Walk with us 1

Walk With Us

Walk with us 3There is no lack in this world! The Universe is full, weighed down with blessing. Every need has been met, we live is a place called ‘Plentitude,’ AND have obtained a great inheritance! The Universe continually responds to us, it conspires not around any need we may perceive is relevant but rather around His image and desires being revealed through us. The Wise Men respond to His image incarnate, the star moves over the Baby Jesus, the fish swims towards His desire with coins in it’s mouth, the Ravens fly to feed the prophet carrying with them bread and meat twice a day! Surely the Universe has an amazing way of showing love and revealing time and time again that we live in a world of PLENTY!

When we ask guys to consider partnering with us it’s never to meet a ‘Need!’ Rather it’s an appreciation that together Humanity is evolving and journeying and at times our desire to give and bless each other is very present. We have walked together with so many over so many years, taken teams all over the world, hosted the craziest parties the UK has seen for a long time! Over that period we have joined hearts with so many, many have travelled with us and loved with us, together we have moved and are moving deeper into Life! Often guys just want to show their appreciation for us and the journey we are on by supporting us financially. This is a natural response. The nature of mankind is one of gratitude and thankfulness, the heart of man is to support and show encouragement to its friends. As we move in generosity and release what we can the laws of attraction which govern the entire Cosmos begin to move in our favor. As we move from fear based obligation giving and flow  out of new mindsets based and rooted in love with a inner knowing of ‘No Lack’ shift happens!

walk with us 2We unashamedly allow guys opportunity to partner with us just as we partner together with many others! Our hearts burn with a desire to see the transformation manifest, to party with the poor and Live with the Broken, Together we will see Humanity flow in Love! Please feel free Today to stand with us Financially, We love you endlessly,

Big Big Hugs, Dave and Donna xx