(Donna’s Intro) I want to offer a little intro to this blog series, if you are easily offended or embarrassed you can choose to close this blog post right now. Funny thing is, this subject easily offends and embarrasses many folk yet it is an intrinsical part of our existence and the foundation of a happy marriage or partnership. We have had a few convos with people who definitely are hurting and interested in rekindling or exploring why the fire has died in the dept of the bedroom, so here goes. With all honesty being vulnerable and communicating this type of message is a massive stretch for us too but what cant be denied is the suppression of what once came naturally is caused by negative suggestion and a frowning upon the human ‘nature’ as being ‘dirty’ or ‘unspeakable.’ It can leave individuals feeling suppressed, guilty, frustrated, undesirable, lacking in confidence or in the worst cases cause a massive gulf in what once was a relationship that had spark and verve. The feeling of ‘being in love’ we all remember with a heady glow. Do not think your marriage cant become exciting and close once again, we have no formulas but are always wanting to help people to overcome the bondage of religion (no pun intended) lol

(Daves Bit.) So I guess religion has done a great job of screwing up the immeasurable avenues of pleasure available to us in the bedroom as consenting adults. What was offered to us as a priceless gift, as something to be enjoyed, explored and then explored some more has been pushed into a place of ‘this far and no further!’ Religion does a great job of placing boundaries where they were never meant to be and control where it was never wanted or necessary. Even though the Bible fully endorses the ‘need’ for a partner to without restriction and in total abandonment to offer his/her body to it’s partner, the church has been quick to overlook the wonder of this scripture in an attempt to yet again tidy stuff away into boxes which appeases it’s own total lack of freedom and understanding. Yes the church has to endorse the ‘act’ of sex as it is such a massive part of every day life, yet it then also has to put it’s own spin on what that ‘act’ looks like and the boundaries which are needed for that ‘act’ to be carried out in a safe and controlled way; (they do like controlled explosions that church lot EVEN though spontaneous and orgasmic wildfires are always a more preferable and imminent option.)

I guess that as a couple we are way past the point of caring what others think, our journey into life and pleasure has brought us to a point of newly found abandonment to each other, an abandonment which has unlocked our hearts and love for each other in a way which goes far beyond ‘nice’ or ‘meaningful!’ We are only now beginning to realise how deeply we were impacted and left sexually hamstrung by a church system which not only strives to control but also to water down the fires of love and sensuality created for our pleasure. To return to the days of unadulterated affection, desire and pleasure for each other and to drink again from the erotic chemistry which you enjoyed as a fledgling couple, full of love and passion for each other is an amazing thing. To once again walk in a freedom and to enjoy each other again void of guilt, shame and hurt is as close to heaven as we can possibly get.

Over the next few months we want to share our journey with you guys (NOT all of it, calm down tiger!) Why? Well because we are done with the unreality that we see propagated by the Church, we realise that there are many hurting, struggling couples out there who have come to a place of no longer knowing who they are or what they desire! Just this past week we have had messages and engaged in conversations with others who are desperate to somehow live again in the freedom of pleasure, life and may I say lust and longing for each other which they once enjoyed. At the same time we realise that whatever the church has promoted hasn’t worked, even many in ministry who hold the reigns over whole congregations are struggling sexually, many are getting caught up in adultery, many exploring pornography just to satisfy their inner desires whilst all along their partners suffer in silence not even able to talk about how they feel. Yes Donna and I will put our necks on the block for others, we are going to tentatively and hopefully without too much offence share where we are at right now, in a hope that at least one couple will begin to walk in at least a portion of the freedom which we are beginning to experience at this time. We will be looking to post a writing each week or so Part 2 soon, maybe Donna will take control this next time around LOL X (Please share with us your thoughts as always!)