Religion is as necessary or as unnecessary as individuals deem fit. These days I’m receiving several messages every day from total strangers who are keen to inform me of the spiritual journey they have embarked upon which is taking them away from structured religion and more into life. In one sense I’m shocked that guys are taking the time to write to me, yet at the same time I’m in no way surprised by the content of their messages. It’s been obvious to me over the past two years or so that something is shifting on the inside of mankind, many are beginning to awaken to reality and many are beginning to explore a spirituality beyond religion. Just a few years ago I would have thought that this concept was heretical, I mean how can you live a spiritual life without feeling the need to adopt and embrace at least some sort of religion or religious concept? Surely to be powerful we must belong to at least one strain of religious thinking? Mmmmm I heard someone say once; “We don’t have to ‘go along’ to ‘get along’!”

I can now see that in some ways our desire to walk in spiritual life and the supernatural led many of us to embrace concepts of religious thinking that are alien to reality! As my friend Andre Rabe would suggest; “God and concepts of God are not the same thing!” A valuable lesson to learn for us all. As people awaken I guess the illusion of religious concepts and the necessity to adopt a religious stance will effortlessly drop away. I’ve said it before, it seems that Jesus didn’t come to institute ‘another’ religious framework but to show the possibility that mankind can live a supernatural life ‘apart’ from religion. According to scripture; “The law was our school master to bring us to Christ,” so I can only assume that once we awaken to Christ consciousness there’s no longer any need to rest upon the crutch of a religious system and way of thinking? I mean why would we keep the placenta after the baby has been born? Once we realise that freedom is possible apart from religion why would we ever need to return?

Personally I’m thankful for the disconnect that I’m now feeling and the lack of ‘need’ to engage and to be part of any religious structure or movement! Apparently the whole fulfillment of the law can be boiled down to 2 things; ‘Love God, Love your neighbour.’ Simple! Simple enough for a child to understand without the need to attend the latest glossed up conference or to graduate from some theological college. Out of fear and insecurity those who are strongly ‘involved’ in the system and who gain their identity from their ‘services’ to God, who have a lot to lose by it’s demise, often question our evolution in thinking, yet one thing that I realise is that the fruit of my journey is causing me to feel more of a love connection with the Divine and more of a love and sense of oneness with humanity than ever before. I guess that this must appear as an impossibility for those who are passionately serving the system, I mean how can someone just walk away, walk in freedom, make informed decisions on their own apart from the conditioned thinking of the system and still prosper and have success?

My desire to be with and to engage with what is now becoming more apparent in terms of a ‘Global Community’ is stronger than ever before. I’m not saying that ‘gathering’ with other’s isn’t beneficial or necessary, what I am saying is that ‘gathering’ as part of a system and under a religious framework which governs our thinking in a certain way is no longer necessary for me. For me this ‘way’ of gathering now seems weird and dis-connected from ordinary, every day life! I know that guys will passionately defend their corner when it comes to the ‘need’ to gather and that they will somehow attempt to suggest that the ‘doors are open to all’ and that it’s an all inclusive environment, YET in reality most religious gatherings are attended by guys of like minds, are attended by the same ‘types’ of people, who find themselves in an atmosphere that they are comfortable with because of their ‘concepts of God’ which they presently adopt! In reality there is no room for difference, no room for diversity of thinking and the whole thing is massively disconnected from the Global Community camped all around us!

I’m not against gatherings lol, I hosted gatherings for 8 years, it was all a great part of my spiritual journey. Yet the last two years of hosting events I realised that something was changing in the people. Yes guys wanted to gather (sometimes in their hundreds,) and yes there was a sorta interest in the ‘activities’ being hosted, yet what became apparent was that the deepest desire manifesting amongst the congregants was a simple longing to ‘be together!’ Guys were loving the fellowship way more than the activities of the meeting! Life was found all over the hotels where we hosted the gatherings and was in no way restricted to the 3 hour long sessions. The hotel foyers, bars and rooms became spontaneous meeting places of life and conversation. It was glorious to watch and it was so apparent that something was shifting. I had countless guys say to me; “Dave we will come and support your events but hey for us it’s not about the events, the activities or who you host, we just want to be with people!” I could clearly see that something was changing and that in it all that I was also changing. I also realised that the peoples desires were changing! I mean there was a day where guys wanted to attend for attending sake! They were happy to come along, to sit as bumps on logs and just be there when the whole thing took place. It was now becoming obvious to me that many were now beginning to show little tolerance to long services, elongated preaching and hyped up altar calls! No, they just wanted to be with each other, to talk and to express difference and to share in life together.

I long to gather and to connect, as do all of the people who are messaging me saying that they can’t stomach the ‘way’ things have been done any longer. In one sense we could suggest that ‘living life’ and ‘being’ in the midst of humanity is enough and I totally get that. Yet I’m sure that there’s still a desire in people to just hang out with guys who they know on a local, national and maybe international basis without the trappings of the system. I actually know of people who fly all over the world to different conferences but who share with me that; “I’m not interested in the meetings I just want to see my friends!” So I guess what they’re saying is; “I’m not interested in the religious layout of things, I just use the gatherings as a way of meeting with my close friends!” Last Saturday a few of us ‘gathered’ for the day in Cardiff. It was a day of just being together, no system activities, no agenda’s presented, no desire other than to be with each other right in the midst of global community. It was life to me! And I’m sure not just to me but to all who came and to all who were accidentally touched as we hung out together. It was as organic and as spontaneous as anything I have encountered in christendom. The freedom to laugh, love and be right in the midst of life was incredible. No leader, no sermon, no structure, just life! Somehow in that atmosphere reality found a place to rest! Conversations were started and engaged in, not just amongst ourselves but also amongst those around us! There was space for difference, no agenda to proselytise what we presently don’t understand or agree with! It was beautiful and gave me great hope that there’s a place to gather right in the midst of life and community!

I’ll finish here. Just to let you guys know that pretty soon we will gather like this again and will open this up to more guys. I’m excited by it and at the same time nervous about it as I guess we haven’t been this way before! More to come! Once again a big thanks goes out to all of you who love Donna and I and who continually share your love and support! You’re amazing! By the way reviews of my new book have been amazing, with one guy from Germany suggesting that in 50 years it will be seen as a book which will help the exit from organised religion lol! I don’t know about that but I do believe that in 50 years a great deal of humanity will wonder why we ever saw organised religion necessary for spiritual progression. I’ve actually just got off the phone from a national newspaper who are wanting to run an article about the book, which is cool! Many are getting extremely hit as they read this book, I believe that it’s way more of an encounter than a read! Please get a copy today and a copy for a friend or loved one! ‘Tales from the Couch’ is available on Kindle, Ebay and Amazon in the UK and worldwide via my site

Big Big Hugs DAVE