“If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world.” Echardt Tolle

I’m excited, sorta overwhelmed. I have a new realization surfacing which gives me great hope. I’m convinced that change is here and is here to stay. My realization is this, that a new day of honesty and vulnerability has hit where openness will reign and friendships deepen. This is a moment in time where space to think differently will be offered and judgement pushed to one side, as together we feel free to express and explore our hearts. I sense we are now past the need to address the negative aspects of religion with a hope that we can go beyond fundamentalism. I feel we are in a time of great opportunity and flexibility to begin to share openly the deepest knowings of our being. To talk new ideas and create new realms, to expect and to grow outside of religious framework or structure. A freedom to express, to engage, to communicate with Hope, to share new thoughts maybe even wrong thoughts! I recognize we have moved into a great new chapter of the ‘Unchaining of the Mind,’ of a release to think outside the box and to go beyond religious dogma. Great Daze!!!

I had the great privilege of hooking up with a new friend this past week. We managed to spend two days together just chilling and enjoying life with each other, (We ended up in a Gay Bar in Liverpool hammered drunk on the Holy Ghost giggling like crazy school kids lol!) We chatted ‘Stuff’ for hours! It was incredible. The freedom to be vulnerable, open and honest together without feeling the need to water down or dilute the ecstatic and maybe erratic thoughts we were entertaining was invaluable. To be able to bounce back and forth ‘Suggestions,’ to be free to share deepest ‘Ideas,’ without feeling pressurized to qualify every sentence uttered was incredible! To feel appreciated and honored in the midst of moments of only being able to offer nothing more than a handful of honest questions was unreal. Just to be ‘Heard’ and understood meant so much. Somewhere in the midst of it all I realized that this depth of Honesty was producing and making room for an unbelievable amount of Life to manifest! My heart also appreciated that this was the very essence and depth of relationship that it had known was not only possible but also vital. The true foundation for anything real. That this was the answer to ‘That they may be One’ even as ‘We are One’ and that they may enjoy that ‘Oneness’ a Oneness which had always existed! A Oneness not based upon agreement but maybe at times in spite of agreement! A Oneness that honors equality above theological brilliance and recognizes strength even in dis-agreement! How often have we based the quality of our fellowship solely upon our ability to agree theologically? This was different and a sign of a new day!

I’ve known for a while that there was a ‘Questioning’ manifesting in my heart which I wasn’t in control of! It’s not that I’ve sat around with an A4 sheet of paper reasoning over all of the concepts that I once believed! I’m talking about an organic emerging from within, a breaking through of Truth from deep inside. Evolving thoughts, new thoughts on the Incarnation, The Cross, Grace, Divinity and Sacrifice have spontaneously gripped my heart. It’s not as if I’ve chosen to change my mind on certain aspects of theology at all. It’s more like my mind, my actual reality, my inner man has decided to change my perceptions of me, for me! I’ve also known that I haven’t been the one governing the asking of questions, that it’s been a deeper reality, a deeper ‘Knowing,’ an original ‘Knowing’ which has started to correct from within me error in my thinking! Carlton Pearson this week wrote some thoughts that so summed up where I’m at and where I guess I will be for a long time. It’s not that ‘I’m changing the way that I’m thinking,’ but rather that ‘My true thinking is changing me!’ I’m actually coming into alignment with who I really am as my thinking reveals to me the deep Truths which at this time I may not understand! Here’s what Carlton wrote;

“Have you changed your thinking, or has your thinking changed or is it changing you? I didn’t change my mind, my mind changed me. I didn’t change my thinking, my thinking changed me and changed what I thought about what I thought about, what I thought. That affected some of what I believed and why I believed it, or stopped believing it. My changed thinking wasn’t expected, deliberate, intended or intentional. It evolved naturally or through and as part of my curious and seeking human nature. After that, I accepted and nurtured my expanded thinking and continue to.”

Man I love Carlton! We can resist change as much as we want, Yet ‘Change’ will remain the one constant in our lives. Our lives are coming into alignment via an inner revealing and not an inner healing lol. We are not just questioning answers but now also beginning to question the questions in our lives! Humanities’ evolution is gaining momentum, our expansion is causing an appreciation of just how irrelevant our religious practices actually are. We have to begin to understand that whatever revelation we have gained up to this point was actually steps on a journey of even greater discovery. We are awakening to reality, growing in the knowledge of who we truly are. It’s a journey, not of becoming perfect but realizing we are, not of obtaining holiness but recognizing our holiness! We are ‘Re-remembering’ and there’s a lot to remember! Re-Considering the Rock from where we were hewn, looking again at the Quarry from where we were cut! To go forward is to go back, to ‘Look Again’ to re-consider and recover what we have always known to be true. To know even as we are known! Whether we like it or not even what we consider to be the greatest streams of ‘Truth’ manifesting at this time will all have to evolve. Once we convince ourselves that we have arrived at absolute Truth in terms of theology is a great indication that we know Diddly Squat!

Yet we do have an anointing from the Holy One and ‘Know all things!’ We were and are born from above, the reality we have emerged from is Divine, we are made up of a substance ‘Who is’ Omniscient! This font of unlimited ‘Knowing’ is our inner reality, this is the Truth of who we are and this is the stirring which is beginning to challenge the conditioned thinking we have inherited! My 14 year old son is realizing this ‘Inner Knowing’ that goes deeper than conditioned thinking in his School situation. It’s not that he’s wanting to be a problem at all, he’s a sweet boy and very shy in some respects, it’s just that he knows what does and doesn’t resonate with who he truly is! When teachers attempt to inform him on the reality of ‘Original Sin’ or talk about how ‘Imperfect’ humanity is then he just has to respond with loaded questions! Often we won’t have the answers immediately, yet the fact that certain thoughts no longer sit well with us, and that teachings no longer resonate as they once did, reveals indications of an inner awakening taking place and show us that really, deep down, we are fully aware of the Truth!

This awakening may be alarming at first especially when something is being taught and hundreds are screaming ‘YES,’ yet deep down in you inner man you say; ‘I don’t really believe that anymore!’ This is where we have to go deeper in relationship with each other, to be willing to drop for a moment the offense and allow our hearts to go together on a journey into the unknown/known! I’ve known times where the Glory on relationships was so strong that anything seemed possible. I’ve seen community organically evolve to a point where together about a dozen of us grew exponentially out of a heavy religious framework and into a place of outrageous freedom. Every day we would spend hours together musing, thinking, asking and exploring what to us at the time was ‘New Thought.’ The connection was very real and very powerful, the resulting freedom uncontainable! Together we went on a journey, together we became hard to offend as we shared hearts with each other! Honest people embarking on an honest journey into the unknown!
These ‘Honest’ relationships will become hives of incubation and transformation. To be able to open up and be candid, to be vulnerable with where we are at will be the place that allows New Expressions of freedom and grace to flow! This forum of ‘Openness’ has been frowned upon by the church, a church which out of fear has aimed to control anything it doesn’t fully understand or endorse! Rather than encourage thinking and empower individuals to express inner desires the church has ‘Re-enforced’ religious thinking and continued in archaic ways of doing things! Going forward , leaders must be marked not just by their ability to tell us what to think , but by their ability to allow us and give us space TO think! The strength of friendships will be marked not by absolute theological agreement but by an understanding that ‘We are One!’ There has to be a deeper place of reality and vulnerability that manifests SO that together we can explore whatever it is that we are beginning to freshly consider. This is exactly what our hearts yearn for! I’m excited that the day has arrived where groups can gather not to ‘Hear’ the latest hot topic but to actually share hearts, learn together and grow together. I’m thankful that I’m beginning to grow in deeper relationships with guys, where together we can be ourselves and share new thoughts without fear of dis-connection and alienation. Surely this is ok and acceptable in 2014?

Guys please share with me your thoughts, I love you all!

Big Big Hugs DAVE