Loving Mankind 3

Loving Mankind

Loving Mankind 1Humanity is amazing! Theres nothing we love more than just ‘Being’ with His creation, especially the ‘Poorest of the Poor!’ His love in us and as us has caused us to travel and to party extensively over the past 20 years with the sweetest guys on the planet. We have had the unique and sweet privilege of visiting many nations on almost every continent as His passion for mankind constrains us to go! He amazed us when He supernaturally opened a way for us to connect with the nation of the Philippines. Our hearts yearned to engage and grow with the poor, to walk with at least a few and to share hearts with those He loves the most. He made a way! We now have a great relationship with great people in the nation of the Philippines and have taken several ‘Love Teams’ into Asia where we have partied hard with the poorest on the planet. It has been an absolute joy for us to grow together with those society sees little value in, this hasn’t in any way been a burden for us but rather a gift, a door of opportunity to change and to evolve. We have learned much and continue to do so!

At this time of writing we have already seen through the faithful giving of many friends and partners our first Children’s home established in the Philippines, we stand amazed at how this has come about, He knows how to put the desolate in families! Our first home is built and is FULL! We have an amazing couple who parent the home filled with Children who have all come out of horrendous situations. Already we are seeing transformation, not just in the lives of the rescued children but also in the community based around our Kids home as guys get a feel for the heart of God manifesting there! We stand amazed!

Loving Mankind 2In the coming days we want to do so much more, not just in Manila but further afield. We always have opportunities, and always know His heart is to pour out! We have already taken over 100 guys into both the Philippines and India over the past 3 years where we have partied with the poor and the Lepers on the Garbage Dumps, Slums and Leper Colonies! It has been a joy not just for us but for all involved, man what could be better than setting up an entire carnival on a garbage dump and feeding and serving 5000 hungry mouths? We did this and it was amazing for all involved, life changing and life defining! We will be taking more teams in the coming days, it all gets pretty addictive and something of an obsession! Please track with us as we journey this thing out, You also will have opportunity to join us and to walk with the sweetest on the planet!

As I’ve already shared we’ve seen so much as guys have partnered with us financially on these ventures of Life! Please partner with us Today as we continue to not only care for those we already know but also for those we will have the joy to meet as well in the coming years! Together we can see transformation manifest!!

Big Hugs Dave and Donna x