Friends, I am super excited to announce that next Tuesday (July 14th) I will have in my possession the first copies of my new and long-awaited book ‘Tales from the Couch – Memoirs of a Drunk Monk!’ This project has been years in the making, has been anticipated and encouraged by many and is the culmination of a lifetime of spiritual evolving and awakening. As I wrote this book I enjoyed such a heavy manifestation of presence as I re-lived and re-loved moment after moment of a life of crazy, fun and supernatural happenings. Each day as I typed the words and remembered the incidents that made me who I am today, I quickly realised that this book was something different, which carried with it a significant weight of glory. I am certainly not ashamed to publish these spiritual journals of my life so far on planet Earth and certainly not ashamed to suggest that the drunken rambling contained within its pages are both hilarious, anointed and downright ecstatic! I’m perfectly satisfied with this venture and completely at rest as I place this work into your hands for your own personal intoxication.

‘Tales from the Couch’ is 15 chapters and almost 200 pages of story after story from my life, a crazy life of awakening to reality and identity. In the book I share intimate details of my life including thoughts, perceptions and experiences from my childhood which I have never shared openly before. As a child I continually encountered a realm and a reality which both confused me and frightened me but which at the same time was very real to me.The book catalogues not only my spiritual awakening as a child but also my crazy progression through the religious structures which I got myself heavily involved in. I still can’t believe the lengths I was willing to go to and the number of religious hoops I was willing to jump through thinking I was doing the Divine a favour! In this book I expose the lies of religious indoctrination and show through my own spiritual evolution that it is perfectly possible to live a supernatural life without all of the religious trappings.

Many of you will also be aware of my involvement with ‘Emerge Wales’ about 10 years ago and the crazy spiritual breakthrough that I saw in my home which soon started manifesting in a crazy way in the public arena around me. In this book I share story after story of that time in my life and catalogue many of the stupid supernatural happenings which took place around that time. I take time in the book to walk the reader through those years of crazy breakouts on the streets and in the city centers of city after city as we would gather together spontaneously to see the glory manifest. I also catalogue in detail the conception and progression of ‘Sloshfest’ and how we began to see a sober nation begin to welcome and experience the party. I know that these chapters will fill in many blanks for guys who realize that ‘something’ took place but who have no idea of the details. These chapters are stupidly drunk!

Many will know that in 2010 I appeared for 77 days on the reality TV programme ‘Big Brother’. This was a crazy time in my life, a time where few had faith that anything good would come from me appearing on such a morally corrupt show. Yet that season of my life was a catalyst for great ventures to follow and opened for me huge doors of opportunity which few will ever get the chance to enjoy. In the book I go into great detail of how the Big Brother moment came along, of what happened to me in the Big Brother house and exactly how crazy things got as I came out as Runner Up and was instantly recognized wherever I travelled in the UK and further afield. To be honest that whole season of my life is still a blur, it probably helped me a lot to get that story into print and out there for others to enjoy.

There is one chapter in the book which I called ‘stupidly hilarious stories’. In this chapter I divulge story after story of stupid, random and ludicrous moments which looking back I still can’t believe actually took place! When you read this chapter you will instantly ask yourself, “Why on Earth is Dave sharing this stuff? Surely this isn’t going to help his ministerial momentum?” Hopefully in it all you will get to the point as you laugh with me and at me where you will no longer take yourself so seriously and will realise that it’s time to put the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundamentalism’! There is also a full chapter where I share story after story of crazy supernatural happenings which we have seen including weather patters shifting, crazy healings and a man appearing out of thin air! I kid you not!

At a time where there has been such a heavy focus on raising up the banks of teaching and good theology in the nations, I believe that this book will be a respite and a breath of fresh air in amongst our serious and at times sober readings. I really feel that there are few books out there right now which allow time and space for humor, vulnerability and serious drunken folly! I just know that this book will hot so many different guys in so many different areas. This book is perfect for guys evolving out of religious frameworks, is ideal for people who are beginning to awaken but who have no interest in joining a church structure and will be great for those who have an interest in the supernatural and all things spiritual. I’ve been selling this on pre-order for under a week and have now sold maybe 150 copies all over the world with guys buying bulk orders in Australia, Asia and the UK. (All pre-orders will be signed and will be shipped as soon as the books get to me on the 14th!) This book will make great holiday reading and will make a great gift for friends, neighbours, loved ones and guys who may have seen me on Big Brother.

To order your copy today please use the link below, for all orders over 10 books please email us for a fresh shipping cost and price as we sell at discount on bulk orders. A Kindle version will be available in a few weeks time. Guys please consider not only buying ‘a’ book but buying several, this is a great gift, a great seed to sow. I love you guys endlessly. I need your help guys, please share details of this email and of my book with as many as you can in the coming weeks, thank you so much and big hugs, DAVE