Hey Guys

So I heard from the printers today and I’ll be collecting the first thousand copies of my new book on Friday! As you can imagine I’m super stoked and have a crazy load of emotions buzzing about me right now ranging from blissfully ecstatic to weirdly apprehensive! Friday will be an amazing day and will mark a culmination of years of pondering, deliberation and planning. Once I get the books in my hands I’ll be sending out all pre-orders immediately. I was shocked today when I counted up the present number of pre-orders and realised that we are almost at the 200 mark! This is without a Kindle launch and without anyone actually having read the book yet! Your support in helping me promote this book amazes me and Donna and I are truly humbled and thankful! I will be signing all pre-order so please continue to make your purchases which will ensure you get your copies straight from the press! Here’s the link to pre-order;


(Sadly there’s been a silly glitch when about one in twenty people have tried to purchase the book. When you make your purchase please ensure that Paypal have taken your money! This obviously confirms that you have made the purchase. If Paypal haven’t taken your money please try to purchase again and if that doesn’t work please make a donation to our website of the amount and mark your gift as ‘Book payment’ and we will make sure you are added to the list! Thank’s for your patience in this matter, we are working on resolving it!)

Karen Lowe is an amazing woman and real cool apostolic voice and heart in our nation. Karen has authored several books and has manifested a strong heart in Wales for the presence of God and justice for the poor for many years. Karen has walked with Donna and I, encouraged us massively over the past 10 years and has been a tower of strength and support to our family. We love her dearly and recognise her as a source of love, wisdom and understanding. Anyways here’s a review which Karen wrote after she read ‘Tales from the Couch!’ Enjoy and please share with others, Big Hugs DAVE


I’m delighted to have the opportunity to review Dave’s book, in fact I couldn’t put it down, it revived so many memories of a crazy, stretching, but wonderful season. ‘ Tales From the Couch’ is full of humour, wild encounters in the Supernatural realms, and the delight of embracing life in all its fullness.

I had always vowed that if even a sniff of a fresh move of God broke out, I would jump straight in. I wanted to learn from the lessons of the 1904 Revival, a revival hindered by the reluctance of Church leaders to stand with the young revivalists who were at the forefront of the move. Some of the leaders from that time were unwilling to bear the shame of things happening in different and unexpected ways.

It would be true to say that this move was different! The Media exposure through Dave’s time in the Big Brother House took things to a new level and gave endless opportunities to expose people to a love soaked, non religious gospel. This book is full of hilarious stories, and great encounters. As in any move of God, there are always things that, in hindsight, might have been done differently, but it certainly took things to a new place. ‘Tales from the Couch’ is a great read and a provocation to take risks and to expect the unexpected.