My recent attempt via YouTube to communicate something stirring from deep within failed miserably! I assume that a couple of factors combined to ensure that my ‘You are not Powerless,’ video didn’t really hit the spot! Firstly my own inability to accurately define a knowing which is ‘NOW’ being revealed, was partly to blame, but also the choice of language I used on the Video may have shocked a few who as of yet may not have realized just how far we have departed from the norm. I reckon that these two elements combined in some way to make for a total fail! I assume that going forward we will see this more and more. Firstly, the awakened heart suddenly coming to a fresh place of realization and enlightenment, full of excitement and pleasure, all hyped up on freshly found spiritual testosterone, attempting to communicate it’s new found Bliss whilst fully realizing that it’s ecstatic revelation no longer fits within old theological wineskins! Big problem – but one which we must realize is necessary, if we are to move forward! Secondly via an attempt to mouth such wonderful Truths the individual chooses to use a language which to the untrained ear sounds at least ‘Shocking’ and at worst ‘Heretical’! Man, how much patience are we going to need plus grace and love for each other as we bumble, fumble, and maybe tumble forwards on this crazy journey as ‘Evolving Amateurs!’ If you haven’t walked with us over the past 8 years and especially over the past 3 years I can see why the content was shocking. If you have grown spiritually within certain church environments where we are taught a massive dependance upon some ‘Out There’ -Santa Claus type -God figure, who ultimately is the Big Boss of your circumstances and the ‘One’ who releases you into destiny, then YES I can see how my language would have easily been offensive! So what was it that I attempted to communicate?

Pretty much all of us have at some point subscribed to some sort of crazy religious order where dependance upon some ‘Other,’ whether it’s a person, program or ‘way’ of thinking is not only expected but deemed highly necessary, in order to ‘Be,’ or to ‘Belong.’ Many of us subconsciously checked out our Divine ability to think and govern matters for ourself the moment we got stirred to ‘join’ or ‘attend!’ Sounds very strong, but in reality so many of the religious systems around us leave no room for individual thought or experience, and pretty much all exalt a person to a place of prominence within whom we consider lies the vision and gifting required to shift the flock forward. Without realizing, out of absolute insecurity, not knowing the glory of our true Identity, we freely give up our Divine right and ability to rule and reign. The consequence of our ignorance leaves us with a sense of powerlessness, dependance upon outside intervention and an inability to create for ourselves! When we find ourselves in situations where circumstances seem to be against us we are challenged to ‘Cry Out,’ or to ‘Seek Out,’ some ‘Other,’ for surely He/She/It will be the one to come by yet again with a rescue package to Divinely intervene on our behalf! (In some ways yet again this is an indication of the system, where the ‘Vulnerable’ and ‘Powerless’ individual need A N ‘Other’ to respond and work on our behalf as we are not able to think and change matters for ourselves!) IF we get the desired results from our ‘seeking’ we are then massively indebted to another, AND it goes to show just how much we need outside intervention in our lives! IF we don’t get the desired result within our specified timeframe then I suppose it’s easy to either believe that the circumstances were given us in order to teach us some lesson, OR as often happens many get embittered towards God and blame Him/Her for not loving them as He does others, so they walk away from any connection with spirituality! Whenever we see a circumstance which seems out of our control we quickly deflect and defer the ‘Burden‘ onto the Divine, never learning or growing in our sonship, never growing in faith and confidence that we are more than sufficient! It’s a mess, yet a mess many of us signed up for and a mess which many of us now need to evolve out of!

Many have been crippled in their decision making, waiting for the ‘Lord’ to instruct or move in some mysterious way when all along we are His Carriers and as we move He moves! I remember belonging to one congregation where guys wouldn’t even talk to people ‘Unless the Lord led!’ Man what a bunch of rubbish! I was so thankful hearing Todd Bentley once say as he got up to preach; “I had two sermons for today and spent all day wrestling with the Lord asking which I should deliver tonight. In the end I heard Him say to me ‘Todd it’s up to you, I’ll bless whichever YOU decide to use!” Man we get so anal about stuff! Today I heard a cool radio interview with golfer Oliver Wilson who is ranked 792 in the world but just won his first title in 228 starts! It also happened to be one of the biggest events in Europe netting him almost half a million pounds! He said that for years guys offered him advice, so many voices, so much confusion, BUT then he said; “I started listening to my inner intuition which I found to be INCREDIBLY ACCURATE!” The result was the biggest and only win of his career!! I’m not talking here about some OTHER ‘Voice,’ the ‘Still small voice of the Holy Ghost,’ some OTHER, NO I’m talking about walking in your identity as a Son and realizing that you have and are all that He is to planet earth! Man how we love to spiritualize so much stuff and deflect and defer so much onto A N Other whether its God or someone that we consider spiritual!!!

I do understand that this sort of raises a question; So how much is the Divine involved in our lives? How much sovereignty does He exercise outside of our awareness? I mean how many of our steps and days are completely ordered by Him? Does He trust me to move my Life forward as His Divine expression into planet earth? Or does He/She expect me to live a humble live of continual reliance upon His intervention in my Life? I suppose in one sense He’s involved in and transcends everything! He’s everywhere and in all things! All things are fully filled and flooded with Him, every atom, fibre and molecule has been transcended by Him, He’s the ONE who holds all things together and in Him we live and move and have our being! As the Psalmist said; “Where can I flee from your presence O Lord?” There is no escaping the ‘All in All!’ Yet does His omnipresence and loving nature then constitute that He is very much in control of our every area of our lives? Just how much Sovereignty does He exercise in my Life? He is more than able and has more than enough power to move any mountain for me? In another sense it could be true in saying that He/She is in no way involved in the day to day running of our lives and that actually He has done all that He ever will on our behalf. Apparently ‘It is Finished’ right? I remember a few years back hearing Him saying to me; “Son you have to settle it within your heart that I’m not going to do one more thing for you!” Man that was a shock, yet I soon realized that this was actually a positive rather than a negative thought! So I thought, maybe I have no need for outside intervention from AN ‘Other?’ Maybe just maybe there is such a Divine fabric of perfection and provision that is continually in place, which if only I could see it and appreciate it, I would walk in such security that I would never feel abandoned, or feel the need to ‘Cry Out’ for outside intervention ever again? Man this sounds ‘Prideful,’ but is it possibly true? I mean even Jesus the Christ in His incarnation got to a point in His evolution where suddenly His words and His thoughts were and held the same power as the Fathers! Also is it possible that truly the whole earth is full of His Glory? That the Kingdom of God is continually within us and is at hand? That He has not withheld any good from us? That Eden is a very present reality? Is it also possible that as expressions of His Divine reality that actually He trusts us explicitly to choose, change and govern in whatever way we deem correct and right? Were we not placed on Planet Earth and given authority to subdue and to create? Was there not an onus placed on Adam to subdue the land, to rule and to reign?’ Is it possible that as we realize the ‘Plenty’ within us, all around us and ‘As Us,’ that this simple shift in perspective will do away with every sense of ‘need,’ powerlessness and the illusion of dependency on outside intervention?

Many thoughts, many questions, though one thing I am certain of is that religion will oppose this thought pattern, AND will demand that we stay in a place of considering that we continually have need of an outside influence in our lives! It will relegate us to being ‘powerless’ and will demand that we continually reach out from a place of uncertainty and desperation. Another question, who is God the Divine creator of all things dependent upon? Is He/She in need? Does He rely upon outside intervention in order to progress and succeed? Surely we would see that whole scenario as ludicrous yet aren’t we His very image and likeness? Aren’t we ‘As He is on planet earth?’ Just a few years back I again heard Him speak the following to me; “Dave in the coming days it will become progressively more difficult for humanity to ignore it’s Divinity!” Yet again that phrase sounded shocking to me as a direct result of the mindsets of the religious system that it pushed against within my thinking. Yet, spiritual things are in comparison to spiritual things, we resonate when we hear ‘Truth’ – even when our minds cannot grasp the glory of the infinite. Slowly over the past 4 years we have been growing in the Knowledge of this Truth, the Truth of our Divinity! We have been awakening to the Truth of our actual Identity. Soon I reckon we will understand what Stewart Brand meant when he urged humanity; “If we are as gods then we may as well get good at it!” Man what a scandalous Truth, what a crazy Reality! That we are ‘Bone of His bone, flesh of His flesh!’ That somehow we are of an ‘Incorruptible Seed’ and of an ‘Immortal DNA!’ How forceful was our Elder brother Jesus with the religious rulers of his day when He urged them to realize that even their ancient writings deemed them as ‘gods!’ It seems that the Divine Reality who weaves itself into every ounce of fabric around us, has no problem whatsoever with considering us ‘Equal With’ and ‘Joint Heirs’ too Himself! It is only our finite and egotistical mind, steeped in illusion and unreality which does cartwheels whenever it hears such extreme news! Our True Self knows, loves and resonates with this reality! Ultimately we are not only ‘From’ the Divine but are also ‘Form’ of the Divine, some may say that we are the ‘Body of Christ.’ We are an expression and we express Divine Form onto the world in which we inhabit. We are the Creative power and force of Life itself present within this moment. We are a Divine scandal to the religious mindset! We need nothing, we lack nothing and we are far from powerless. It is impossible for us to rightly define who we are without boasting in the Glory of the Divine nature in which we are partakers! Try and rightly define your true self without fully boasting in His Glory, Your Glory! Surely it is wrong to demean ourselves any longer by feeling we need to grasp for an invisible force who actually gives form to His reality through US! Maybe our spiritual journey is one of moving on from merely ‘Trusting Him,’ and into a place where we realize that as Sons He truly ‘Trusts Us? That He knows the power of His image revealed in us and as us!

This has been humanities journey. It is a journey of firstly awakening to our Divinity and secondly realizing that the resulting fruit is a knowing that we are NOT powerless, insignificant or do we need to be dependent upon another! I believe that this isn’t just my awakening but also the awakening exploding within mankind! When we were Babies we had need of continual outside intervention, we needed to be dressed, fed and cared for, BUT how crazy would it be for us to manifest such powerlessness as grown adults? I would suggest that ‘IF’ the Divine is continually about any work in our lives then it is the inner work of enlightening the heart with the reality of who we truly are! “When the Comforter comes He will take of the things that are mine and reveal them to you!” Surely even the purpose of ‘Ministry’ is to help in seeing an awakening of the soul which causes us to stand tall as Mature Sons? It’s purpose is not to ‘cause’ dependance upon A N Other but to show us that we are far from dependent and in need of continual outside intervention! It’s aim should not be to tell us ‘What’ to think but to encourage us ‘To’ think for ourselves? To not condition our thinking but to encourage it! Surely this will reveal the maturity of Sonship, a sonship which all of creation stands on tip toes to behold! Humanity is incredibly powerful and incredibly Divine. Three years ago this quote from C.S Lewis rocked my world;

“It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible gods and goddesses. To remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may one day be a creature which, if you saw it now, you would be strongly tempted to worship! There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a ‘Mere Mortal!” (From Weight of Glory!)

This quote was a marker on the road. Realizing and recognizing the Divine nature in and ‘AS’ Humanity; that humanity is His FORM being revealed to planet earth via immortal bodies! As we awaken to this reality we then start to realize that ‘We are the Ones who create the worlds in which we live!’ Have we need for Outside intervention? Would the Divine even consider His/Her efforts still necessary? Does He/She even recognize any of the ‘Issues’ which we feel are relevant or does He just see absolute perfection everywhere? As we awaken we realize that we are NOT creatures of outside conditions, we are far from powerless! We realize that the ability to create, re-create or bring transformation isn’t a possibility floating on a cloud somewhere, no it’s a Divine reality ‘In Us and As Us!’

Enjoy these two quotes to finish and please allow your hearts to take you beyond powerlessness; (Please share your thoughts and comments with us, we are all travelers in the Now, all learning, all re-remembering and all growing together!) Big Big Hugs DAVE;

“Man is buffeted by conditions AS LONG AS he believes himself to be the creature of outside conditions. When he realizes that he is a creative power and that he may command the hidden soil and seed for his being out of which circumstances grow, he then becomes the rightful master of himself!” James Allen

“Tomorrow there will be a race of thinkers on earth ; men who know and understand the power of thought and use it constructively and gloriously. This world in the future is to be trod by holy men and wise. You of the present day who can grasp the glory of your possibilities will be among the leaders of a new dispensation on earth. You will know that the power of love is greater than the power of hate and that glory and achievement is meant for every soul. You will become great in power and majesty, helping to redeem a broken down world of fearful men who have groveled in blindness and despair. You will first learn to rule yourselves, then by the power of God you will be able to go forth in wisdom and love to counsel cities and nations and men. YOU WILL BE LIKE HIM, SONS OF GOD!” Anallee Skarin