the universe conspiresHey Guys

Trust you are doing amazing! It’s Jetlag Glory here in the Vaughan house, up at 3AM again for the 3rd day in a row after my return from America. It really is a light and momentary affliction though which usually lasts for about 3 weeks as yet again out American Tour with our great friend John Crowder blew up. The more we travel and connect with friends old and new it’s becoming more and more evident that Humanity is waking up to a reality beyond religious boundaries and that this thing is out of control right across the board. Yet again we met with guys who are sharing the same story, the story is one of personal transformation, massive inward change and an evolving away from the safety of religious structure and into a freedom both liberating yet frightening! Man we have been so conditioned to think along certain lines and modern leadership has majorly helped to endorse such suffocating thinking, yet now mankind is beginning to see the ‘unchaining of the mind’ and a move beyond theological dogma. This awakening is in no way restricted or limited to within the Church, as a matter of fact in many ways the Church is playing catch up as many are realising that modern day Christianity is proving to be somewhat archaic! It’s crazy to even think along these lines, to dare to question the structures we have known and loved yet great change seems to be overwhelming us and redirecting us, leading us away from our best laid plans and thought patterns. Watch this space!!!

Whilst I shared in America I realised more and more that His seed is alive and doing well on the inside of humanity. We ALL come from that incorruptible and immortal seed, His DNA is the very essence of all that we are. The parable talks about a time where as ‘Men Slept’ and rested the seed that went ‘Into the ground and died’ suddenly burst forth and reproduced mightily after its kind. This is the Lords doing, this is the power of His resurrection, not based upon mans efforts, as a matter of fact ‘As men slept’ the Kingdom advanced! It seems more and more that the Gospel is one big Joke! His joke, His plan, His reality, no need for us to stress and get serious thinking that in any way the onus is on us to accomplish anything. No, we can take a day off, enjoy the Life He created for our pleasure and rest in the reality that ‘It is Finished!’ This message of Life was all I attempted to communicate in America, If it really is all over then what else is there left for us to engage but the Life He has given us? This is the offence of the Gospel, that as we engage the daily reality of Eden all around us that we can be confident that He will cause His kingdom to manifest around and through us. Life doesn’t happen around us, it happens as us and through us. As we change, change happens all around us. We are the Creators of worlds within this world, the world we live out is the world we create for ourselves and others.

I’m beginning to see clearly that the Universe is absolutely amazing and is loaded down with blessing. There’s no lack whatsoever in this world. Creation is full. We live in a universe of plentitude, all we need is all around us, as a matter of fact ‘Lack’ is an illusion in this place of abundance. In the midst of our ‘Being’ the Universe responds all around us! Creation continually responds not to our best efforts but very much to His image revealed in and as us! The Christ child laid in a manger with his balled up fist, still pooping yellow and not able to communicate a single word CAUSED the Universe to react. A Star moved over the top of the Stable AND according to scripture Wise Men appeared carrying with them cases of provision! This is amazing, the Universe responding, not to His efforts but to HIM! Big difference. This ‘Happening’ was in no way just isolated to His birth, no through His life we see creation responding, the Universe conspiring around His desires. One day He realises it’s good to pay taxes, He then makes a crazy request, “Go catch a fish?” What? He understood that somehow via a desire in His being the Universe would respond. Suddenly a fish brings money to pay His taxes!! Another time He has a desire to feed the people, suddenly a boy appears and as if by magic the bread and fish multiplies and the universe provides more than enough!

In the coming days we will understand this reality more, We are not gonna strive hard to produce, as a matter of fact there is nothing left to produce as the Universe is abundantly filled with all we will ever need. The whole earth is filled with His glory, ever fibre, every atom resonates with Life. Somehow that same resonance is released as we Rest and sink deeper into the reality that we have an Inheritance. Our confidence in abundance all around us, our knowing that we lack nothing will cause the Universe we live in to release all it has into our lives. Man as we cast our bread onto the waters the very waters bring it back swollen up and multiplied! All so often we get bogged down by only seeing single streams of blessing coming into our lives, we look to our income as our provision, we look to our ability to produce as our only way of seeing financial or physical release. In the coming days as we realise the connection between his image in and as us and the created order that we live in we will move away from this way of thinking and the result will be continual streams of provision into our lives. Man I’m so excited about this stuff, The Universe is loaded down with blessing and desires to pour out upon my desires!!!!

We are so excited about the days ahead, this was the last USA Tour we will be doing. We are changing, we are seeing something of a new picture, a bigger picture, a more sustainable reality. The fruit of these Tours has been amazing, the fun off the charts. I obviously still want to connect with all our friends in the USA and will do more and more as the days go on and I anticipate the Life on these relationships growing each day. Much of what we have desired and connected with over the past few years has all been based around these connections, we spend many hours each week travelling, meeting with and encouraging guys to live this family life within the reality of the Kingdom. This is always our joy. Yet for Donna and I our focus is shifting, we are evolving and moving on, realising that this Kingdom isn’t and cannot be based around events but has to flow out of the reality of family. We are anticipating greater depths of relationship, more organic expressions of family, spontaneous gatherings coming out of kingdom desires to simply ‘Be with each other.’ We will still gather guys at times, we will also travel and take teams into the nations as opportunity arises but for us the need to move away from a focus which has facilitated 8 years of events, conferences and gatherings is essential to see the next phase of reality manifest. This excites us massively and the reality of it is already manifesting as we build friendships with new connections and are seeing some crazy old relationships re-connect! We see this lifestyle as the only sustainable reality, everything else should encourage and endorse this type of lifestyle and should never be a substitute for it. Great and free days ahead! Please continue to journey with us as we Change and as Change breaks out all around us!

We love you guys endlessly! Just to let you know I will be spending the next 3 months finishing my book, this has been a long time coming but I know I must complete it this summer lol. We will see, please pray for me as I embark further into this crazy adventure! Guys an amazing way to connect with us is via my Facebook page, this allows daily interaction and allows us too all journey together from day to day, Please follow me via the link below as we walk and evolve together, Big Big Hugs DAVE