You cannot evolve unless you are willing to change, you will never better yourself if you always cling to what was.  Read this the other day and liked it! Our evolution as a humanity is here to stay. Many are waking up and moving beyond the stifling walls of religious dogma and out into the great wide world of awe and wonder! It’s not that we are becoming something which we ‘Are not,’ nor does it imply that there is something wrong with ‘Us,’ yet what it does suggest is that maybe in our awakening to Truth and reality we are beginning to move beyond restrictive mindsets (Many placed upon us by religious orders we have been happy to embrace,) and deeper into an Identity and Image by which we are truly Known and free to explore!

Our liberation is a glorious thing, our freedom to think outside of the box allows us to go beyond restrictive doctrines and dogmas and gives us space to ‘Be’ and to enjoy the Life created for our pleasure. Religion makes so many demands. The very nature of religious orders, their very make up requires a yielding of Free Thought and a giving over of an ability to dream, create and follow deep desires to wander further and to get lost in a reality of wonder all around us. Often the ‘Narrow Paths’ of doctrine we are commanded to follow are really nothing more than dead ends of doom, void of life, originally birthed through ‘Narrow Minds’ scared of change and transformation. Fear so often rules and fear always demands! So often when freedom is experienced we are so quick to draw another hard line, another denomination springs up, it’s always the way! Freedom so challenges humanity!

I think it was about 4 years ago when I heard the phrase ‘Evolution will produce revolution.’ That same year the new Planet of the Apes film was released and the trailers for the film all carried the logo ‘When evolution becomes revolution!’ I saw that 2010/2011 would be a time where many would leave those years scratching their heads saying “I really don’t know what I believe anymore?” New thoughts on the Eternal matters of Hell and the inclusion of humanity not just individuals at the cross seemed radically offensive yet too good to not be true or to be ignored! Shift happens and for many of us the last 4 years or so have been times of moving on and moving out! YET I must confess I have never known a time like Today of questioning so many answers! It’s not that I’m choosing to walk away from anything, it’s not that I’m trying to disrupt my thought patterns or that I’m not satisfied with Life so I’m ‘Trying new things out!’ Far from it!!! I don’t think theres ever been a time where I have felt so blessed, so satisfied, so divinely complacent or in such a place of deep rest! I’m ecstatic about Life, about living in the Now, about the seemingly mundane and the ‘Unspiritual!’ I love Life, being with humanity, drinking coffee, working out, huffing my kids, walking the dogs with my wife, connecting with friends some who I haven’t seen for 25 years or more, re-engaging relationships sacrificed on the alter of crazed religious fervour! Man continual ecstatic Bliss is my portion! So why the questions?

I can honestly say It’s not me who’s doing the asking, not me who’s wanting to unsettle ANYTHING! I have no answers to the spiritual dilemma I find myself in lol, BUT I do sorta have a thought on ‘Why the Questions?’ As my initial quote suggest Evolution is here to stay, change is our portion, reality our destination, a destination all around us! Resisting change is to resist the outworking of Divine purpose on the inside of us, resisting change is to limit humanity from moving further into a manifestation of Divine Oneness and of Ultimately experiencing Eden all around us! Guys have asked us “Why no more Conferences, why no more formalised meetings?” I can now answer by simply saying “Because we are CHANGING and as we change everything around us changes.” We are not where we were, we are not ‘Who we were,’ we are waking up to reality, moving into Identity, evolving and revolving. Shift happens IN us and as it happens IN us it happens all around us! We create the worlds we live in!

I remember watching our great friend Ben Dunn minister at our ‘Gloryfest’ in 2011. Over 500 gathered and watched as Ben shared. Man what he shared was glorious BUT what was even more Glorious was the ‘he’ that he shared with us! I saw a man in rest, a man who had moved on, a man free from the burdens of religious responsibility, a man at peace with himself and the world around him! Man I was rocked, Ben had changed and somehow I was being impacted by a transformation, an evolution outside of my control! Seeing Ben manifesting this new reality was not only personally provoking but a major indication that change was here and that change was knocking the door of my heart in love! The result of Bens transformation has moved him on, he’s not where he was! Many would want the ‘Old Ben’ back, the teacher, the worship leader, the informer! BUT once you change everything around you changes, a pregnant woman suddenly has a change of diet and focus! Bens now moved into some great stuff, new opportunities, new friendships, no going back, no need too! I love that stuff! Great days ahead for Ben and Steph, let’s not invite them ‘Back!’ lol

As this evolution breaks out change will be inevitable. In our own lives we are seeing great shifts. I see this year in some respects as a years of ‘Dissolution,’ of stuff melting away. This has to be the case and is not something to be feared but embraced. If we are shifting in our thinking this will effortlessly ‘Cause’ everything around us to change! Change isn’t a catalyst, its not something we work at, no change is an effortless shift, an outworking of an inward transformation! There are so many relationships we have all forfeited over the years, so many eternal effortless friendships seemingly lost. Religion, Dogma builds walls, ‘Pharisee’ meaning ‘Sectarian’ or ‘Separatist’ a Pharisee mentality fuelled by religious zeal that blocks, builds walls of division and breaks up Divine family! As these mindsets fall, these walls dissolve we are seeing relationships made 25 years ago RESTORED, Life is flowing again, hearts are beating together as they were always intended to beat! Life seems so much brighter, wonder and awe continually present, a sense of ‘Everything is Ok’ is not too far away throughout the day!!! Man lets bottle this stuff up!! lol

So Much I want to say on all this and I will again but let me just encourage you in your evolution today, as you embrace change, as the walls fall this year, you will see the most precious fruit revealed, guys you haven’t talked with for years will suddenly re-appear, friends will reconnect, Oneness will flow again where there has been damming walls of Dogma! I see ‘Oneness,’ Oneness with humanity, Oneness with the Divine, Oneness with creation! Yep even the animals will respond, as we awaken so will creation all around us lol. Morning thoughts x (Would right a lot more and will but coffee with a great friend seems more appealing! lol)

Love you guys endlessly, please email us your thoughts, great days ahead DAVE