Nothing can seem extraordinary until you have discovered what is ordinary!   –   C.S Lewis..

There is nothing wrong with Planet Earth. This whole earth is filled with beauty, so much beauty that it is more than possible to live a Life continually rapt in wonder and awe. Albert Einstein saw this as not just a possibility but as a reality to be engaged when he said, “He who can longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead, his eyes are closed!” Eden is a very present reality, the earth is crammed with natural beauty, nature is Divine in essence and filled with creativity, Humanity is perfect and each and every Human a portal of great wonder and an opportunity to stand in gaping Bliss! He watches in wonder of His creation, a creation that He said ‘Was Good!’ A perfect creation spied on each day by the greatest Voyeur who has ever existed! In His own words “Not a sparrow falls to the ground and I don’t know about it and every hair on your head is numbered!” He watches, He stands Rapt in wonder, He realizes the beauty of the works of His own hands. I remember sitting once in a restaurant in Indiana. There was an elderly lady who served us, man she was precious! She was young at heart, sweet in the middle, decorated herself with jewels and each day applied speck of golden makeup to her face! As I sat there and looked at her it was if I watched her through different eyes, through His eyes! Man she was beautifully perfect! I heard Him speaking to my heart these words, “Dave I love her so much, every day I watch over here, I’m obsessed by her, I love everything she does, I love watching her apply that gold to her face every day, I know everything about her and it makes me ecstatic!” Man what a God, continually ‘Paused’ in the moment!

To fully enjoy this Life we must learn to live in and engage the ‘Now.’ The past is gone, the future doesn’t exist, all we have is the Glory of the Now! Religion always robs us of the ‘Now Reality,’ it reminds us of the ‘Greats’ and of the great moments, whilst encouraging us to invest heavily with our time, money and spiritual commitment into a brighter future. I can identify with that lifestyle. For many years I locked myself away from the Glory of this world seeking out a greater reality, an invisible reality, lol! I was one who through lack of knowledge was doing all I could to save this planet whilst living on a completely different one! Yes I had encounters, some of them may even of been legitimate! Yet why seek the encounter of a lifetime and miss out on a lifetime of encounter available as we engage the Now? Lack of revelation of reality leaves us with such a sense of ‘Obligation’ and ‘Responsibility!’ It seems too good to be true that we can just engage in life, enjoy life, Period! I felt such a need to have to ‘Make something happen.’ For 8 hours a day I would pace back and forth shaking my fist at a more than generous Divinity encouraging Him to reproduce what He had already established! The moments I spent with my family were always rushed moments as I needed to be ‘In Prayer.’ My heart was fueled by a religious condition called ‘Bullshit’ which told me I was ‘Needed’ and necessary to instigate great things. Thank God His enema is never far from any one of us!

It was for ‘Freedom’ He has set us free, No longer to be under that strange and unfitting yoke of religious activity! We are a ‘Free’ people. Free to roam, free to run, free to live, free to laugh, free to love! There’s no bondage here, no sense of obligation left, no need to keep spinning the plates of religious activity or living with any sense of ‘Needing to be there!’ We are free to enjoy the Life created for ‘Our’ pleasure. It amazes me that when He breathes Adam into existence and regularly showed up to engage him in Life, that His communication with him was a natural one. He encouraged Adam in Life. He didn’t burden him down with any sense of Need he just spoke with him about Life! “Hey Adam you can name all the animals! Hey Adam you can rule over this natural creation!” Man I love that! Paul loved making Tents SO he made Tents! In the midst of ‘Religious fervor’ the guy didn’t lock himself away, instead he decided to live in community and make Tents! Why? Because he loved to work with his hands and make tents! Jesus for 30 out of 33 years apparently worked with His hands, He engaged the natural order as a carpenter and loved the ordinary Life! Later He drank wine, went fishing, farted with the boys, goofed off and wasn’t too spiritual to ignore the party invites!

He’s raising up the ‘Pioneers of Life,’ those who are unashamed of their quirky hobbies and weird engagements in Life! One mans Rugby is another mans Soccer. What is it you enjoy? Where do you find your pleasure? What are the ‘Ordinary’ things of Life that give you such a sense of belonging and purpose? Who do you enjoy being with? How much time do you spend with them? Man there’s so much glory on the ordinary things we have overlooked on the road to being spiritual. Earthly things, natural things, things created for your pleasure! We are finding as a family that we are experiencing more rest, more bliss, more pleasure as we stand ‘Paused in the Now,’ enjoying our existence on Planet Earth than ever before. As Donna shows our dogs, as I go to the gym or go shooting, as we hang out at Starbucks grabbing a coffee with NO AGENDA AT ALL other than enjoying Life, SHIFT happens!smiling-girl Just this week as we were in a shop together a precious young girl with Downs Syndrome randomly walked over to me with her arms open, gave me a massive hug and kiss and sat right by me! It was a precious encounter, an encounter of the earthly and ordinary kind, a mundane thing yet a glorious thing, so natural yet unbelievably spiritual. As I go to the gym later I don’t go to ‘Save the World’ or ‘Heal every sick Person.’ No my focus is simple, ‘Go get massive and ripped!’ Simple. YET over the past 2 years of enjoying Gym Life I’ve had so many natural, ordinary encounters and learned so much right in the middle of Life! As we let go of the religious/spiritual pretense with all of its menopausal guff and just walk in a sense of honor and appreciation for humanity and Life we create great things! Man Life becomes RICH! Why? Because it is RICH!

Just a thought to finish, a thought on how cool it is to move away from religious structures and onto the natural fluidity of Life! In 2008 in the height of the Lakeland Revival I remember attending a Martin Scott meeting. Many of you will know Martin, a great guy with a sharp prophetic edge who often releases crazy yet wise one liners and with them offers no explanation whatsoever! At the meeting I attended Martin commented regarding the Lakeland revival saying, “It’s amazing what is taking place in Lakeland, God will allow it to prosper and be built up before He pulls it down!” A crazy thought! I love watching kids play, man we can learn so much from children. Watching a child build up an amazingly intricate Lego structure which can take several hours to construct seems so meaningful to the child and so rewarding and fun, almost as much fun as when the same child then smashes up the entire structure whilst in fits of laughter!! This whole thing is hard to understand until you enter into the mind of the child and you realize that the importance isn’t on the structure being built/blown up, but very much in the journey of enjoying the ‘Now’ and experiencing to the full the joy that is on at that moment! Kids seem to have a very real revelation of living in the NOW, (the only moment where we are fully connected with Eternity!) As we remember it’s all about the journey and enjoying the moment and take our eyes off ‘The building of the Structure’ somehow everything makes sense even in the ‘Tearing Down’ phase! Big Big Hugs DAVE