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About Us

Daves Bio 3Dave Vaughan is a futurist fully rooted in the bliss of ‘Now!’ From a young age Dave grew in a deepening awareness of the Divine and in the reality of His eternal Identity. Dave’s ever evolving journey has been a remarkable one and has proved a joy and provocation for all who have had the privilege to observe it and to engage in it with him! As a ‘Sign and Wonder’ ever pushing the boundaries of religious dogmatism, always encouraging humanity to enjoy a life created for pleasure, Dave’s passion for normal life rooted and outworked via unconditional love has allowed him to connect with creation in an amazing way. Dave’s ability to engage with the moment mingled with an intense sense of celebration and deep joy always allows opportunity for heaven to manifest on earth in a crazy tangible way.

For Dave moving away from suffocating and unnecessary religious practices is essential if humanity is to fully enjoy life and move into becoming greater expressions of love into planet earth today. This essential key in Dave’s journey has allowed him to not only see value in but also to connect with mankind in a more deeper and meaningful way, allowing Dave Vaughan Bio 1mutual appreciation and honour of difference to become a blessing and springboard for growth rather than a hindrance carrying with it negative connotations. To embrace the ‘Unknown’ with all of it’s uncertainty and risk holds with it no fearful connotations to Dave, allowing questions to manifest which seemingly oppose ‘Truth’ has become a lifestyle and a catalyst for onward propulsion. Dave realizes the need to move beyond religion, away from Dogma and deeper into Life!

Previous moments of Dave’s life have been marked by the crazy Sloshfest parties he has pioneered and hosted all over the world! These wild parties took off with at times 600 guys from all over the globe present, enjoying heaven and each other in a crazy way! So crazy were these celebrations that soon the Media decided it wanted ‘In’ opening doors for national newspapers and crazy magazines and documentaries to cover the reveling! This made a way for Dave to engage in a 77 day stint on national television in the UK where he appeared and came Runner Up on the reality television program ‘Big Brother,’ where for an entire summer the UK was exposed to the outrageous joy and deep love which Dave manifests, 24 hours a day via live media! This changed everything for Dave and his family’!

Daves Bio 2Dave’s passion for Life both challenges and intoxicates and is intensely shared by his wife Donna, their 4 children and many who have grown to both know and love his heart and journey. Dave’s passion for humanity and love for the Poor is evident. Over the past 8 years Dave has taken ‘Love Teams’ all over the world joining with humanity, partying with the sweetest yet poorest on the planet and helping to set up Kids homes in the Philippines. Dave’s desire at this time is one of wanting to fully engage in Life whilst walking with as many as possible, as together we evolve in consciousness and move deeper into a reality which is ever present!