So I’m just a week into obtaining the first editions of my new book ‘Tales from the Couch-Memoirs of a Drunk Monk,’ and I have been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed not just at the crazy interest shown by many to purchase the book, but also by the magnitude of the impact which apparently the book is having on it’s readers. With any artist, musician or poet I guess there will always be a sense of apprehension before a new project is launched. How will it be received? Will it resonate with the hearer? Will anyone be interested in taking time out of a busy schedule to even pick it up and connect with it? I guess my greatest fear was whether the language of the book would register with those who I’m desperate to connect with. I always had a sense that those who have journeyed with us over the past 10 years and have engaged with our passion and ministry would easily be able to connect with it. I guess that my concern was; What about the others? What about those sub-cultures, the enquirers, the spiritually unaware? These were the ones who I really wanted the book to minister too, these were also the ones whom I wanted to see space created for, that they may enjoy their own spiritual progression.

Really I needn’t have worried! In all of my apprehension maybe I should have remembered that deep still calls out to deep, that truth still resonates with the truth residing at the core of who we are! Yes the world struggles with the religious bullshit served up and offered daily by self serving Guru’s all over the world, but let’s give humanity a little credit as we remember that at the core of who they are is ‘Truth!’ Truth will always register with Truth. “My sheep hear My voice!” I had an amazing message from one such guy who said that he actually bought the book just to ‘Bless me!’ Yet he then went on to say that he couldn’t put the book down but found himself reading over and over and over chapter one! He couldn’t get over the richness of the truth contained in those pages which took him back to his childhood, a time when he continually fell into trances and encounters to the distaste of his family who thought there was something wrong with him! He said that as he read through that chapter that he began to re-engage with that time of his life and to re-remember the reality of those initial spiritual years! He said that he knew that the book would be the ‘make or break’ of him. I’m amazed!

It seems that so many who have read the book have found a deep connection with their own spiritual evolution within it’s pages. Many have shared with me that they have found themselves slipping into ecstasies and encounters as they’ve re-lived their own journey within the writings of my journey. Many have found themselves crying deeply as they’ve been moved by not just the ‘presence’ on the book but the reality of the encounter manifesting in it’s pages. I’m sorta surprised but also not that surprised. As I wrote the book I knew I was under a heavy, weighty, reality. Day after day I would laugh, cry and I even had feathers materialising over my head and landing on me as I attempted to communicate my heart. I guess that same anointing is transferred to those who have taken the time to read the book; Here’s extracts of just a couple of messages that I’ve been sent;

“I have finished reading your book and fully intended to message you before but there doesn’t seem to be adequate words available for me to express how I felt as I journeyed through the book with you!! To say I enjoyed it is not enough to honour you as I would want! As I sat on my couch at times it was as though I was experiencing some of the pain and then ecstasies with you, crazy but a different realm! It was difficult to put the book down but at times I did just to soak in the glory of the moment!! I was deeply moved by your honesty and willingness to open your heart and be vulnerable to your readers! It was at times hilariously crazy, fun and mind blowing, but that’s our God, outside of any box or explanation! It encourages me to live my life in my way enjoying my experiences in oneness with God and with humanity. Appreciating all the beauty and diversity of creation around me. And that is why I believe as I closed your book ‘Tales from the Couch’ I sat and wept quietly for some time pondering, feeling so loved and secure, as I realised all we have been through and experienced so far is only part of our glorious journey of freedom and there is still much more to discover and be awakened to all flowing out of love,love,love. So as your book has gone out now into many countries, being read right now by folk from all walks of life, we can only begin to imagine the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covering the earth, Yes Lord let it be!! Let there be an awakening, a re-remembering, a knowing all over the earth.” Mary S

“Having finished this book in two sittings over the weekend I have to say Dave has accomplished a very difficult task of drawing together personal experience and events to make this much, much more than just a testimonial book. The only way I can describe it is it is a book where deep cried unto deep. A book that equally fills me with incredible excitement and joy, and yet also pains me to read. A book that reminds me of both the most amazing time in my life and the darkest time of my life. A book that captures a time captured in history, and yet released into the present and future. Reviewing it is quite a task, but I wanted to thank Dave for sharing his life, his thoughts, his experience. Wanted to thank him for honesty. Thank him for making me laugh and weep in equal measures. It leaves me with questions. I love questions. It leaves me in wonder. Wondering what the hell and what the heaven. But wonder is what it is all about. Wandering and wondering.” Paul Leader

Guys I could add several more similar stories but I’ll leave that for another time! I’m fully satisfied with this book, all fears are gone and I now realise that the book is a powerful tool in opening up hearts and lives to a deeper reality in love and the supernatural. I encourage you to buy the book and as you do to please consider getting copies for your friends and family members as gifts. Yes invest in their journey as they move forward! I’m super excited that we now have the book available in the UK on Amazon, on Ebay and worldwide via my website I’m also stoked that the Kindle version is now also available for you guys to download as of today! The link for that is;

As I finish I just want to thank all of you guys who have journeyed with us and supported us in this venture! It’s been a long time coming and for me draws a line under a crazy spiritual transition! Please continue to help us to get the word out on social media by sharing your thoughts and reviews of the book! Also to all of you guys who continue to love us and stand with us financially, who partner with our family and who allow us to continue ministering to our ever expanding family in the Philippines, we love you! We could not do this without you, seriously it’s impossible for Donna and I to financially cover the costs of our Asian kids home without you. Thank you so so much! (To partner with us financially or to sow a one time gift please visit our site at

Big Hugs, DAVE