Humanity’s awakening unto reality continues. A deep spiritual amnesia has confused us to the point that we have forgotten what manner of man we are, but hey we are beginning to ‘Re-remember!’ We have always known, have always been aware, yet perceptions and untruths have acted as a smog blinding our eyes from realizing our only Origin, and from seeing again the ‘Rock from which we are hewn.’ It’s so easy to forget, to become misguided when it comes to our True image and likeness. The world is full of confusion, confused thoughts, confused people, many voices shout at us each day, sometimes it’s hard to shut them down to hear the Truth within! Even the Church has been so convincing and at times it’s message seemed so potent! So we have needed to be reminded again of the Truth of Self, sadly all of us have drifted away from the simple yet profound truth of our actuality. Like little children on a Christmas morning we are all beginning to unwrap ‘Reality’ once more, to ‘Look Again’ and to ‘RE’-discover ourselves, our ‘True Selves.’ This is the true reality, the reality that Jacob discovered via an encounter when he proclaimed, “You were here ALL ALONG and I didn’t know it!” The same reality Paul understood as he declared, “When it please the Father to reveal His Son WITHIN me!” Many are waking to this reality, the Truth that; there never really was anything wrong with any-one of us, we had just forgotten! I love this chapter in Richard Rohr’s book ‘Immortal Diamond,’ apparently a true story, read and enjoy;

“I remember hearing a story, reportedly true, about a young couple putting their newborn into the nursery for the night. Their four year old son said to them, “I want to talk to the baby!” They said, “Yes, you can talk to him from now on.” But he pressed further saying, “I want to talk to him now by myself!” Surprised and curious, they let the young boy into the nursery and cupped their ears to the door, wondering what he might say. This is what they reportedly heard their boy say to his baby brother: “Quick, tell me where you came from. Quick, tell me who made you? I am beginning to forget!”

Man it’s so easy to forget living in a world full of forgetfulness!

Let’s look at the inner struggle of True/False Identities! I love what Carlton Pearson says; “There’s the Mystical YOU and then there’s the Mythical You!” You could say that there’s the ‘True You’ and there’s the ‘False You,’ (A ‘You’ which you aren’t and never were!) The core of the Mystical and True You is ‘Divinity.’ Humanity is ‘Of’ Divinity, ‘From’ Divinity. Catherine of Genoa was quoted as saying, “My deepest ME is God!” She realized that at the centre of her being and the Truth of who she was is ultimately Divine. Humanity is beginning to relate to this Truth, to again realize that we are all ‘Partakers of the Divine nature!’

Found under heavy weights and deep clouds of dogma, perception, untruth and unreality, all of which have formed within us a persona, ego and lifestyle which we think is ‘Normal,’ lays hidden the ‘Divine You!’ This is the ‘Actual You!’ It’s the ‘You’ created in His image, breathed from His essence. It’s the ONLY You! The You who knows all things and who resonates at a Divine frequency. It’s the You who walks with and as the ‘Mind of Christ.’ It is ‘Christ Consciousness!’ It lacks nothing!

This you is the ‘Actual You.’ The actual ‘You’ is a manifestation of the Sabbath Rest, it’s a manifestation of ‘Presence’ into the Now! It’s the You that creation recognizes and that creation responds too! It’s the You who Carlton Pearson says; “Dwelt in Him, with Him and as Him, before time ever was!” It’s the ‘Pre-Incarnate You,’ an exact representation of all who He is, bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh! It’s the ‘Immortal You’ the ‘Incorruptible You.’ The ‘Eternal You,’ an ecstasy of God revealed into planet earth! THIS IS THE TRUE YOU, THE ONLY YOU!!!! This is the ‘Fruitful You,’ the You who looks just like your maker, a manifestation of Love and of Grace. Our elder brother Jesus showed us this You, He manifested this ‘Christ’ and showed us the reality of the family we came from and are part of. When I talk about ‘Actuality’ what I’m saying is, “This is who you ‘Actually’ are, nothing else!” This is the only way you can truly identify with or describe who you truly and actually are. For you to give a description of this ‘You’ then you will have to boast in His Glory! There is no flaw in YOU! You are Divine at Origin and know all things!

Recently have you noticed the questions? Why so many questions? Why does so much not fit with us anymore? And why do I still mess up so much if in reality I am this glorious? Richard Rohr talks about a point in life where individuals ‘Fall Upward’ into Reality. He says that this manifestation of ‘Falling Upward’ hits individuals at a point in their life where for some apparent reason, by the grace of God, they begin to recognize that they have lived out of a persona/ego/false self all their lives and had never known it! They see clearly that they had never identified with the Inner Reality of their True Selves and have always manifested an image that was distorted. They had lived years living out of a ‘False Reality!’ The way that they dressed, the people they associated with, the language that they used were all ‘Costumes,’ unrealities, personas. A life lived, but not a life lived out of connection with and overflowing out of their True Selves. It’s sad to think that it’s possible to live your entire life NEVER connecting with your True reality! Never remembering, never connecting with your True You! Yet Rohr says that this is not only possible but very much probable. Rohr then suggests that at some point in our lives usually in our 40’s a supernatural shift takes place, an awakening or spiritual realization where for the first time in our lives the lie we have lived under is exposed! (I believe that this shift is now taking place on a mass level and is manifesting across generations.) Suddenly this false world built out of a false ego collapses, it crashes, yet the fall is one Upward and into reality!

Buddhists use the word ‘Maya,’ or a ‘Veil of delusion.’ I assume that it addresses this very same issue. I assume that it speaks of the prevalent possibility of living an entire existence moulded, guided and controlled by thoughts, perceptions and lies, never enjoying the peace and bliss of reality. The possibility of living out of this unreality your whole life is crazy, yet apparently so many do! Deluded, confused, never realizing, always reacting! Always resulting in inner conflict, confusion, unrest, anger, anxiety and so on. Always feeling powerless, always needing to defend the persona, never happy! A full blown manifestation of living out of an unfitting identity, a ‘False’ identity. This is the Ego/Persona, it’s the ‘False You’ a deluded You, it’s the You we have become because of the perceptions deemed important, generated by a culture which is messed up! The accumulation of weirdness, strangeness and confusion eroded into the thinking of mankind, a thinking re-enforced each day with more of the same! How we dress, who we align with, what we should and shouldn’t do, who we should or shouldn’t be! It thrives on being told how to think, who to idolize! It causes humanity to live in cruise control, to never question or think outside the matrix. It’s fruit is inner turmoil, anger and unrest, the result of knowing yet maybe never fully realizing that you are not the one in control of your Life! This is the False You, the You we have all become but not the You who we truly are!

When you consider a whole Humanity walking under such a misguided unreality on a corporate level it’s so easy to see how/why we have wars, genocides, cultural craziness and such unrest!! By the grace of God we realize that this is not who we are and is actually a direct result of not knowing the truth OF who we are! It’s not that we are messed up and need a stack of Inner Healing sessions, it’s just that we have never seen the perfection and glory of who we truly are and have always lived out of a false persona! Religious language and false beliefs also help to create a persona alien to reality! How else could mankind perpetrate and justify ‘Holy Wars’ all in the name of God? “This is what you need to believe, this is what He demands, these are the lengths you need to go to in order to belong!” Thankfully these persona’s fall away as we ‘Fall Upward’ into reality! Change doesn’t just happen around us but firstly ‘in Us’ and then ‘Through Us!’

As we begin to ‘Awaken’ things begin to make more sense. Personally I have known for a couple of years that I have not fitted within many of the religious frameworks given to me, neither have those perceptions ever fitted within me. I suddenly found myself questioning so much stuff, yet it didn’t feel it was me doing the questioning!! It was as if something deep within was manifesting/resonating and showing my persona that it was wrong! It wasn’t that I was ‘Renewing my mind,’ but that my ‘Mind’ (Mind of Christ Consciousness within,) was beginning to renew me! To resonate, ‘As me’ and within me in a way that made me to see the religious perceptions and unrealities for what they were. It wasn’t that I was changing my thinking BUT that actually my ‘True Self’ thinking was beginning to change me! (I know that this sorta kicks in the face of a Christianity that suggests we are to ‘Renew our Minds’ and be transformed. Yet my new and present understanding is that there is nothing wrong with Me and that it’s the thinking of this Me deep on the inside of my body who is bringing a transformation!) I began to see more and more that the ‘I’ which ‘I’ called myself wasn’t the True me! That actually it was the ‘I’ which I had become because of the perceptions of others all around me! Probably from a young age, never knowing my True Self, moulded by misguided thoughts and unrealities, becoming and manifesting a Persona who was not ME! Maybe this is the same ‘I,’ the same ‘Ego’ that Paul talked about when he said that, “I have been crucified with Christ?” Maybe if the incarnation was anything it was to reveal to us the glory of our true selves? Maybe He did come as a Mirror to reveal to us the glory of our inner reality? Maybe it wasn’t just to expose and fix a problem but to reveal a great and hidden potential?

For me there is great freedom in the questioning. Some won’t understand this, all we have known is that we need to be ‘Solid’ in our beliefs! Sadly many of those belief frameworks have been flawed, and have needed to be questioned, they haven’t helped to reveal the True but have gone a long way to establishing the false! Leaders haven’t made room ‘For’ thinking but have told the masses ‘How’ to think! I see this changing, soon true leadership will be marked by real Fathers, full of love and security, allowing space for the children to think and grow, not just telling the children what they should think, hence repeating the errors of past generations! True leaders will recognize the bigger picture of awakening and will allow it to spread as they make space for individuals to share their deepest thoughts, without feeling threatened by difference! There is actual security in letting go and great danger in holding onto what is being unearthed and disrupted within us. Initially it’s easier to walk out of a false yet ‘Known’ identity, than to walk on and come into the freedom of ‘Knowing’ even as we are ‘Known!’

For me the questioning continues, not just regarding religious considerations but also regarding the planet, humanity and society as a whole. The transition from ‘False to True’ is glorious. The exposing of the ‘False Self,’ the undressing from the costumes that Rohr talks about is an indication of the awakening humanity is going through. The freedom that comes with ‘Knowing’ even as we are ‘Known.’ The space to be and not to have to perform. It also makes way for opportunity to engage with the world and with humanity in an incredible way. Fruit just happens, the Universe responds, doors open effortlessly. Man great Daze ahead for humanity! We are truly Light, we are truly Life and we are truly Love!!

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