I’ve always loved what many would consider to be the ‘Prophetic,’ the ability to be able to communicate encouragement, exhortation or comfort. Whether by word, song, art or through life the prophetic is pretty amazing. I’ve seen so many lives impacted through simple demonstrations and tokens of love from heaven into earth. I know that many would majorly consider the ‘Prophetic’ as a spoken word or declaration coming from a Leader usually carrying a microphone. I would say that yes I’ve also been pretty blessed by such moments. I remember about ten years back being invited to a series of meetings where a guy called Jeff Burke was ministering. Jeff was a humble, funny, BALD and extremely nice guy with no agenda other than wanting to be an intense blessing to others. I instantly loved him as a person, then loved and appreciated the gifting he carried. This guy walked in a genuine sensitivity with God, and manifested an incredible flow of accurate thoughts and words from the Divine. I’ve still yet to meet another with such an accurate prophetic gifting. He would stand in front of hundreds, not knowing anything about them and would one by one call them out by names, nick – names and would know their addresses and the names of family members. It was pretty intense, yet the foundation of it all was built upon humility, love and a genuine heart to encourage those who were in need. One day he called a guy out and started to prophesy over him, he said to the guy; “The Lord says you’ve been to the Heartbreak Hotel, that you’ve been feeling like your nothing but a Hound Dog crying all the time, but He says that He loves you tender and loves you True and He’ll never let you go!” As he shared the guy was in floods of tears and was obviously being deeply impacted by the moment. Jeff then asked for his name for the tape, the guy looked up with tears streaming down his face and blurted out; “ELVIS!” Man I so love that stuff, He is so creative!!! Whatever cynicism was around soon lifted as Jeff began to share. I remember once inviting a friend to one of Jeff’s meetings, the guy was from a staunch pentecostal type background and was quite ‘Skeptical!’ He moaned all the way to the meeting and ridiculed Jeff, (a guy he had never met,) mocking what he didn’t understand. Anyways I just said to him; “Dude he may call you out and give you a cool word, who knows?” Anyways the meeting starts and the first things Jeff does is look over at my friend, point him out and call him by name, before sharing with him intimate details about his life. The skepticism soon lifted as the humble pie was eaten!

Donna and I have always appreciated that ‘Knowing’ in the Spirit. We realized a long time ago that hearing and flowing with that inner witness, would take us way further than our best laid plans! I can honestly say that for whole periods of our lives we have lived from a foundation of knowing what was about to hit and then talking about it excitedly as if it was present reality, calling those things that are not as though they already were! We realized pretty early on that it was possible to live in a realm of reality where time dissolves and all you feel is a ‘Knowing,’ which to you is more real than any of your personal circumstance or situations; “Hey Nathaniel I saw you man under that fig tree and loved you!” To see and to know, then to announce with ecstatic delight creates a New World for you to live in! Donna and I have lived like this over many years. Just an example; I remember back in 2010 as a firework went off over my car and I heard the words; “You will have a Champagne Summer!” I had no clue what that meant but just started to announce it everywhere that I went; “Hey we are gonna have an amazing Champagne Summer!” A short while after whilst in Rome a friend sat opposite me and said; “God is about to open a door to you into the Media. It will be unusual and different!” The next day I call home and find out that the Casting Director of Big Brother had been on the phone wanting to talk with me. As I got on the plane to fly home from Italy I knew that even though 100,000 would that year audition to be on the Big Brother program, that I would be on the program and that I would have a ‘Champagne Summer!’ It wasn’t some wishy washy hope, to me this was reality, a reality which got me drunk! When Donna and I would go out to eat I would be telling the waiters that I was about to be on the program much to Donna’s distaste! One guy, a complete stranger from Leeds England, came to buy a gun from me and I told him; “Hey do you watch Big Brother? I’m gonna be on it this year!” The guy took a photo with me then on the live launch of the program he sat and watched the program with his wife and as I walked into the house he shouted out; “I know him, look here’s the proof!” He whipped out the picture of me and him to his wife’s shock! I Around that time I even called a meeting in my home with 50 of my best friends and told them all; “Hey I’m going on Big Brother, please help out with my family whilst I’m away!” I had no idea in the physical that I was going on the program and that I would come out as Runner Up, no-one had told me I was earmarked for the show, BUT I already knew it in the Spirit and was ALREADY living in the reality of it! As you can imagine it really was a ‘Champagne Summer!’ We create the worlds that we live in! That summer we also saw the end of a horrific boundary dispute we were roped into. After 7 years of pain and £12,000 of costs we finally got our week in court and were declared the victors recovering ALL costs! It really was a Champagne Summer!

This is just one moment, one incident in time, out of a continual flow of ‘Knowing’ and experiencing that inner perception. We’ve also seen this flow affect the public in amazing ways. A few years back we took a team of guys to Ireland to take part in a crazy and weird fayre held in a little town in the nation each year. The Fayre is a celebration of the villages ‘Goats,’ who many years ago saved the villagers from marauding invaders, (weird I know but hey!) Thousands gather at the Fayre to drink, party and generally revel together whilst all along a goat sits in a cage wearing a golden crown suspended high above the crowds, waiting to marry the Carnival Queen for that year! There is a strong New Age feel to the whole thing and the place is invaded by Fortune Tellers and Psychics. We decided to pull up and erect a tent right in the middle of the festival with a sign outside saying; ‘Free destiny readings and dream interpretation.’ The first day at the event we had a steady stream of guys coming to us for a ‘reading’ and we did all we could to share something with them, it was tough going but hey it seemed to be ok. Nearing the end of that first day our friend Phil Smith shared something with someone and all I know is something happened. From that moment on as guys came we would all see clear details of their lives and at times were telling them their names and details about family and work situations. It was crazy. On the second day we needed to erect a second tent as the glory was so strong that guys were just being pulled to the tents. On that second day the words we were giving were incredibly accurate and with great detail, we saw many guys get really touched. At one point the sons of the Fortune Tellers came and threatened us, telling us to shut the tents down as people were saying to the Fortune Tellers that our words were more accurate than there’s and ours were totally FREE!! We were actually shutting down business for the Fortune Tellers due to the accuracy of the words being given! We carried on going despite the threats and towards the end of that second day the Fortune Tellers themselves came to the tents begging us for a word! It was a crazy weekend where together we saw many healings, miracles and nuts stuff happen.

This is just one example of how we have honored what many have considered the ‘Prophetic,’ and just how evident at times the fruit has been! We are talking here about a Lifestyle of walking in reality, nothing ‘Profound’ nothing ‘Mystical,’ just Human Beings walking in Identity. The foundation of this is just a love for humanity, certainly not a tool to build a successful ministry. We all have the ability to hear and to flow, no need for another to teach or to instruct, no real need to queue for a word if we know The Word. We can ALL trust our ‘Perception,’ we can ALL walk in continual success as we are guided into ‘ALL Truth!’ We can actually live in a place where we are not expecting the Divine to do one more thing for us, as we are so fully satisfied and at Rest in what He has already done! We just see life as a continual ‘Now Moment’ unfolding more and more with greater degrees of ecstatic Bliss attached to it. According to scripture true spiritual prophecy is not some vague apparition that points to a future event but actually an accurate depiction of Jesus the Christ in all of His Glory! Prophecy is not just pumping guys up about the future, but actually pointing them back to a moment in time where something crazy took place. To prophesy over someone isn’t to tell then what they can be and what they can do but more of reminding them of who they ‘Now’ are as living beings of light on planet earth. Somehow in the hearing of these more sure prophetic words an Identity is released which halts the dependency culture and causes mature sons to arise.

Sadly few will tell you this truth. Many appreciate the attention and financial reward they glean as they set themselves up as the ‘Prophet’ of the hour. Facebook is riddled with keyboard ministries who make a living out of preying upon vulnerable victims who are massively dependent upon the church system for affirmation. The dependency culture promoted by the church allows these social media ministries to thrive and to go unchecked for accuracy and integrity. It saddens me to see the ‘Daily prophetic word’ status, which is usually just a vague rehash of a well known scripture which apparently on; ‘That Day God wants to bless you with!’ International ministries founded upon sharing a ‘Daily Word’ straight from the heart of God! Guys swallow this stuff down by the bucket load, no-one seems to ask the question of why this is even relevant anymore?

Sadder still is when you hear the ‘Real Prophets,’ release yet another word of judgement or doom upon an area, when we know all along that their track record is spurious to say the least! Usually these words are very random and VERY vague; “Something will happen next year and many will think it’s the end of the world!” Fear filled thoughts, usually rooted in the persons own lack of faith in the transformation hidden all around them, thoughts that bind rather than release and keep the masses dependent upon the prophet. One well know Charismatic Leader shared that everyone on the West Coast of America needs to sell their homes, move out ASAP, as the whole West coast will soon fall into the sea (which obviously didn’t happen within the given timeframe,) and no-one seems to question the validity of the word! Not just that but guys then promote his next word and all pay good money to pile into his next relevant conference! HELLO!!!!

As we go around the Charismatic Mulberry Bush yet again we will hear the promise of a ‘New Season’ or a ‘New Song’ or a ‘New Sound’ or the promise of a ‘New Generation!’ Nothing ‘New’ about any of it, this is the same ‘Old’ stuff been promised by the Church for decades! For years I rocked up at the next great ‘Prophetic Conference’ and heard the preacher promise the congregants that ‘This WOULD be the year we would all cross over into the NEW!” No more delay, Gods ready this time around, He’s tested us and NOW we are ready!!! It all sounds very encouraging but is so demeaning when you consider the Glory of what has already been accomplished, AND as you look at humanity through a correct filter. To say we need another ‘New’ anything is to suggest that what is here is wrong, broken or in need. I can also guarantee that whatever this ‘New’ thing is supposed to look like is already doing well and thriving to some measure all over the planet! Sometimes we just need eyes that don’t see lack but actually see fulfillment and abundance to see a totally different reality manifest! I’ll be honest I’m in no way looking for another ‘New’ anything, I’m engaging fully in the ‘Now’ moment and I realize that every Now happening is a prophetic building block for a great tomorrow! Yet these promises of the ‘New’ usually backed up by a story of a weird encounters or strange happenings still ropes in the gullible and uninformed! It’s so sad!

All of this stuff leaves guys longing for some future reality, a day where they can ‘Really’ live, where they will ‘Really’ thrive. It suffocates reality and stops guys from flowing with the present moment and enjoying the gloriously mundane of life. People get filled with an anticipation of a future time where things will look different and better. Often left with disappointment when things don’t work out guys are left blaming God rather than looking at the spurious source who gave the ‘promise’ from heaven. Sadly though without embracing the now, living in the moment and recognizing the glory of our present identity the future will look pretty much like the present! It is in recognizing the Glory ‘NOW’ present that we will carry into tomorrow great Hope! We all have a more sure word of prophecy, you have need that no man teach you, He wishes that all of his children were prophets!

Love you guys endlessly, big big hugs DAVE