It always amazes me how often we put negative connotations upon certain words. For instance, this week I had a pretty crazy encounter where I was rudely woken by the Divine in the early hours of the morning. It was a glorious and awe filled experience where yet again I realized the glory, the magnitude and the endless possibilities within His Person. Someone asked me what that experience was like, my answer was with one word; “Frightening!” Suddenly the whole glorious experience is filled with a negative perspective, YET there was nothing negative at all about the experience, as a matter of fact it was glorious! Negative connotations on certain words and phrases. Many will leave 2014 and venture into the deep, choppy waters of 2015 with a deep sense of ‘Uncertainty.’ Uncertainty is never appreciated or given space to manifest within religious circles for a couple of reasons. Firstly each religion has to appear to others to have ‘It all together’ to grow and attract new followers. We are encouraged to believe what is necessary and deeply swallow down all that is offered to us, where in so doing we will become better, more rounded, more sure and more certain individuals. The mere thought that there is room to be satisfied, excited, YET ‘uncertain’ is heretical. Secondly, an ‘uncertainty’ that goes viral could have the potential to disrupt the moving cart of religious glory and suddenly ‘change’ all that we have ever known and loved. There have been a few Luther’s over the years fueled by uncertainty who have boldly stretched out their hands to touch the sacred cart who have been promptly hunted down for their crimes against the system! It’s always those who begin to question, who allow uncertainty to manifest regarding what they once felt was solid, who become not just pains in the backside of the modern system but the heroes of tomorrow.

When three years ago I heard the thought that it was time to ‘Question the Answers,’ little did I know how deeply I would be affected by that statement. To allow yourself to ‘Think,’ to go beyond the conditioned thought patterns presented you by the religious order is a very slippery road to skate on. With the thought on ‘Questioning the Answers’ came a vision that ‘Many would leave  2011 scratching their heads unsure of what they believed anymore!’ The last 3 years for many has been just that, a time of wondering, of pondering, of uncertainty, of questioning whether the foundation of our theological experience was as sure as we once thought that it was! It’s not that we were changing our thinking but more that our thinking was changing us! That inherent ‘Knowing’ – that inner reality was waking and showing us that maybe the religious order around us had filled us with frameworks in our thinking which were shot through with error. To see just how dependent we have become upon ‘Another,’ (the religious system,) and how conditioned our thinking has been towards leaning upon the religious system is both shocking and can take a while to recover from. Many are now in a season of recovery, of attempting to acclimatize to a freedom which is shockingly offensive! The very thought that we can walk onwards as Sons of the Divine, as Ambassadors of heaven into earth WITHOUT subscribing to any religious order is both new and really awkward for many. How deeply the indoctrination has gone!

For Donna and I 2014 has been a time of implementing change and moving on from much of what we have known in terms of ‘Ministry’ for the past 10 years. I’ll be honest, the last ten years has been an amazing journey, we wouldn’t have changed any of it and all of it has been essential to lead us to where we now find ourselves. Since 2006 we have enjoyed the craziest drunken parties all around the world, have hosted some of the wildest conferences that the UK has seen for a long time, have extensively travelled the world and enjoyed a favorable media coverage that many in ministry would give their right arms for! It’s been amazing and the best of it has been meeting with and journeying with so many amazing individuals who together we have shared bliss with. Yet with movement comes great change. As you shift in thinking so you shift in focus. What was once incredible now seems unimportant and for this part of the journey unprofitable. Much of what I once enjoyed and thrived upon now seems strange and something to leave behind, it’s as if my appetite for yesterdays menu has changed and the food is no longer appealing. I probably won’t go back to hosting gatherings, may never listen to another sermon or attend another conference with the excitement that I once held. Who knows? It’s certainly not something on todays agenda as I allow myself to step out into a new year with excitement and uncertainty.

It’s not nice to feel as if you are starting all over again, yet I feel that for many in 2015 this will be a feeling they will need to embrace. There is glory in the uncertainty, there is excitement in the apprehension. We have all been so conditioned to think a certain way, to live the ‘Right Way.’ We have no idea just how conditioned we have all been to follow the well trodden path of palatable and plausible existence. As freedom grips our hearts and we move away from the norm we can expect to feel major uncertainty and trepidation regarding our spiritual and practical wellbeing. This is the life of a pioneer, a ‘Pioneer of Life!’ Abraham was asked to leave all and to go to a place prepared for him. He was ready to go, was free to roam, YET there must of been enough uncertainty in his heart that he needed to take ‘Another’ for re-assurance! O how we love that ‘Otherness’ in our lives! All that Abraham needed for comfort  in the midst of his uncertainty was to realize that ‘A Place’ was prepared for him! The very fact that Abraham had heard and had received a desire to move on was evidence enough that a ‘place’ was prepared for him! The very fact that you have a desire to leave the past behind (in whatever form that takes,) shows that a new place is before you. Abraham was not alone, neither are you as you enter 2015! This will be a year where as you move on in uncertainty you can be sure that a place is prepared for you! It’s all glorious!

For Donna and I we have no idea what 2015 holds! Yes I’m writing a book, Yes I have dreams and desires that are new, YET all these dreams at the moment are desires without physical form or financial backing! It’s a strange time, an ‘Uncertain’ time, yet we cannot live in the past season, we’ve changed, our desires have changed, our focus has changed! To go back to what we have ‘Known,’ to what we were comfortable with and maybe ‘Ok At’ is to deny who we NOW ARE! Even though there may be fruit in that past season of our lives it’s a fruit which no longer looks appealing to our new appetite! Certain things never change I suppose, yet other stuff is all peripheral in importance! Our love for humanity, our desire to minister aid to the poor, our hunger to encourage others to walk in freedom and grace, man these things never change! Yet at the same time our dogmatic attitude in theological matters, our adamance of what we perceive is right over wrong has to lose it’s grip. The law focuses so much on Right over Wrong, Jesus in His incarnation said; “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!” For ten years we have only known a certain way of existing and of manifesting who we are. Much of this has been worked out within the Christian circles via church activities, it’s been a fun time but this will not be our way going forward as our hearts cry out for a deeper manifestation of our Oneness with human life in a natural and organic way. This leaves us with many questions, many uncertainties, YET we are encouraged that this is a new ‘Place’ for us!

It’s time for us all to ‘Pioneer Life,’ to find ourselves absorbed into daily activity, into the seemingly mundane with such satisfaction and heavy bliss. The organic, the naturally real which continually manifests all around us is calling us deeper each day. The desire to remain in that ‘place,’ to live in the moment and embrace the Now has never been stronger, to enjoy the very second that we find ourselves in! To find great pleasure and satisfaction in every moment, in the good, the bad and the seemingly ugly. To find rest in the chaos of Life, knowing all along that our true identity is all the while bringing transformational change as we engage our True Selfs with the moment! This is life, this is real, this is far from the surrogate existence provided by the religious order. You hear in religious circles all the time that the reason to gather, the reason for the conferences is to ‘equip and train,’ YET we carry on attending and have pressure placed on us to continue in that vein, all the while propagating dependency yet again on something ‘Else’ rather than releasing us as seeds to grow in society. Its amazing how fruitful guys are now becoming AS they embrace and are being embraced by life. Every day we are talking with guys who are catching this Truth, as if by magic their businesses are flourishing, their lives are taking on new meaning, their relationships with others (some new friendships and some old and re-connecting after many years apart,) are growing at a rapid rate! Surely this is true life? Many of these guys were scared just a few years ago to move out of the secure systems that religion demanded a focus upon, they thought that embracing Life was excessive and that their true dependency needed to be towards ‘Church Life.’ Some gave all to the system in their quest for pleasure and many paid a price they now wish they hadn’t as relationships, money and time was squandered in the search for real life! Now as they simply love Life they are seeing more fruit effortlessly than all their religious efforts could ever have produced!

The uncertainty that many are feeling is an indication of just how strongly we have all been conditioned by the systems around us. In 2015 we will feel more freedom to flow with our wildest dreams and desires than ever before. Uncertainty will soon turn into hilarity as we see a life framed up around us which was once only a dream! The gloss will come off many of the Conference flyers, guys will lose their appetite to ‘Attend’ whilst all along their desire to live and to BE with others will hit the roof. Natural Life will be the appeal, rubbing shoulders sometimes with believers but always with a humanity we will all see with a fresh appreciation. Things will happen effortlessly, our feet will be covered in butter as the Rock pours our rivers of Oil! This will be a time of radical boldness, of stepping out like Abraham with ‘Uncertain’ trust! New Life will manifest, fresh grace will allow us to live wildly, to dream uncontrollably! Man what a time to be ALIVE! Be encouraged to dream wildly, to go with the uncertainty this year, to live without restrictions and to Be all that you truly are!

We love you all and pray every blessing of LIFE upon you in 2015. We want to thank ALL of you who have stood with us, loved us and supported us through 2014, we are expecting great things this year as we find ourselves absorbed deeper into Eden! Big Big Hugs Dave, Donna and our Family!!! (To support us further as we enter 2015 please visit our website at