Hey Guys,

Trust that you are all doing amazingly well as you heavily invest in this present moment! Life is great in the Vaughan household and I’m hoping to soon get enough time to share with you all of my transition from full time ministry and into my new vocation in Life! I feel amazing right now, everything seems so fresh, vibrant and full of life! Today seems so new, so colourful and in many ways I feel more satisfied and connected with destiny and the divine than ever before! It’s one thing talking about ‘Life,’ it’s a whole nutha ball game actually pulling the plug on hindrances and giving yourself to fully engaging in Life itself! As I said I’m hoping to soon have a few hours free where I can blog my thoughts on my transition and my condition!!!

Just to let you know that Donna and I have decided to grant you guys the opportunity through the month of November to purchase any amount of my new book ‘Tales from the Couch-Memoirs of a Drunk Monk’ worldwide FREE of all postage costs! Yes we will pay all carriage costs and will allow you guys the blessing of receiving this book postage FREE! This book has had so many cool reviews, just this week I’ve had message after message from guys who have been deeply impacted by my honesty, vulnerability and willingness to rawly portray my heart and story via print. You will not be disappointed as you invest in this venture! Guys can I encourage you to take us up on this opportunity and to order copies not just for yourselves but also for friends and loved ones as a sweet Christmas stocking filler! To order your copies visit our site at;


Big Big hugs and love, Dave and Donna!