Hey Guys
I just wanted to take the time to wish you declare over you all an Ecstatic and Prosperous 2014! I believe this coming year will be the best yet. For may of us the past few years have been ones of Evolving, Revolving and De-Volving. So much has been challenged and re-challenged in our thinking, in some ways it has been a time of disruption and addressing of foundations we once would of died to defend, YET the ecstasy the ‘Truth’ has brought has been glorious! I’m super excited thinking of the fruit our liberation will cause to manifest, many have dreamed of this hour yet we are the ones who are seeing the greatest reformation and ‘Realisation’ Humanity will ever witness. This has been a time of ‘Moving Away,’ journeying on from mindsets, dogmas, theologies, teachers, teachings, things we considered necessary, crutches we saw as vital. In some ways it’s not been easy for many, misunderstandings are rife, grace at times minimal, friendships in tension to say the least yet how can you not see what has once been revealed? Many times over the past year I have felt Holy Ghost reminding me that the “Day will come where a mans enemies will be those of his own house.” Sad but true, often the most difficult of situations we will experience is when friends we love and have walked with decide to leave us to walk alone due to mis-understandings and shifts in thinking. The Great News still remains, Humanity is ONE and the day will come where all from the least to the greatest will Know and Understand, what an amazing Evolution Humanity is experiencing!!

I just want to encourage you guys, Great days are ahead! The fruit we are about to see manifest effortlessly as we engage in Life together will amaze us. Our liberation from religious Dogma ultimately will facilitate a liberation all around us. We create the world we live in, how can we release a world of freedom when our own world needed liberation? 2014 will mark a transition towards the most ‘Organic’ release of freedom Humanity has ever seen. He wants to connect us with His humanity in a much deeper way, as our minds stray from Conference to Community and from Lies to Life we are opening a door for unreasonable fruit to manifest. As our attention turns towards the Life created for us to live and as we grasp Life with both hands we will see glorious technicolor permeate through what once ‘Appeared’ drab and lifeless. Life won’t happen around us in 2014, no it will happen as us and through us! In the coming days the canvas that the artist will draw upon will be Life itself! So much of the activity and effort generated within the Church culture can very much become just a veneer of a reality waiting to be naturally expressed via Life. We try so hard to Produce, we strive to achieve, we give ourselves to ‘Connect’ and we live a life within a world created by ourselves and not by Him! Its a false world, a false reality, an attempt to generate an Eden when in reality Eden is all around us waiting to be engaged! I know that much of the ‘Mind Shift’ we are going through as a people has one destination, to liberate us to ‘See’ and to ‘Engage’ the reality of a pleasurable Life created for us to enjoy. In this engagement many of the desires of our heart will find expression.

You will continually hear the word ‘Organic’ in 2014. Organic ‘Something that developed naturally.’ Way too much of our Church experience has been very much ‘Unnatural,’ forced and out of sync with reality yet there’s so much glory on the natural, He created the natural and He works powerfully through natural connections and Real situations! I’ve felt for a while the need to pull away from much of what we have known in terms of ministry over the past 8 years, it’s been great and seemingly necessary for a time yet now some stuff is becoming ‘Unnatural,’ and hard to maintain. At a time where He’s urging me to engage more in Life, to expect deeper connections with Humanity, much of what I have known seems pointless! I feel myself being pulled towards simple situations with a willingness to give myself towards what once seemed pointless! I find myself being drawn into fresh conversations, engaging new friendships with guys not religious. Fresh Life is manifesting, effortlessly, organically, at the Gym, in the Coffee Shop, walking the dogs. Just yesterday I had a crazy phone call from a guy I haven’t spent time with for 25 years! This guy was my best friend for years, as a child to the age of 16 we were great and best friends till we left school at 16. Last night totally out of the blue I get a call from Him, totally unexpected. He was so excited and didn’t know who else to call after telling his friends his story and being greeted with blank stares! He tells me over the phone that for years he has prayed to the God, not thinking himself religious but almost out of a desire and inner sense of duty. He said He never really believed but felt compelled to just pray a simple prayer each night. Then last night as he was sat on the Toilet (LOL love Gods sense of humour,) he went into an open vision and saw the Glorified Christ! He totally freaked out and knew no-one else he could talk to about this but me!!! SO basically, organically, naturally, shift happened! Now I have a whole new world I can engage and have a connection with humanity I can journey out with an old/new friend!

I’m expecting this to be the norm for guys in 2014 and onwards. Spontaneous Doors opening, lives engaged, natural connections appreciated where Life can flow, breakouts of the Glory way outside the 4 walls of the ‘Glory Conference!’ This can be the only sustained ‘Revival’ a life lived, a life enjoyed, a life embraced. I’m expecting to hear stories of friendships formed, of natural connections made, in the work place, in school, at the pub, in shops, and on the streets. I’m expecting to hear of natural outbreaks of the Glory, of spontaneous gatherings where no flyers are printed and where Facebook seems redundant! I’m looking to hear eventually of entire communities coming to Life in Christ, hopefully untouched by the hands of Pastors and Leaders long enough for total liberation. At a time where many are doing all they can to engage ministry I’m anticipating guys pulling away from ministry, giving themselves a fresh to vocations and vacations! Life!! Man we have so devalued, demeaned detached ourselves from a Life worth living! From 1995-1997 I saw something of this Organic Glory manifesting. For 18 months effortlessly, naturally He supernaturally arranged for a community of us to be together. Every day He gathered us, every day He met with us, every day for 18 months we enjoyed an ‘Organic’ breakout of His Glory. We were not part of a church (As a matter of fact joining a congregation promoted the death of what was taking place!) We just ‘Were,’ we just ‘Lived’ somehow it was enough, somehow in the mess of Life He gathered us up and we enjoyed Him and each other Organically! We saw the supernatural together, we tasted revival together, we ate together and crawled up the road hammered drunk together! Anything seemed possible, everything was possible, nothing seemed lifeless or drab, everything resonated with purpose and seemed Divine. For 18 months we encountered heaven on earth ‘Together!’ Seamless, Natural, Authentic Life! It was an amazing time, a time where we dreamed and experienced those dreams together. Nothing was an issue, Heaven was close, Eden very present, Life simple yet profound, stories too many to mention!

Man I’m so expecting and anticipating that in 2014 we will see this again! Many have asked why we will not be gathering so much next year, Why at a point where our last Sloshfest popped and the glory was so strong are we not riding out the wave? For me it’s not about what seems glorious or not glorious but about moving with and as the Cloud. I remember Martin Scott coming to Wales years back and talking about this sort of stuff. He used John the Baptist as an example. John was a fore-runner, one used to smash through, a man who made a way for another to enjoy the plaudits. The greatest in the Kingdom, yet a man who all he experienced was hands full of thorns as he clawed through the brambles making a easy path for another to be Glorified! It’s not about what seems Glorious or not Glorious but very much about going with the Focus of your heart. If we carry on focusing on Conferences and ‘Arranging’ gatherings we are in some ways blocking the opportunity for something very natural to manifest. If I know that in 3 weeks I will be gathering with guys in a building in Cwmbran for a day then why should I allow the desire in me to join with others find it’s place in a natural gathering on that day? Something is and has to change. We have to realise how unsustainable we have made things, we have to shift our focus, we have to engage Life SO we can see continual and effortless fruit!!

This is our portion in 2014 and on! Guys we will all be embraced by this reality, as doors open up to engage Humanity and as stuff breaks out please emails us, please encourage us! Another time Martin Scott spoke with us and said “Whenever God chooses to pull the church into new shape He does it via Babylon.” In other words history records that fresh breakouts of the Glory that REALLY cause change actually take place from without and not from within! The Jesus People movement headed up by Lonnie Frisbee is a prime example. Here we see a drugged up Hippie encountering God and causing such a stir that the church has to stand up, listen and change! Guys is it possible we could see such a breakout of the Glory right in the midst of Life that nothing remains the same again? Something so glorious that the Church refuses to touch, handle or distort it? A new breed of spirituality, a move of reality where Kids carry the leadership mantle? A reality so strong it makes the Rulers of this world tremble? Outside the camp, outside the walls, outside the box, never to return? x
Guys keep tracking with us. This has been one crazy year. Just since August we have seen the Glory breakout so strong in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Wales, England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand! We took our 3rd big team to Manila and for the first time saw our Kids home rammed with a new family! Next year’s gonna be a ball. We will occasionally gather as and when and will be doing some travelling but will also mainly be focusing on all I just shared. I will be attempting to write a new book (Depending on intoxication levels lol) ‘Tales from the Couch, Memoirs of a Drunk Monk!’ This thing will be crazy and packed with stories of supernatural fruit we have seen manifest because of the REST! I’m so excited, I’ve wanted for several years now to release this stuff, I’m thinking this may be the time!!

Can I also take this opportunity to than you all for your love, care and support! You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for sticking with us, for journeying with us and for believing in us. Thank you also to all who have stood with us financially, this has enabled us to travel, live and carry this Glory all over the world. We love you guys so much, Please remember to email us with your stories of Organic Life outside the Walls, we want to encourage as many as we can that there is life outside of Christendom!!! Big Big Hugs DAVE x