, within a community who thought they understood each other and their personal desires! For them this was Utopia, Valhalla, Heaven, Bliss, the very existence they had always desired, lived out within a community who shared absolute agreement with each other. The planet seemed real, had a name, was a geographical place, but more than that was a state of mind and delusion. For me Hell, to them Heaven!

I woke up with some fresh thoughts. Firstly that there is great power in agreement and that agreement has great power to create a world within a world. Jesus the Christ in His incarnation talked about this when He said that “Wherever two or three agree as touching anything it is done.” Individually, as carriers and manifestors of Divine creativity we all have the power to create. Our desires, our imaginations, are powerful keys, doorways to unlock and bring new and fresh realities within this world. We need to be careful what we desire and what we ask for as ‘We’ are the Creators of Life within planet earth. Yet even greater than our own personal ability to create is the joined force of conscious agreement of the few to bring into reality whole new dimensions of Life. The Divine Himself realizes this power of agreement. As guys of old conspired to build a tower from earth to heaven He recognized that this agreement was so strong and the creative force behind it so fierce that if this was allowed ‘Nothing would stand in their way!’ His answer was to confuse their languages and scatter them all over the earth.

Quantum mechanics bears witness to the power of this mass agreement, testifying that as soon as 100 guys agree on something new that a tipping point is reached and a new reality formed. You may of heard of the ‘Hundredth monkey rule?’ If not then basically its this. Scientists watched a set of Islands where a whole bunch of monkeys lived. They watched each day as the monkeys scavenged for food. Each day the monkeys on one set of Islands would pick up nuts from a beach and would attempt to eat them but would soon spit out the nut as they hated the taste of the salty sand on the nut. One day ‘One’ monkey picked up a nut, walked to the sea, washed off the sand and ate the nut! Just one monkey was enough to start a chain reaction within ‘One Island!’ Soon a lot of monkeys started doing the same thing all on just that ‘One Island.’ Then one day the 100th monkey to catch this revelation walked into the sea, washed off the nut and joined the party on the first Island and ate the nut. Scientists could not believe what took place next! On all the other Island spontaneously ALL the other monkeys suddenly responded and did exactly what the first 100 monkeys had begun! A tipping point was reached and agreement had paved a way for a new norm to be established!

There is a sense where I realize that in some respects the Divine will not stand in the way of our creativity and agreement. In many ways what you desire you attract. He doesn’t stand in the way of us reaching our goals even when those goals may not manifest His best intentions for us. I saw this within my dream, what guys ultimately wanted and desired they were allowed to live out! For them it was heaven, for me it was Hell, but somehow He allowed them to live out a delusion within community and gave them the very desires of their heart. A world they had created for themselves, a world within a world, a false reality YET a reality none the less! As Stewart Brand says ‘Perception is the ultimate reality but not necessarily the ultimate Truth!’ What we perceive becomes our Reality but it’s not a Reality birthed out of Truth. This is what I witnessed in my dream guys living out a delusion, a perception, not rooted in Truth, created out of lack of connectivity with Divine Truth!

Out of our finite understanding and with a desire to control others we have created for ourselves a very flattering, plausible and easily explainable ‘Concept’ regarding the ‘After – Life.’ In Christian circles it usually goes “Heaven/Hell YOU CHOOSE!!” Seems to tick all of the boxes and for me was very plausible UNTIL you begin to evolve and change in your understanding and begin to see things in a whole new light. I’m sorta finding it harder to perceive Heaven and Hell as I once did. I’m finding it progressively more difficult to see Heaven/Hell as two strictly geographical places, (Wow shock, horror, shame on you Dave Vaughan!) I still believe that the reality of Heaven and Hell are both lived out in Geographical places, but I no longer believe that this is strictly limited to a Palatial place and a Fiery place! What? Well let me elaborate, many right now are living out Hellish existences on planet earth, at times Life can be rough, shit happens, famine, dis-ease, unrest, poverty, despair, breakdowns in relationships can lead to a ‘State’ of Hell, but where is that Hell lived out? Not in flames with horned creatures prodding you with crazy long pitchforks! No right here, in a place called NOW, an eternal place, the only eternal place, NOW! In the same way guys have the opportunity to live out a continual reality of Bliss, not in the ‘After Life’ in a ‘Palatial Place’ with golden roads and Pearly gates but right here right NOW! He once said “When you pray say Thy Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven!’ ‘Heaven’ a very present reality, the Kingdom continually manifesting from within us right now! NOW the only eternal reality, the only eternal ‘State,’ a place where we can enjoy the wonders of our divinity and the glory of each other! What happens if you were to physically die enjoying this state? Mmmmmm not totally sure ‘Where’ that will take place BUT I do feel assured that you will continue living out that reality of heaven in a state of absolute Bliss SOMEWHERE!!!!

Going back to my dream. Somehow in it I saw some of this stuff coming together, I saw a little of how ‘Maybe’ some stuff worked. Guys have internal desires, they give themselves over to those desires in the NOW, they live out those desires whether they are glorious or not. We then find agreement and create, firstly on the ‘fringes,’ new cultures, new ‘Realities,’ some of these realities are just perceptions and illusions given shape and form by our power to create, soon whole new ‘Norms’ are formed, then nothing is impossible for us! That new ‘norm’ for us then becomes our Reality, certainly in this world, I believe maybe even into the next? Hell/Heaven, not created by God to be enjoyed OR shunned but birthed out of inward desires, some heavenly, some earthy! One mans Heaven is another mans Hell, depending massively upon the focus and upon what you have desired inwardly over many years. Don’t worry, even though Christianity threatens you with a fear of ‘Not finding yourself in the wrong place,’ I now feel assured that this will never be further from the Truth! Ultimately you will find yourself right in the place you created for yourself, in a full blown manifestation of the desires you cultivated within your heart. Why wouldn’t a secure God give you the very desires of your heart? (This sorta reminds me of Bob Jones experience where he died and he saw guys going ‘Into’ eternity carrying with them whatever it was they clung onto whilst on planet earth. To one it was money, to another food, another was his garden! I’m obviously not a gnostic lol I enjoy LIFE, natural things given by Him for my pleasure, I in no way am one who thinks all natural stuff is evil, but I do realize that somehow ‘Stuff’ can be our God, a god we will maybe carry with us into any next phase of life?)

In saying all of this I also know that even though the Divine ‘Allows’ He also ‘Loves!’ I see the continual enlightening of Holy Ghost, the persistent work of awakening within the heart of humanity, whether in this Life or the Next! The continual call to Holiness, to shift in our thinking, to create New Worlds, birthed out of new thoughts and great desires. It’s a call to ‘Re-Remember’ to know again our first and only love, the only reality, the only True ‘State’ of being, no other planet will suffice! Man this thing is so much broader than we realized. It’s Ok to evolve in our thinking, its ok to move away from conditioned thinking, it’s ok to realize you no longer adhere to the Status Quo. We are eternal beings, bearing that in mind I find it hard to believe that our full evolution must take place within a 70 year period whilst on ‘Planet Earth,’ or that one initial decision For or Against determines where we will spend ALL OF ETERNITY! That mindset lacks so much substance, it now seems ludicrous as I recognize more and more the Long suffering of the Divine and the glory of personal Evolution and change. Apparently ‘Her gates are always open,’ and ‘The Spirit and the Bride say COME!’

Obviously I’m asking questions here, it’s still ok to ask questions right? I sometimes have crazy thoughts I’d love to share, thoughts which initially excite and bring a sense of instant freedom, the bliss of which are soon cut short as I realize how strong the religious default is in me! I want this Blog site to be one of honesty and journeying, that will mean often we will question the questions lol! That’s ok right? Maybe it’s time to move on? Maybe it’s Him who’s moving us on? Maybe it’s not all about right/wrong but developing a love and tolerance for each other in the midst of journey? Maybe He wants us to develop honest relationships not based upon Theological agreement? Relationships which are sustainable and not rooted in winking association? I certainly hope so x

Thoughts Please via the Contact avenue. Big Big Hugs DAVE (Lets create by our desires heaven on earth NOW!)