Over time my thoughts and perceptions regarding the purpose and function of ‘Jesus The Man’ on planet earth have evolved. The Apostle once said that ‘I no longer consider Him as I once did.’ Maybe in his many considerations of the ‘Man Jesus’ Paul on reflection and with fresh revelation saw he was wrong in some areas and needed enlightening? Looking at my own personal evolution over the past 8 years and then again over the past year I am seeing a major shift in my thinking regarding why I believe Jesus came and what He accomplished. This is ok, I don’t believe what I once did – regarding His purpose and function living alongside mankind, and I’m convinced that moving forward, my thoughts will shift yet again! (Some of my thoughts regarding the incarnation I have shared in part, more will follow as I get braver lol!) In my opinion no matter how dogmatic we are regarding the ‘Why’ and the ‘What’ was the function of Jesus via the incarnation we are probably all wrong! It’s crazy how when we look at the life of Jesus how all we tend to see is function, He healed, He performed miracles, He walked on water, He died and rose again, He DID great things! I’m in no way denying the validity of His supernatural life but in some ways I think that in all of the supernatural glare we’ve become blinded to other aspects of His Divinity and His Humanity. Yet somehow function has become focus. Going forward I believe how we perceive Jesus function on earth will shift, YET one thing we cannot deny and which will never change is the fact that this man Jesus through His incarnation, by His love, life and teachings definitely made a splash and brought a true reformation!

Let’s look for a moment not at His function but His Walk among us! My attention these Daze is shifting, my focus widening. I’m beginning to see something awesome and life changing via the humanity and precious feet that walked with us 2000 years ago. He came. A body was prepared for Him. He walked amongst His creation. He embodied a picture. The picture became a reality that always existed within the heart of God regarding Creator and Creation. He showed us emphatically in bodily form a Union which already existed, the fall had no bearing whatsoever on Gods perspective of Oneness with humanity. We were, are and will always be One with Him, He cannot deny His own. More than anything the Incarnation spoke of a Union which was firmly in place! What a moment His arrival was for Him, what an opportunity, not to deal with a shit stick of a situation but to at last stand in bodily form with others created in His image and likeness! To breathe, to walk, to flow, to live, to touch, to endorse, to agree with and encourage, His own, His family. I no longer see the incarnation as ‘He stepped down into darkness,’ or that He somehow had to endure some sort of weird ‘Bad Trip’ phenomena when He was among us! In reality I believe He became aware, He grew in greater awareness, He saw a reality, He understood and recognized something great about Earth and mankind. Somehow on His journey He manifested in Himself ‘Reality!’ He saw Humanity through right lenses, He aligned with the Universe in a way we are only just beginning to learn, He manifested Love and recognized perfection in a staggering way. As our Elder Brother He journeyed this thing out ahead of many and showed us not just by ‘Function’ but through ‘Life’ and ‘Love’ the True reality of the Kingdom AND what is possible as we ourselves realize who we truly are. Dave what about the ‘Function’ of the Cross? I mean Jesus died right? Something happened right? Well I’m sure you have all the answers to all that, but can I just say this, “Greater love has no man than this, that He would lay down His life for His friends!” So desperate was His heart for us to learn and understand this reality that He was willing to live with us, die amongst us, without fighting back! Crazy.

More than just function, this Jesus was the ‘Word’ made Flesh who dwelt with us. He was a declaration of Truth, an embodiment of thoughts and impressions rooted in the heart of the Divine regarding humanity. He was the ‘Shout’ of heaven into earth, the trumpet call of our innocence and perfection. To see Him was to see the Father, to hear Him was to Hear the Father’s thoughts regarding humanity. The ‘Word,’ not ‘A’ word. Not ‘A’nother prophecy or ‘A’nother prophet. No this word was the fulfillment of all that had gone before Him!

Man this Guys life was crazy! A Madman, Ecstatic, Revealer, Teacher, Poet, Futurist! He didn’t give a rip who He offended or what He said! At a moment where He was about to shock the masses by throwing out a one liner which would rock their box to bits and leave Him sounding like He endorsed cannibalism He didn’t first offer a days teaching to ‘Ready’ the Flock! Hell No, He just throws it out there, “Eat my Body, Drink my Blood!” He loses everyone and leaves the 12 with a serious problem! Shock language was His speciality, “Destroy this temple and raise it again in 3 days!” No watering it down, no greasing guys up before He throws it out there! It was what it was! One day He endorses a bug eating madman in the desert, another time allows an adulterer to walk away from the scene of a crime ‘Scott free!’ What a guy! The communication of this Word was full of shock language, quick witted and sharp, two edged and cutting. He didn’t hold back, wasn’t palatable or plausible, not practical or pliable! These are just some of the reasons we are still talking about this man today, why books are being written about him daily, why His prayers are being mouthed in schools and His teachings mused over more than any others.

In many ways this Jesus was a maverick, a lunatic, a heretic of his day who bursts into the Temple and beats the snot out of all who moved. You couldn’t find him, couldn’t lose Him, couldn’t stomach Him, couldn’t IGNORE Him! His freedom to live Life was contagious, His love undeniable. He was ‘The Word’ and He was Free! I remember once sitting with a dear old lady who visited a few of Smith Wigglesworth’s meetings back in the day. She recalled the healings and miracles and the Glory present at the gatherings. More than that she recalled the carefree attitude and obnoxiousness of the man. He was a true crazy, a wildfire amongst the driest tinder. The one thing that surprised her was the way Wigglesworth was ‘Now’ being honored! She was quick to comment that in his day the guy was seen as a lunatic, a maverick, many were too scared to attend his meetings because of his spiritual aggression and gruff attitude!

If this Jesus’s life is to be an example at all then at some point our response of heart must be one of absolute freedom to ‘Be.’ It saddens me when I see so many toeing the party line, too scared to move from their post or compromise their ‘Position.‘ So many conditioned minds, so much fear holding so many back. In His day there was NONE like Him, He was THE Word, yet today so many look and sound so alike! Sad, man. He came and showed the glory of freedom, He moved beyond religious structure, refused to help build political empire and did all He could to diffuse popular opinion regarding Him! “Go, Be healed and tell No-one!” Mmmmm!!! I remember Martin Scott saying years back that whenever God decides to bring transformation He does it via Babylon. He pulls the Church into new shape from ‘Outside,’ He chooses those things that are not, the foolish, the poor, the overlooked. We see this with Jesus who fully joined Himself with humanity YET brought transformation from outside the religious norm of the day. He wasn’t quick to sign up for the next ‘Wave’ but created waves through His existence in Planet Now!

Our freedom will be controversial, our acceptance of an obligation free existence is scandalous! Expect guys to get concerned, for your friends to ask “Are you really the One,” or for your family members to tell you to Pipe Down! In a day where so much is about Right/Wrong, when so many are scared to move in case they to say/do the wrong thing, when so many are becoming echoes rather than legitimate, individual voices I’m encouraged by Jesus’ walk! I’m continually asked to make things easier, water stuff down, “Just give it us in bite size lumps!” Yet this guy Jesus would speak in riddles, enigmas. parables, dark sayings, would teach all day using pictures and stories then at night would explain to just a few! Our Evolution WILL be scandalous, no escaping it. If Jesus life speaks of anything it’s a message that says ‘Absolute freedom is loud, obnoxious, unpalatable, not plausible, hard to understand, offensive above all else scandalous!’ As over time everything becomes undiluted, as freedom creates space, as we speak what we know BUT may not yet understand, as we move in the tension of not yet having all our theological ducks in a row, we can expect misunderstanding and at times for guys to leave us!

Hey – Shift happens!