What amazing days we are living in! I don’t think I’ve ever known a time in my life where I have felt such Purpose coming out of a place of such deep Rest. As we are Resting and Realizing, just exploring and Pioneering this great Life He has given us we are seeing new worlds created all around us. It’s amazing to think that just in the ‘being’ we can actually cause such significant change, EFFORTLESSLY! Wherever we go right now we are seeing the sorts of change that many years of religious pursuit failed to bring, the ceasing of our labours is seemingly producing more than all of our religious activity. At the Gym I go to Guys are chomping at the bit to hear my heart for the poor, doors are being opened in their thinking previously sealed shut to new realms of possibility THEY can make with the Poorest of the Poor. Just last week in our local Indian restaurant the waiter who we have known for several years came over to our table and said “Dave I want to come with you to the Philippines, I want to invest in the poor!” Iqbal is a muslim guy who’s beginning to recognise the beauty of this redeemed Humanity and realises that he can also open up a world within a world as his thought patterns change. Then just an hour ago I’m in Starbucks and the guy serving me just spurts out “Dave I’m desperate to go with you to Manila, I so want to do that stuff!”

Humanity is seemingly awakening to the Glory of it’s Oneness and it’s divinity! We are ‘All’ seamlessly One and cut from the same cloth. A deep appreciation of our Union as a powerful created force is infiltrating through the nations. This is the powerful work of Holy Ghost, we’ve said it before ‘He never came to make up the lack in Jesus sufferings and to give us MORE’ no ‘He came to reveal to a redeemed Humanity the beauty of it’s original and Authentic Identity!’ Our efforts are in no way necessary for this ‘Awakening’ He has it covered, YET as we live out our liberation and fully engage the Life He has given us somehow we stimulate and radiate that same ‘Image!’ He wants us fully involved even though our efforts to produce are in no way required, What a God!

Once again we are seeing that He see’s none of the religious walls and denominational boundaries we hold onto! In this Kingdom there is no Muslim, Jew, Black, White, Male, Female just Jesus Christ. He honours none of the spiritual stipulations we deem appropriate and in no way endorses our religious bigotry. Humanities absolute liberation will only be fully realised away from these structures, no matter how flexible the ‘New Wineskin’ seems to be the wine will always leak seeking to find expression away from the suffocation of religious dogma. There is Life in the embracing of difference. To see Black and white, male and female, Muslim and Jew expressing love to each other as a direct result of Holy Ghost illuminating the Original and Authentic ‘Within’ is Glorious! This mystery isn’t gonna go away! Things will get messy and without a deeper revelation of the Glory of the ‘One Man’ where divides have dissolved, things will be very confusing! Gays and Muslims wanting to come with us onto the Garbage Dumps with a love and desire to ‘Be’ with Humanity and love the poor in a way that few ‘Christians’ have expressed? Should we say NO? Should we be like Peter who’s first response to a vision of a ‘Clean’ world was ‘Not so Lord?’ Or should we recognise the Glory being expressed and revealed to ‘All’ and rejoice that something is breaking out way beyond our theological paradigms? Freedom is often very scary!

These are great days. Yes days of reformation and great change. I remember being in Indiana in 2011, not able to sleep all night as I saw vision after vision of a great reformation which changed everything! How our thinking has been addressed and challenged over these past few years! I am so thankful for guys like Andre Rabe, John Crowder, Francois Du Toit, Baxter Kruger, Benjamin Dunn, Jo Gravell and others who have recognised and shared with such clarity that great change has come. I have appreciated the theological challenge which He has brought right to our front doors. At times the challenge has been difficult to run with and at times has caused great friends to run ‘From’ us! It hasn’t always been easy YET the transformation has been worth it! There’s no going back now to a Christianity with so many flaws and restrictive and conflicting paradigms. Our evolution and transition into Life is an exciting one and one which will continue for many years to come! YET I believe that now is the time where as we begin to manifest the glory of our true Identity we will begin to see the greatest ‘Outflow’ of reality we have ever imagined possible. Scripture is clear when it talks about the need for Apostles, Prophets, Pastor etc to be necessary UNTIL we all grow up into the head and begin to walk in Fullness! Equipping is vital, having a great theology is essential BUT it is with purpose that He reveals a true reality and Identity, SO we can manifest His reality to this world.

I’ll just share my heart briefly regarding Theology. A few years back I had a dream where I was taken in the Spirit and saw two Theological Geniuses sitting at a table and discussing scripture. It was crazy. Their thoughts were amazing and very expansive. I was sort of in Awe of their theological brilliance YET there was something missing, THE GLORY OF GOD! Although perfect the discussion was dry and dull. At that point I heard Holy Ghost saying ‘Son I have not called you to be a Theologian!’ lol!! Now there’s nothing wrong with theology, we need a ‘God Knowledge’ the very fact that we are beginning to see such crazy stuff in some ways is down to Him changing our Knowledge of Him and relaying our flawed thinking. YET there has to be a Joyous and vibrant outflow of that Theology which causes the poor to dance and the widow heart to sing for JOY! I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m a little concerned with some of what I’m seeing right now with Christian ministry. I don’t want to come over as ‘I have it Right and You don’t’ and I’m only expressing an opinion and a view but I am concerned. For me personally  whatever ‘Ministry’ we have had came out of a place of deep encounter. I spent months and years hammered drunk in my Home whilst still working shifts at a factory. I really ‘Knew’ nothing other than the Wine of His presence and in no way ‘Wanted’ ministry! God actually put a real cool guy with me who dragged me out into the public domain and then guys like John Crowder recognised the whack on my life and I travelled with them! I really knew nothing YET I would walk into restaurants and suddenly the whole place would start shaking with the power of God OR I would walk down the road and guys would fall out in the spirit. What concerns me right now is the number of ‘New’ ministries that are rising up out there. Guys who apparently have all of their theological I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Great quotes, Great one liners, superb straight talks (Much gleaned from those I named Earlier!) Often things sound great YET there is a massive lack in Whack and I think a lack of appreciation of where This thing HAS to and IS going. At a time where many are signing up to ‘Beautify the Building’ reality is God left a good time ago!

Jesus taught theology, simple yet profound, YET he lived a Life where he dirtied His hands with Creation, He lived a very Real life with Humanity. Paul taught YET he made tents and lived with humanity and walked out life in community. I’ve said it before ‘Paul didn’t have a ministry he had a life!’ Guys there is a place beyond ‘Faith’ it’s called ‘Being.’ It’s a place of the outworking of faith where we realise who we are and journey out expression with Humanity. We will now see a major thrust in ‘Outworking our faith.’ Guys will pull away from feeling the need to ‘Educate’ everyone around, feeding them spiritually,  as they rise up with a desire to feed guys physically. A deep love for Theology and dare I say a deep love for the Bible will transition into a deep love for Humanity, an appreciation that will cause ministries to change over night into crazy supernatural Mercy Centres packed with Life! Theology will grow feet! Humanity will be engaged and Life pioneered amongst the Poorest of the Poor! Don’t be surprised if you get sick of ‘New Revelation,’ if you get tired of rehashed ‘New Thoughts’ of the Gospel! If you get to the point where you are ‘Done’ with sermon life and feel the pull from Facebook to Faces irresistible! This may be a good transition!  Guys things are changing, we are changing, let’s not continue to engage a failed system OR erect new theological  edifices around a camp we are being pushed away from! His Joy is in His creation, He sings over us with Joy, His desire was and always has been to walk with us in the cool of the day not just under the stifling lights and amplified sounds of a Sunday morning service! Expect to feel the pull to engage Life, Expect financial frustration to break allowing you for the first time to travel and love the poor in a new way. Man what great days ahead!!