This is Andrew VaughanThis is Andrew, Andrew ‘Vaughan!’ Just a few months ago Andrew was sleeping on a cardboard box on the streets of Manila, was malnourished and totally destitute. Andrew had no family, no hope and was living out a Hellish and isolated experience each and every day. This was Andrews daily reality, an experience lived out by Andrew and hundreds of thousands of other street kids each day throughout the Philippines. No food, No hope and certainly no way for anyone to exist! Fortunately Andrew was picked up by the Philippino system and allowed to come live at our Kids home in the area, a home which partners and friends of our ministry have funded, built and each month maintain. We were told that it took a while for Andrew to stop sleeping on his box when he arrived at ‘His Place’ (The name we gave our Kids Home,) even though there was a new bed for him to use, but now he’s happy that he’s off his box and living life within a normal family environment. It was just two weeks ago that we were told that Andrew had moved into our home AND asked if we would allow Andrew to be given our surname, ‘VAUGHAN!’ Guys can you imagine the joy that hit Donna and I when we were asked if Andrew could have our ‘Family Name’ as he didn’t have one!! Man the bliss of feeling included in such a way was unimaginable and truly humbling, YET we know that is a manifestation of His desire to not just feed and cloth the Orphan but to put them in families!

I remember visiting India with John Crowder in 2007, Man it was a drunk and crazy trip! John had just established his first kids home in Mumbai and had about 15 street children living in a new home in the area. One day we went to visit them and I remember the children lining up in front of us. All were shy, all overwhelmed, all wearing their new clothes which replaced their tatty street rags. As I stood and looked , I suddenly started getting overwhelmed with the Glory of God as I saw how these kids had been taken from the dirt and sat amongst Princes! All of a sudden I heard the Lord speaking with me saying “Son, I will dignify the nations and place the desolate in families!” It was all too much for me, I just stood there and wept for about an hour as I realized His passion, His desire and His commitment to the poor and desolate! He had not forgotten them, as a matter of fact He was in them and with them! “As much as you do it to the least of these my brethren you do it unto Me!” (When the Apostle Paul visited the Apostles of the day to make sure that his theology was running true he commented that the ‘One Thing’ he was asked to ‘Remember’ was the ‘Poor!’ The very thing that Paul said that he was ‘Keen to do!’)

That India trip revealed something deep within me of His heart for the poor, the widow and the orphan. As a humanity and as a ministry it is not with a sense of obligation or responsibility that we love the poor. It is not our duty, it is not some religious activity that we are commanded to involve ourselves in as if we they are the ones who majorly benefit from our input and we are the ones who get a pat on the back and a sweet eternal reward one day. Hell no! To even have a door open to us to share hearts with the poorest of the poor is the sweetest privilege imaginable! To sit with, to share with and to learn from these glorious ones is the most overwhelming Joy a person could ever consider. I remember hearing Heidi Baker talk about this joy when we visited Toronto in 2000. The Joy that radiated from her as she talked about sitting in the dirt, with the poor in Africa. This wasn’t a burdensome thing, no way, this was her Eternal Joy!!! Then hearing my friend Benjamin Dunn talk with me back in 2008, urging me, ecstatically communicating with me that the sweetest joy ever was to go on the Dumps and party with the Poor! Man this thing cannot be taught, it must be caught, it doesn’t make sense to the natural mind, it’s a joy experienced by heavenly communication not by earthly words!

To realize that He has opened a way for us to be with his ‘Friends,’ to fellowship with His family is unreal. I remember the first time we went with a team of guys onto the Wawa Garbage Dump in Manila Philippines, a place where instantly you are hit by sights, sounds and ‘smells’ lol which etch themselves onto your spirit in a way that no conference sermon ever could. As we sat there on the dirt I totally tranced out for a while, not alone but with several others who were with me. As we sat together with Him and enjoyed an incredible Bliss together I remember hearing Him say to me; “These are the desert places which will bloom, these are the dry places which will become like Eden!” I realized that He had not forgotten them, that actually He had dignified them and that we were about to see it manifest before our very eyes! We have now taken several teams, not just into Manila but also into India where we visited the Dumps and Leper colonies of that nation! We once had the sweetest privilege of facilitating along with our partners, a ‘Carnival Feast’ right on the Garbage Dump in Manila! Can you imagine how crazy that looked? Can you imagine what it was like for the ones living in that environment, scrabbling around each day for plastic to recycle so you can buy a bowl of rice to survive, THEN one day a bunch of guys roll in and set up an entire carnival right in front of your eyes? Man that’s crazy! That day we gave haircuts to the guys, manicures to the ladies, played games with the kids and we fed over 5,000 people a hog roast right on the Garbage Dump! Man what a joy we had watching the nations getting dignified yet again AND IT WAS ALL HIS FAULT!!

Many of you guys may not be aware of our journey and heart for the Poor, hence the reason for this blog. Many of you guys have attended our gatherings over the years, havBlog 1e enjoyed our posts on Facebook and our Blog writings, yet you may not be aware of our work in other nations with the poor. Since 2000 we have been visiting the nations (way too many to remember but our favourite ones are the sketchy ones!) We have found ourselves in all sorts of crazy situations, once or twice life threatening lol! Yet our greatest compulsion in going is always to be with the poor! We then realized a few years back that somehow He wanted to connect us with the poor in a deeper way, something was stirring in our hearts and we knew He just wanted to make a way for us to put down roots in a new and committed way. In 2011 we connected for the first time with our now best friends Amy and Chad Davis of Life child International. We love these guys so much. They had been visiting the Philippines for several years and their charity had bought land in that area. We were totally unaware of this fact UNTIL they offered to give us a parcel of the blog 3land in the nation to build our first kids home! Man we were/are overwhelmed! It took some time and a considerable amount of money but we are overwhelmed to now have our first children’s home built, functional and full of kids just like Andrew Vaughan now living in a family, going to school and living a normal Kids life! We have also built this Crazy Hut next to our Home which is an office and doubles up as a crash pad for Mama Isabelle who works tirelessly in the area and is our main contact in the nation, (Mama can’t keep herself away from our kids and sometimes sleeps in the hut. Whenever she does, Andrew always asks iBlog 4f he can sleep in there too!) Our home is now full! Seven desolate children have been placed in a family! We know that this is just the beginning, in no way do we congratulate ourselves or feel that we have accomplished anything, IT’S ALL HIS FAULT and we have been graced to be involved!

Guys every 4 months we send about $1500 to cover all the costs for this home, gifts for the workers involved AND to pay a full time wage for two teachers who work at a school set up right on the Garbage Dump ensuring that the children living there get at least a chance of getting an education and being successful! Recently I released a blog (Appreciation Generation,) based around how; ‘Appreciation’ would be the drive to ‘Give,’ as we evolve from religious frameworks in our thinking and connect deeper as Family! We have so many people message us each day thanking us for whatever it is they assume we facilitate. We are thanked each day for being willing to take a stand for what right now seems controversial but will soon be considered normal! So many ‘Appreciate,’ who we are and what we stand for. We are so thankful! With this in mind I absolutely feel the freedom to allow you guys to stand with us at this time as we look to maintain and expand our work in the Philippines AND further afield! Guys I know that together we will see the desolate placed in families and what was once a dream is now becoming a reality all around us! Will you please show your appreciation towards us at this time by NOT giving to Donna and I but by partnering with our work with the Poor? This venture is and has been one long bliss mission for us and we would love for you guys to jump on board!
You can partner with us from as little as £10 every month, every gift helps! You can also give a ‘One Time Donation,’ we have received one time gifts for the poor ranging from 50p to £4000!!! Whatever gift or partnership we receive made out as ‘His Place Gift’ will go directly towards our work together with the poor! To give via Paypal please do so by using our Paypal email; (THENEWECSTATICS@YAHOO.COM)

You can also visit our website and donate online at; WWW.THENEWECSTATICS.CO.UK

If you would rather submit a direct bank transfer or set up a standing order our UK bank details are;

Bank – Nat West
Account Name – The New Ecstatics
Account Sort Code – 537037
Account Number – 77644688

Please get involved, remember to mark your Gifts as ‘His Place Gift’ and I can ensure that every penny given will go towards our work in the nations!! Thank You so much! Also BIG BIG thanks to all those who partner with Donna and I each month and have for the last 9 years! You guys are amazing and we appreciate your love, support and generosity more than you realize xx. I know that many of you will want to travel with us in the coming daze and YES we would love to take you with us! At the moment I’m writing and wanting to get my book out over the next 6 months, BUT I’m also already planning trips to the Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania and South Africa for next year to just hang outBlog 5 with great guys! Keep your ears open for details of these crazy ventures!

Big Big Hugs, Dave and Donna xx