So we haven’t written anything for a while, it’s been a crazy 4 month period of transformation and challenge and to be honest we have been so busy just engaging in life that other things have needed to be shelved. Anyways we cannot shift away from this whole subject of ‘Sectuality, Sexuality and Sensuality,’ as we continue to realise the pitfalls linked with religious frameworks and as we re-engage with areas of our identity shut down for way too long there is a confidence manifesting which is certainly helping! Anyways here’s just a few thoughts on the subject of human sensuality.

HUMAN SENSUALITY. Thinking a lot on this subject as I guess I’m realising more and more the wonder of it and as I realise religions part in shutting it down in individuals. SENSUALITY, that significant area of our DNA where as individuals we excrete passion, confidence, creativity and dare I say it sexuality. The best way I can describe the beauty of this virtue is by recalling a dream that I had a few years back. In the dream I spent time with the hugely misunderstood, dark, yet literary genius Edgar Allen Poe. In the dream I just walked with Poe as he talked with me regarding subjects which interested him. The dream was insane because as I encountered it I realised that I also encountered Poe as a full blown manifestation of human sensuality and life. In the dream everything about Poe was alive and vibrant, the way that he dressed intrigued me, the way that he walked had way more meaning than just getting from A to B, his words were way more than words they just seemed magical and beyond fully knowing and even when he moved his hand to gesture it was as if all of creation moved with him. It was as if Poe had began to walk in a place of such life and sensuality that the slightest move of his hand was beyond mystical and had way too many meanings for such a simple act.

I awoke from the dream realising that what I had encountered was a manifestation of the potential within us all to be a fully SENSUAL people. I guess down through the ages there have been individuals who would have oozed gallons of this crazy creative, dare I say seductive force; Guys like Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe and others however misguided their affections may have been at times still walked in a level of sensuality which caused them to stand out from the crowd as creative, artistic and sexual beings. Is that manifestation a bad thing or do you agree with me that this piece of the fabric of our DNA is essential that we may be whole and walk as gods in this earth? I reckon Jesus would have dripped sensuality! A real man, not half a man, a guy who was confident in who he was and in his sexuality. I have no problem at all believing that both women and men would have been drawn to him not just because of the words which he spoke but because of the realm of sensuality which leaked through him. I dare say that to be with him was to have an encounter which caused every sense to feel alive and would have released a confidence to be absolutely free in your sexuality. No room for religious judgements or hang ups around him just a green light to be fully human.

I guess allowing new levels of sensuality to manifest will definitely bring with it a multitude of challenges, not just for the individual but dare I say it maybe even more so for those they are joined with as new freedom is found and fresh ground broken up. My transition over the past two years away from the religious system which I once promoted has been a glorious one and yet a challenging one. Re-discovering who I am and re-engaging with passions and desires which were shut down on the inside of me has been a great challenge. The new found freedom which I’m experiencing is not only glorious but also destructive as it unearths area’s of insecurity and fear created via messages (some spoken and some generated subliminally,) from my time attached to a religious framework; Spiritual rules and regulations set in place by a system which talked freedom and identity yet which heavily moderated what that freedom and identity was supposed to look like. “Yes dress how you want BUT that skirt is too short, eat what you want but don’t be a pig, drink what you want IN MODERATION,” (not touching upon the bigger issues of individual sexuality, what is acceptable in the bedroom or what and how a marriage should look like between individuals,) what’s left is a people scared to think for themselves never mind be confident enough to ooooze the type of sensuality which I saw Edgar Allen Poe manifesting in my dream. Many within christian/muslim/religious marriages are struggling, as in reality freedom within the bedroom will only ever match the freedom enjoyed outside of the bedroom.

Sadly religion shuts down and stifles human sensuality. I reckon a good example of religions ability to shut down true freedom and identity is clearly seen via many of the ‘Clean up Programs’ which are always on offer. Guys walk in with long hair, wearing leather jackets carrying iPhones loaded with heavy rock music just wanting a spiritual experience and leave the church programs with a fresh haircut, a 3 piece suit, a clean shave and a copy of the latest Marantha cd in their hand. Identity swapped for ideology and with it uniformity offered instead of a unity which comes as we walk ‘differently’ as individuals.

I’m thankful that guys are beginning to realise that this is not the way. It’s awesome seeing guys begin to find their identity and with it the confidence to portray who they truly believe that they are. This is not something to be ashamed of, it is something to be honoured, proud of and to be explored. Donna and I have committed ourselves to transformation, yes with it comes challenges, yes buttons get pushed and insecurities unearthed YET what are the other options? We are committed to freedom and committed to being patient with each other as we awkwardly walk out what is manifesting in our hearts. We cannot return to the stifling framework of a structure which talked freedom yet in reality was a breeding ground for unfulfilled desires, shame and fear of over stepping a line. In many ways we feel that our time is now best spent encouraging others to be confident in their skin, to help others to be willing to dream again and to engage in desires and passions which have sadly been shut down; To endorse human sensuality in others, to encourage individuals to be free in their sexuality and to not be put off by the judgement of others. To see marriages come alive again where women again feel confident in expressing the beauty of who they are, hopefully intimidating their husbands into loving them more and allowing them space to breath again. Time well spent I think X