“An almost perfect relationship with his father was the earthly root of all his wisdom. From his own father, he said, he first learned that Fatherhood must be at the core of the universe. [speaking of George MacDonald]” C S Lewis

Fatherhood is the core of the Universe! As I attempted to teach my ten year old son Isaac to play cricket yesterday my mind swirled back to my own childhood. As a lad I was blessed to have a bunch of uncles who loved me dearly and were all willing to spend quality time with me. When I was the same age as Isaac I would stand with knees trembling outside my Grans house as my Uncle Ron would come bearing down at me full speed bowling his crazy fast paced deliveries expecting me as ten year old to defend my wickets! To be honest I got quite emotional yesterday as I re-remembered the love shown to me by my uncles. They took me everywhere with them and made me a ‘Part’ of their own lives. To them it may just of been an hours fun with their nephew, for me it was way more and made a mark in my soul which cannot be erased. When I filed my Big Brother 11 application there was a question on the sheet that threw me a little; ‘Write down a special memory from your childhood where you were made to feel special.’ Instantly I knew what to write. As a young lad my best friend was a guy called Mark, often his family would take me with them on their family outings. I remember once being taken by Mark’s dad and his brother to a local park to play crazy golf. It was awesome for me to be with my friends and to feel love coming from their father not just towards his sons, but also overflowing towards me as he included me in the family circle. It was a precious moment and one which impacted me deeply leaving an eternal deposit in my life. Even if the event was just a moment in time the fruit was everlasting!

I remember hearing Martin Scott say once when he spoke on the subject of the Churches spiritual evolution that; “As a Father I need to understand that my future lies with my sons. Without moving forward with the next generation I’m cutting my self off from my own future possibilities!” Wisdom is justified by it’s Children! As a Father whether I like it or not at some point I will have to realize that to have any longevity in my personal evolution I will need to recognize the importance of ‘Sons!’ There has to be an active involvement around me of both fathers and sons. There’s no escaping it! In many ways the best thing I can do as a Father is to undergird and release those around me and do all that I can to promote, enhance and fuel their inner thoughts and desires. My future lies with their desires. My humility will allow them to take me on a journey, a journey I wasn’t created to make on my own!

The Apostle Paul wrote that; “Though you may have ten thousands of teachers you have few fathers!” There will always be many who will instruct you in the way to go but few who will walk with you and encourage you when what you are saying doesn’t make sense to them! Unfortunately the Church has replaced fathering with teaching and confused the roles. Many can teach, few really know how to father! A father will give a hug not a lecture a smile not a sermon. A teacher will speak words of correction and alignment, a father will love and encourage even when he doesn’t understand perfectly! My friends father didn’t teach me anything BUT he loved me as a son! That same love made an eternal mark. Sadly history shares with us how often this is not the case, usually it’s the fathers who instead of supporting the sons turn on their own. Often it’s the fathers who through personal offense caused by the rapid growth in the sons who react and become the persecutors of ‘Their Own Future!’ Jesus realized this as He challenged His own generation, a generation who ‘Garnished the tombs of the Prophets,’ yet it was ‘Their own FATHERS who ‘Killed them!’ Crazy! We then see the greatest Prophet who has ever walked the planet instead of being embraced as a Son nailed to a tree, labeled as a heretic by his FATHERS! We see this cycle throughout church history, previous leaders in past moves of God persecuting the ‘New Breed.’ Fortunately we can be encouraged that scripture encourages us that the day will come where ‘The heart of the fathers would be turned to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers!’

When Donna and I began to evolve out of the Local Church setting years back and started embracing a more fluid and organic ‘Way’ of connecting with others, it caused something of a stir! One accusation continually leveled at us was that we were ‘Hurting’ so were turning our back on ‘Church!’ In some ways Yes we were hurt, yes we were fed up with the ‘Fathers’ using the yardstick of theology to beat the kids who were beginning to see a better way. This wasn’t the reasoning behind us moving forward but it certainly aided us in our decision making! Supporting fathers were a rarity at that time, there were many ‘Instructors’ around us but few real fathers! Sadly it seemed ok for the fathers to endorse the sons as long as they kept sharing their fathers message! As long as the sons toed the party line and continued adhering to whatever had been the norm there was never an issue. This mentality seems good at the time but will also ensure there will never be any spiritual growth for mankind! If Jesus would have continued in the way of His fathers instead of turning over the tables in the temple he would readily have been loved and embraced! Yet His evolution on planet earth was essential and ensured that mankind walked in new spiritual growth. His progression as a son was essential, we now stand upon the shoulders of His evolution. Humanities awakening may be messy but it’s also essential. It’s vital that the sons overtake the fathers and that the fathers ceiling of experience becomes the sons floor! This shouldn’t be an issue for fathers, it should be expected that the sons overtake the fathers and move things forward. This shouldn’t be a painful experience at all, but a time of rejoicing for fathers as the lineage progresses and the church moves forward.

Personally I honor those who have fathered my desires in the past. I spent many months in a past season of my life pacing back and fore honoring men and women who have walked in an intense experience of the Divine. Donna and I gave with passion into the lives of those who we recognized were manifesting Life in that season! I travelled all around the world with great men and women doing all that I understood at the time in order to glean from these fathers in any way that I could. Often it meant that as a family we went without or lived hand to mouth so that I could follow my heart! This wasn’t an easy time for us but it was all that we knew 15 years ago! Looking back at it I now realize that so much of our activity was absolute nonsense, BUT one thing I still recognize is the love of Fathers who ministered into my life! There have been many who have left deposits of grace in my life and encouraged me to move forward. My way of honoring these fathers is to bless them with my own evolution, to go further, all the time remembering how grateful I am for their input into my life! Moving beyond isn’t rebellion, this isn’t pride, but is the highest form of honor I could possibly show!

Sadly many ‘Spiritual Fathers’ are only willing to run with the sons while they endorse the path of their journey. Many fathers are quick to dis-engage once the sons stray from the ‘Norm’ trodden by previous generations. Sadly and too often once a son strays from the well trodden path to pursue his desires his actions are perceived as rebellious and he is turned upon and no longer embraced. This has to change. Fathers have to realize that their future lies with their children, that they may not like the style of music, dress sense, language or company that their children keep BUT they are still their children and they ultimately will lead them on! ‘Family’ is not only central but everything in the Kingdom. Family is not an option neither is fathering. To be a father is to manifest the very heart of the Divine. He is and we are! The love my friend’s father showed towards me all those years back when I was a boy imparted a deposit, it formed something in me, it showed me a reality which made an eternal mark. The love he showed was a manifestation of the Divine, it was a love which would never fail! This is Divine reality, this is substance, this kind of love never fails!

As sons He encourages to run, to flow, to go with our desires and to be free to be all that we are on Planet Earth. Sadly we may not always of had the support of those who have gone before us, I believe this will change more and more as humanity wakes up to the Fathers love within. There cannot be any sense of shame in wanting to move forward, to go beyond previous generations, to think outside the box or draw outside the lines! It’s ok to break new ground and to think new thoughts. We are not powerless, we are endorsed as carriers of ‘Image and Likeness,’ endorsed from above, born from above! We are the ones who will create new worlds all around us. As sons we will father new life and new realms, creation will respond powerfully to our sonship as it recognizes the father in us and as us! The more we awaken to our Divinity, the more we see the wonder of His humanity, the more we appreciate each other, the more we will effortlessly and accidentally father and steward creation. Please don’t underestimate the impact you have when you stop for a moment to value His Image in His creation. The fruit is eternal! Man great Daze ahead!!! Big Big Hugs DAVE X