Not surprised that yet again a few feathers are ruffled as we continue to enjoy Life on Planet earth! When I look back over our Evolution the past 10 years I see such a reoccurring pattern of ‘movement’ resulting in offence and mis-understading! I’m not surprised guys are ‘Unsure’ about the direction we are taking, I’d be a little surprised if they weren’t! In 2005 Guys were ‘Unsure’ it was right for us too step out of full time secular employment and give ourselves to what we were seeing was about to break out all around us. In 2006 when we spent months hammered drunk in the Holy Ghost with very little understanding of what was taking place guys were very ‘Unsure’ of how this was beneficial and continually questioned where the resulting ‘Fruit’ was! In 2007 when we launched our first Sloshfest guys were very ‘Unsure’ whether this was ‘God,’ asking us not to go there as the result would be “The destruction of a very promising ministry,” begging us to not call it Sloshfest but instead ‘The party is here!’ My answer, “There’s already been a ‘Party is here’ and I question how much actual partying went on!

After 4 Sloshfests attracting thousands of guys and probably a hundred nations represented guys were so ‘Unsure’ as to whether the media option was good for us, begging me not to allow ‘The Sun’ newspaper to attend our fourth Sloshfest (The largest daily newspaper in the UK,) this also could of destroyed everything apparently and exposed us to the world in a way that was unprofitable! In 2010 when Big Brother came knocking asking me to go on the Reality TV program there was no faith anywhere that anything good could come from this venture, guys begged me not to even entertain the thought! So many were ‘Unsure’ this time around as to whether any good fruit could come from it! The same guys then were quick to call me up when I came out of the Big Brother House begging me to hang out with them as I was now a celebrity ZZZZZZ Lister!

Not long after that as we started to awaken to the Truth of the ‘Inclusion of Humanity’ in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. We knew nothing of Trinitarian theology, of Baxter Kruger or Francois Du Toit at the time, guys begged us not to start preaching that stuff, all I knew was I had looked into the face of a guy who was a homosexual male Escort employed by wealthy businessmen and I saw Jesus!!! So many were ‘Unsure’ and accused us of being Universalists, apparently preaching so much error! Funny seeing those same guys now preaching this same message with gusto! When we hosted our ‘Gloryfest’ in 2011 guys were so ‘Unsure’ as to whether it was a good idea to have the Lads Mag/Porn Mag ‘Loaded’ into our event, man why on earth would we want them to include a 4 page glorious whacked up article right in the middle of their latest edition hemmed in by pictures of naked ladies? We started preaching ‘Immortality’ in January 2012 as we recognised the wonder of our heavenly ‘Immortal DNA,’ that also raised a few eyebrows as this time ‘Unsure’ guys were more convinced in a defeated illusion called ‘Deaths’ ability to kill us all off rather than trusting in our original immortal designs ability to live and not die! The pattern goes on and on and on!

It’s stagnancy and a solid adherence to the Charismatic Status Quo that allows the waters to remain calm and peaceful, only problem with that is when you look around you realise your boat is still tied to the dock and you’ve yet to go anywhere! The easiest thing to do is not to upset the apple cart or in the Christ’s day turn over the tables in the temple! Avoidance always sees the better option, ignoring the obvious floors and unrealities around you sometimes seems easier than taking the time to ask a few pertinent questions! Moving forward sometimes means leaving the palatable behind and journeying into areas that are greyer than your Grannies Cranium! Unfortunately its getting progressively more difficult for us to ignore an awakening to reality which is illuminating massive cracks in not only our belief systems but the very frameworks of religious thinking we have all been conditioned to agree is Truth!

So many concerns so many guys so ‘Unsure’ over the years, so many wanting nothing to be unsettled or challenged, almost fearful that He isn’t big enough to allow freedom to manifest or to correct error! Now we are beginning to see the absolute connection between humanity and the Universe, we are honouring the Divine in everything as we recognise the hidden thread of reality which holds all things together and uses unseen laws to govern the planet. We are beginning to expand in our thinking, move away from dogmatic horrors and theological tensions as we simplify our Lives and see the Glory in so much more than Christendom. We’ve never felt happier, never felt so ‘Full’ and satisfied in our incarnation, man Life’s amazing and O so SIMPLE! Yet still so many are ‘Unsure,’ threatened that our ‘New Thoughts’ are actually ‘New Age,’ fearful we are moving even further away from ‘Grace!’ Are we surprised? Not at all, we see a pattern, we recognise how things have always been, we would be surprised if guys weren’t ‘Unsure,’ surely that would be an issue! Listen as we have said a stack of times ‘We may not all be on the same page but we are all on the same journey,’ humanity moves forward continually with or without our agreement! Change is constant, my suggest is buckle yourselves in as this whole thing is about to become one bumpy ‘Unsure’ ride of Bliss on planet earth! RANT OVER lol