Todays Blog Post is really nothing more than thoughts based around a cool and honest book I’ve just read. In all fairness this was the first book I have read in many many months. It’s seemed right over the past year or so to distance myself from what could have become distracting or maybe leading in thoughts and impressions, as I’ve allowed myself to grow outside of my usual conditioned thought patterns. I’ve recognized that whatever my transformation has been over the last 2 years its been an ‘Inner’ one, an awakening to reality which in many respects has taken me by surprise. As I’ve said in a previous blog post it’s seemed that I’ve not been the one changing my thinking but that rather my thinking has been the one changing me! It’s as if the deep of my true self is waking up and showing me a reality which I had forgotten existed. I saw that this wasn’t a season to cram my mind with more thoughts, as a matter of fact I’ve been realizing that it’s my thoughts and religious concepts which have actually been the problem in my life! I’ve recognized that I had clothed myself, my inner Divine ‘Me’ with religious personas and mindsets which far from releasing me were in many ways ‘Hiding’ the glory of my True Self! To carry on engaging with similar thoughts would be to re-enforce a structure and falsehood which were now not only being exposed but also dismantled! So I’ve purposed to not engage with the many voices out there, I’ve restrained myself from taken on board more teachings and ideas, choosing rather to be still and to allow the awakening Christ consciousness in me to reveal and unburden me from the ego’s present. At the end of the day we teach that we have the ‘Mind Of Christ’ and that we have ‘An anointing from the Holy One and have need that no-man teach us,’ yet so many out of a sense of powerlessness continue to look to A N ‘Other’ rather than trusting that glorious Inner Reality. Much of this is also the culture we have created within the Church, a false sense of dependency usually rules, making sure the system rolls on. Personally I’m glad to be rolling on myself!

Back to the book! There’s a bit of a stir around Eckhart Tolle at the minute, guys like Jim Carrey believe his teachings are transformational, (Carrey himself bearing witness to a powerful turn in his life after adopting Tolle’s teachings.) Oprah Winfrey makes room for him on her show giving him a platform that most preachers dream of, his last book ‘The Power of Now’ is an international best seller with over 6 million copies sold worldwide and the Church attempts to write off his musings as heretical, New Age and demonic! Personally I’m not easily hooked in by hype or put off by the Church’s continual railings against something out of it’s control and understanding, (nothing new here!!!) No, usually the way it works for me is that I ‘Happen’ upon someone/something or feel a sense of whack/purpose around it/them, I then dig a bit deeper and find a gem or two right in the midst of what the church has written off as pure shit. One mans muck is another mans gold! I remember back in 2010 feeling so much energy around Carlton Pearson and his then fresh book ‘The Gospel of Inclusion.’ Many felt threatened by Carlton’s ideas, writing off the man and the mystery he was beginning to unfold, I bought the book, loved it, failed to believe or understand half of it, BUT got rocked to my core by a simple revelation that many are now seeing as foundational! Its sad, so many feel threatened by what they presently don’t understand, yet reformation has always told this story. We embrace what we are comfortable with, we lean on what we understand, we hear from the language we can best discern, then once something controversial becomes a little more ‘palatable’ or ‘plausible’ we give it a chance and before too long it’s the new norm. Often it’s hard to teach an old spiritual dog new tricks! I know in many circles to be ‘Open’ to new ideas and concepts is frowned upon, this is dangerous and not encouraged, personally I believe that humanity is evolving in consciousness so quickly that unless we are ‘Open’ we could be quickly be left behind! Two years ago I had a re-occurring vision where I found myself walking around the ruins of a derelict building, I asked “What is it that I’m seeing?” The answer came back to me; “This is the modern day grace movement 3 years down the road, it has failed to evolve!” Just a thought! So I somehow happened upon Tolles stuff, what I have found is that he is scratching the itch I have felt developing within me over the past 18 months, an itch which I consider is an awakening on the inside which is allowing me to gradually grow in understanding and Life!

Tolles book ‘A New Earth’ contains some amazing thought and concepts. Tolle speaks with a language that most Church guys will hate and frown upon and which may conveniently be written off as ‘New Age Rhetoric,’ yet if the reader manages to drop the offense and dig a bit deeper he/she will clearly hear and discern foundational realities that we all appreciate. The teacher continually layers thought upon the premise that we are ‘love’ we are ‘light’ and that the true ‘You’ at it’s core comes from and returns too Divinity. It’s obvious that Tolle has at some point encountered a realm of reality beyond religious frameworks, his attitude towards the perfection and oneness of humanity is both beautiful and deep. The reason the book ministered so powerfully to me is mainly that it centers it’s focus towards the subject of the ‘True and False You’ a subject I’ve been pondering for some time. For me Tolle expresses a broad understanding of Truth in a subject that in some respects I feel our present Grace understanding has been shallow to say the least.

I love the fact that throughout the book Tolle doesn’t at all blame the devil or demonic powers for the mess around humanity, neither does he mention ‘sin,’ or talk about the ‘Sin Nature.’ I really like that about him! For me the Church has focused so heavily on ‘Sin’ even the eradication of sin/the sin nature that without realizing we have given sin such an unnecessary prominence! For me sin was nothing more than a pin prick mark on a timeline of eternal perfection YET we are so good at zeroing in on that one mark! I believe we have made and continue to make a case for sin which is both erroneous and pretty flattering! Adam ‘Sins’ and there’s the Divine checking in as usual, walking with Adam right there in his home, amazing! For me Tolle also gives an understanding to a question many ask and maybe are not given a credible enough answer; “If I’m not a sinner and sin isn’t an issue then why do I still sin and why do I go through so much stuff in my life?” Usually guys are told they just need to believe the message of eradication from sin and all will be ok over time as they believe! This is of course true, of course believing makes a difference and instigates the outworking of change, BUT the problem is some of these guys asking the questions DO actually believe what many consider the ‘Gospel’ and are actually on the same page as the preacher, yet they still struggle and don’t really know why! They then walk away from the conversation feeling demeaned and further confused! Tolle in my opinion nails this subject without in any way suggesting that you still have a sin nature, if anything he actually he re-enforces in his thoughts over and over that this couldn’t be further from the Truth, ‘You are Divine in every way’ is Tolle’s continual stance and declaration!

Tolles thoughts on this subject of inner struggle are for me more than acceptable. He at length teaches that although Humanity is Divine that we have clothed ourselves in what he calls ‘Otherness.’ This ‘Otherness’ he suggests are the personas and egos we take on board over our life which we accept as our ‘Person’ yet are actually impressions and thought patterns which are present (through different forms of life on earth,) and that these thoughts overwhelm and create around us a person that we are not! These ‘egos’ are created, built up and strengthened over time resulting in the individual being bound in an unreality or a dream world of their own making! The individual then lives out a false identity over all his life never realizing that this is not who they are and is certainly not a normal existence! Some would call this ‘The Mythical You.’ Often the fruit of this lifestyle will be stress, pain, sickness, anger, drama and reactions which deny the reality of who they truly are! In Tolles opinion this then results in a lack of ‘True Relationships,’ for how can we rightly relate and communicate person to person when we never actually manifest who we truly are? Tolle shares at length on this subject and for me gives a broad understanding to a question which in some ways I feel we have not been able to rightly address! In some ways reading Tolle’s thoughts I also came to the conclusion that maybe we have attempted to reason away certain scriptures regarding struggles within humanity when perhaps we didn’t need too. Maybe guys like Paul ‘Did’ have inner battles? These were not battles with a ‘Sin Nature’ but battles with a recognition that although he was ‘Awakening’ to the truth of who he was that there was also an overcoming of an ego which up to that point had ruled his life? Years of religious conditioning, years of being moulded and living out of a persona which was unreal. It obviously takes time to walk away from ‘Stuff’ which for years has ruled and controlled your every day existence! We seem to feel we need to support a great gospel with a great story of absolute, instant and continually lived out perfection, but surely the victory is in the ‘Awakening’ and ‘Realizing’ and not just in the possibility of living out a perfect existence on planet earth? I suggest that as our understanding broadens that so also will our view of scripture, at that point we will realize just how much we have defined scripture through a pretty narrow lens.

So the majority of the book reveals to us how easy it is for humanity to live under a ‘False Self’ delusion, as a matter of fact that is exactly how we live until we begin to ‘Awaken!’ Tolle then speaks at length of the awakening that humanity is presently experiencing. Tolle believes that the ‘New Heaven’ spoken of in scripture is the awakening in consciousness of a humanity within whom the Kingdom of Heaven dwells. He then suggests that the outworking of this awakening releases the reality of the ‘New Earth’ that many are suggesting will manifest at some point! For Tolle the ‘Some Point’ is the ‘Now’ and says that when ‘Presence’ (or the manifestation of ‘Being’) meets with the ‘Now’ the new earth is established. Once again I like the fact that Tolle is not speaking in terms of distance or delay, its all about the actuality of our present reality manifesting in the NOW! We then become the ones who release ‘form’ into the earth! Tolle’s thoughts are that as we ‘Awaken’ to our inner Divinity that this not only exposes and weakens the false self/persona that we all live under but it also allow us to the create and release humanity into the beauty of it’s true self. I like it! For me this not only resonates with my spirit but also describes where my present journey is at and where I believe many others are at also. We are waking to the reality of our Divinity, and in the midst of that awakening are realizing just how shallow our existence has been on planet earth! Great daze ahead!! Tolle recognizes the power of ‘Thought’ on a personal and corporate level. He endorses the place of meditation and Rest and recognizes that to be ultimately free is to be free from the many thoughts which control and mould our lives. He gives some great ideas on how to engage your inner reality and silence those voices which at times drag us away from truly engaging in Life!

If you choose to read this book you will be challenged. For those who have been conditioned to ‘Think’ in line with the religious terminology which is prevalent within the Church then the language may seem strange! If you are expecting some sort of spiritual guff thrown at you, some sort of ‘Wow’ spirituality then you will also be disappointed! Tolle shows through practical explanation exactly why we live the way we do without feeling the need to blame some outside spiritual force. If for the last few months of your life you have found yourself questioning where you are at spiritually, who you are and maybe why you continue struggling in areas even though you love the Good News of your Divine Nature THEN this book will massively help you! I obviously loved many of his thoughts, I wasn’t offended by any of his ideas or the language he used, as a matter of fact it was refreshing to hear a guy share ‘Truth’ with a fresh and ORIGINAL slant! In saying that I also realize that there were a few topics within the book which were not on my present page, BUT hey that’s ok, we may not all be on the same page but we are all on the same journey!!!

Big Big Hugs DAVE X (Guys thanks to all who have messaged and encouraged us, you guys are awesome! Thanks also to those who take the time to read and send questions, as I’ve said before I want this blog to be one of honesty where together we can journey and walk out this thing called Life! Also Big thank you to all who partner with us, support us and donate to our work, you guys are amazing! xx)