As we move forward into another year which is packed full of potential and possibility you can guarantee there will be those who will want to re-assure us that our dreams are way to outlandish to be achieved! The world seems filled with so many who whilst doing very little themselves feel compelled to grace us with their wisdom gleaned from many years of accomplishing NOTHING! These are the stumbling blocks to greatness, the ones who achieve little themselves yet who know exactly how everything ‘Should’ be done AND who have a great understanding of what is possible and impossible to accomplish! I love what Tricia Cunningham says; “The individual who says it is not possible should move out of the way of those doing it!” Great advice! These ones never see great change in their lives, there circumstances never alter, they usually have every excuse under the sun as to why they are not moving forward and they will do all they can to stop you from bettering their poor performance! I’ve come across many of these types over the past 10 years, these are they who stop you from going ‘In’ whilst they are not progressing forward themselves.

I remember in 2010 when the guys from Big Brother came knocking on my door asking if I would be interested in being part of that years program. Yes I realised it would be different, yes I realised it would put a tremendous pressure on my family and yes although I was heavily intoxicated on the Holy Ghost I still hadn’t as yet checked my brain out! I needed guys around me who would encourage me, who would stand with me and believe not just in me but in my decision to enter the BB House that year. Sadly faith and encouragement was hard to come by, as always ‘Wisdom’ was bountiful but faith was scarce on the ground! Many offered me words of great advice on how this venture could and probably would wreck my marriage, family and ministry, but few had the faith or vision to see that this could actually be a Divine opportunity and that it may actually of been worth giving it a shot! I soon realised that as Jordan Belfort ‘articulates’ quite colorfully; “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it!” The resulting fruit from my venture on BB was amazing and thankfully it seems now that EVERYONE could of done it! lol

In reality nothing is stopping us from fulfilling our dreams. The very reality that deep down we have dreams and desires that are woven into our being should show us that those dreams are the next solid steps forward on our journey. To visualize a desire, to give it form by mentally walking it out however outlandish the thing may appear, is normal spiritual format. We were born with desires, we were created as dreamers, as creators, as those who usher in substance from another realm. To go with the outlandish nature of the deepest desire of your soul is normal, to shut down those desires as unachievable is to cut ourselves off from true life! Joseph was a dreamer, so are you! Our desires are heavenly, our desires are doorways of release to bring a new substance from another realm. To dream is to ‘Be,’ when the dreaming stops we stop living, we stop ‘Being!’

79 days ago my Mother had a dream. Her dream was to step onto a plane for the first time ever and to fly to Canada to visit my sister. My mother is 64 years old and would be flying on her own after suffering for many years with agrophobia and panic attacks. Added to all that, she has had the most horrific year in 2014 with her and my step father separating after 40 years of married life. When she told me her dream I was in no way going to pour water on her desire but inwardly I was thinking to myself just how difficult she would find even getting to the airport! Yet in 79 days she acquired her first ever passport, booked her flight, made al10465261_753463434706677_3075629699525014931_ol arrangements and yesterday boarded a flight to Toronto ON HER OWN and flew for 8 hours to be with my sister for a month! Man I’m so proud of her!

Thirty months ago I weighed over 20 stone, for you Americans that’s 280 LB! I was majorly over weight, was unfit and ready to drop at any minute. I was doing no exercise at all and added to that my diet was far from righteous! For me to even consider change seemed like a mountain way too steep to climb, I was a fat boy and would stay a fat boy as it was way easier. One day Donna sort of gave me a look, it was one of those looks that after 20 years of marriage you know means; “You’re a fat boy, you are going to DIE unless something changes, get with the program!” The next day I joined the local gym with a 6 month program and I started the long road towards living a healthy life. I’ve had every opportunity to give up, it’s not been easy especially when you’re training hard, dieting harder and you see others who seem to eat whatever they want and they maintain a beach body figure effortlessly! Yet I’ve seen some major transformation and I’m now beginning to enjoy a totally IMG_0050different look and lifestyle. Next week I head to Birmingham to train at the infamous ‘Temple Gym,’ where for a Christmas present I have booked a one on one training session with the 6 times Mr Olympia Dorian Yates! It seems both stupid and crazy that I could see such change and see a desire manifest for transformation in such a short period of time, YET it’s reality! At 43 years old I feel fitter than ever and I’m enjoying a lifestyle which seemed impossible just 3 years ago!

We cannot allow ‘others’ or ‘age’ to limit us going forward, all we have is ‘Now,’ yet Now is all we need! People have accomplished great things at young and older ages, just like my Mother climbing onto a plane at 64 for the first time ever age is irrelevant when it comes to fulfilling dreams and goals; Nelson Mandela was 76 when he became President, Colonel Sanders was 61 when he started the KFC franchise, J R Tolkien was 62 when the Lord of the Rings books came out, Mozart composed music from the age of 5, Anne Frank was just 12 when she wrote The Diary of Anne Frank! lol Age cannot define you or limit you, you are not an age but a person, Creator of New Worlds as you walk in the deepest desires of your heart. Nothing is impossible for you!

As we enter a New Year we have the opportunity to create a New World, my desire going forward is to stand as a father and as an encourager with as many people as I can who are attempting to fulfill outrageous dreams. The world is full of teachers, guys who will tell you exactly how it should be done, sadly few of those are doing great things themselves! In 2015 I so want to see a manifestation of ‘Fathers,’ of encouragers to stand alongside radical dreamers. My hope is that together we will move beyond perceived limitations and out into the deeper waters of outrageous reality! It’s time to spread your wings baby!!

(Donna, Myself and our family want to wish all our partners, friends and family an ecstatic Christmas, filled with grace, bliss and love, AND an exceptionally unlimited 2015! Let’s gather because of Love in 2015 and share our wildest dreams and imaginations. Big Hugs DAVE )