Dare I try to write anything bloggy that makes any sense! I have been off Facebook for a little while because it sometimes annoys me and it becomes a habit that takes up too much of my time where I could be doing something practical. Anyway what usually stirs me is film, TV or music. I watched Ridley Scotts interpretation of the Moses story at home with the boys, (I expect that some of you will remember Dave’s film review when we watched it at the cinema lol.) Anyway I love his interpretation (Ridley’s not Dave’s lol,) mainly because to me it depicts a man with a conscience – a man who could have stayed living in luxury as a king with money prestige and slaves to do his bidding, with people who would agree to do anything he said, all revering and honouring him. In modern days he would have probably had a massive Facebook following and would have been very popular wherever he went. Apart from him realising that he was the same race as the slaves (or social standing) but had been elevated by good fortune(?) to a princely status – he realised that he was cut from the same cloth. He could have thought “that’s how it goes, some folks are just lucky, or chosen,” and carried on with the facade but he was a man of conscience, he hated and could not ignore the use and abuse of of the people in bondage while his own family lived in luxury at the expense of these Hebrews. Once you have seen it how can you un-see it? Many of these people would have probably thought that was the lot that life had dealt them and they needed a ruler to watch over the city and keep them all from harm.They needed a dwelling place and needed the rations that were dealt them or they would be out in the desert wandering so there was safety in slavery. In reality these skilled and strong workers grew the crops and built the monuments that glorified the king.

We all are familiar with the story but like I said Mr Scotts version made me think on a more personal level about the whole story. Moses was sickened by the abuse of the system and decided to offer his thoughts about it. Needless to say he was shunned and an outcast finding himself without the support of his former friend list as soon as he voiced his opinions. If he had posted on Facebook he may have been the subject of ridicule and endlessly questioned on where his loyalties lay. After his banishment or seclusion( ? ) the guy met a lovely lady who wasn’t even the same religion as him (shock – horror!) He fell in love and why not??! She loved him and the family welcomed him in despite of his different beliefs. He eventually wrestled with his conscience and popped back to Egypt to overcome the regime with a little supernatural help (in a nutshell ) :) The main thing I liked was the portrayal of God/Holy Spirit, a small outspoken boy, angry and challenging. It represented to me an image of simpleness – who would debate theology with a small lad? Endless arguments over irrelevant theories?..

I won’t rattle on but I love honest, Down To Earth Realness. What else is there for us mere mortals?? Day to day reality. It is amazing what one man standing up for truth can do. The main thing I would congratulate him on is being true to himself and not being afraid to update his status. Moses had a mission, he wanted fair play and was not going to sit back and play pretend one more day at the cost of his lavish lifestyle and his reputation – what a man! I am not challenging the supernatural side of the story, I just thought Mr Scott’s interpretation was interesting, believable, not incredulous but down to earth. I did not intend to write a film review, I am not into details, I enjoyed the film for purely entertainment reasons not theological or academic, if truth be told our saluki ‘Kashmir‘ has two sisters who were on set and I was hoping they made the cut into the film. I just feel that there are so many people waking up to a New Day and being challenged in their beliefs. Everyone has to make a choice,- safety in being a minion or follower of a mega ministry or even a local pastor – or the risk of being ostracized for being different or daring to ask questions. I am not sure that if your facebook status or posts suddenly started using words that were a bit different or smacked of new age origin that anybody would have the right to tell you off lol. It is a New Age, why stay stuck in the past using old time flowery language to convince everyone else that you have not strayed from ‘the narrow path?‘ Please stray, please evolve, please ask questions, please push the boundaries. We were discouraged from asking questions in our little Pentecostal church, It was frowned upon and anyway – we would all find out the answers in the sweet bye and bye. What the heck?? Sorry, but loving people and devoting time to our family is all important. Not following man made rules and being told what to think when to think how to think.

Dave and I have learned many lessons this last few years, I am relieved that the bible characters were middle aged too when the light suddenly dawned on them. I was pleased Dave’s book had such a good reception and I want him to write again now we have closed the chapter on the man formerly known as the Monk! There is a massive lovely world out there full of peeps who believe all sorts of weird things. Don’t be afraid – just ask questions. Slavery is a curse Freedom is a blessing. Anyway I am off to watch the X-files – the truth is out there apparently x

Donna Vaughan