The fact that we have an inherent ‘Knowing’ that we are a supernatural people is an amazing thing. Without trying we realise that in some mystical way we can not only walk in the supernatural but that we ‘Are’ a supernatural people. Our very nature is Supernatural, we are of a ‘Divine DNA’ an incorruptible seed, immortal in every way. The revelation of our ‘True Selves’ the unveiling of the ‘Mystical You’ will always highlight the reality that without even attempting or trying to be supernatural we just Are! This inward knowing is easily recognised in our children as we see them playing games together based around the ideas of flying or easily accomplishing supernatural acts, even at a young age they just ‘Know’ they are way more than they are manifesting.

I’ve always loved reading bios of guys who have effortlessly tapped into the glory of their divinity in some way and have defied the bounds of what others have deemed ‘Impossible.’ Guys like William Branham and Mariah Woodworth Etter who defied logic as they walked in crazy realms of who they truly are. Visitations of the angelic, trances, miracles, translations in the spirit, food multiplication and other crazy stuff seemed like a natural life for these and many others like them. I’ve spent countless hours reading the lives of some of the Celtic Saints, guys like Kieran and Columba, Brigid and Patrick, man these guys walked in some stuff! Columba was probably my favourite, the guy would have conferences with teams of angels which were seen and recorded by others, would glow like a light bulb and was told by the Lord the time and day of his transition which his horse was aware of and wept on Columba’s breast! This guy so inspired me that I journeyed all the way to Iona to hang out on the Island he is said to of lived much of his life and where for a time he was buried! I also loved reading of the old Church Mystics, guys like Teresa of Avila and Joseph of Cupertino. Man these guys not only accomplished crazy supernatural stuff but also seemed to have such a revelation of the Cross that they also manifested the marks of the Cross (Stigmata) on their physical bodies! Crazy crazy stuff!!

This belief in the supernatural and inward knowing of who we are has also awakened us to a life of the supernatural over the past 20 years, (Well really all of my life I have been aware at some level of this reality.) We have seen all sorts of crazy supernatural stuff, for us the supernatural is more than a list of accomplishments but more a lifestyle of Bliss which always explodes into crazy stuff which somehow seems normal! We always see creation respond as we show up, snowstorms, rainstorms, earthquakes, lightenings, thunderings, tornados, have seen it rain on aeroplanes, snow in my car, have been translated ‘Physically,’ translated many times in the spirit, seen many healings including blind eyes opening and many cripples walking, have seen gold and diamond manifest in our home and meetings, angels appearing, ‘People’ appearing out of thin air LOL (Nuts I know,) our dogs have changed colour supernaturally, have seen stuff created out of nothing several times and that’s just a short list! (Please don’t be WAW’D by this aI’m just making a point LOL.)

As I said we are a supernatural people and as one guy says ‘If we are as gods we may as well get good at it!’ I love all that stuff and I believe it is good to realise that this is not only the normal Human existence but to also encourage each other to push the boundaries with this stuff. I really anticipate we will see an entire generation walk effortlessly in this reality, after all this is the reality of who we truly are! In saying this I’m also pretty conscious that it is possible to manifest this reality whilst being totally messed up and in desperate need of a deep foundation laid of Truth and Grace. The children of Israel as a generation walked in way more of this reality that we possible ever could! Manna from heaven, water from a rock, clothes that never wore out, bodies that never wore out, Quail appearing out of nowhere, pillars of fire and cloud EVERYDAY, voices from heaven, guys getting swallowed up by the ground, spontaneous outbreaks of plague, whole seas parting and many other weird things!!! YET in all of their ‘Whack’ God seemed to have a major problem with them, seemingly they failed to enter a ‘Rest’ which apparently to Him and for them was pretty important. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that although the children of Israel ‘Saw some stuff’ that actually they were a messed up bunch who didn’t really believe Truth or walk in faith! I love how Francois Du Toit states it in the Mirror Translation ‘True spiritual faith is not the supernatural but is the Rest!’ This highlights to us that it is more than possible to see a whole bunch of stuff YET remain outside of the Bliss of Rest and outside of Gods best for You!

It always amazes me how when we travel we hear stories of guys who have visited before us and who have attempted to impress others with their stories of ‘Great Things!’ Often our Tours to other countries are ones of attempting to clean up the mess others have left behind and re-establishing the simple foundation of Grace and Bliss in the Rest! Many are easily ‘Be-Witched’ and need to hear again this simple all inclusive message of Union after guys roll through with their stories, strange testimonies and weird tales of walking on other planets and engaging mythical creatures. As I said I sorta see the draw on this stuff as we all have that inherent ‘Knowing’ that we are a supernatural people, YET it always bothers me when all that guys are left with is another bunch of half baked ‘Tools’ of how to ‘Engage’ the supernatural which pretty much always means ‘Re-Applying’ what Christ accomplished AND locking ourselves away from the world, Life and family which He gave us to enjoy! It’s sad man, and at times a little frustrating that guys who are ‘Getting’ this great Gospel still find it hard to distinguish the difference between the two obviously contrary messages. One message focuses on His accomplishments, the inherent reality of the supernatural manifesting effortlessly out of our Union with Him, the beauty of who we truly are and the Bliss of living a ‘Normal’ life in Eden as perfect Sons who lack nothing. The other message wows guys with stories of ‘Their’ accomplishments, encourages a life of striving to obtain, focuses on our need to do something to please God, so we can have and walk in something which is ours by ‘Effort’ and can be exclusive to the few who give themselves to obtain it! Sounds very much like the age old battle between law and grace to me? The difference between the Wilderness and the Promised Land? “If you Do what I Do, you can have what I’ve Got!” The language of the aw is ‘Do’ the language of Grace ‘Done!’

It’s sad that seemingly the Gospel can be dressed up to look like this. In reality it’s not the Gospel, its ‘Another Gospel’ in reality ‘No Gospel at all!’ It’s a message as I said which appeals to that Inherent knowing that we are supernatural, which draws guys in with stories of crazy stuff, which appeals to our inward desires and then leaves us with a bunch of Idols to worship, rules to obey and invisible hoops to jump through whilst burdened down with a whole stack of heavy religious responsibilities! Thank God Christ was my ‘Response’ to my lack of ‘Ability!’ Guys we have to realise whats taking place here and begin to appreciate that we have ‘Obtained an Inheritance!’ It’s ours NOW. There is no lack because we are ‘As He is in this World!’ ALSO we must awaken to the reality that the supernatural cannot be a gauge and rule to true spiritual reality. As I said the Children of Israel walked in Way more than us YET He was against them because they didn’t believe and enter the Rest! 1 Corinthians 13 just smacks this whole thing showing us the folly of thinking that our spiritual activity is at the high end of importance, “If I speak Gods word with power, revealing all the mysteries and making everything as plain as day and if I have faith to say to the mountain ‘Jump’ and it jumps but I don’t love I have nothing!’ Let’s face it guys there are communities out there who walk in so much of the supernatural yet don’t believe in Him, Witch Doctors who do all sorts of crazy stuff yet have never heard the Gospel! Our experience or (Imagination) cannot be the rule when it comes to Gospel Foundation and manifesting Truth! Jesus was the Son and was Divine even before He amped up a wedding at Cana! John the Baptist was apparently the ‘Greatest in the Kingdom’ YET performed no miracles??

The ‘Supernatural’ will never satisfy! I’ll say it again guys, ‘The supernatural will never satisfy!’ Every time we travel we have guys wanting us to reveal stories of great things we have seen. Sometimes out of relationship and to help we may share some stuff BUT it is always wrapped up in the glory of an effort free Gospel foundation and ONLY out of relationship! It’s the Gospel and the Gospel alone that satisfies! The reality of who we are soooooo transcends just seeing stuff manifest! The Gospel allows us to live such a full and free life that if we never ‘Saw’ a ‘Supernatural’ act it wouldn’t bother us in the slightest! We are satisfied with a drink of Truth which is the most supernatural and liberating reality there is! Man creation speaks continually of the supernatural, nature continually depicts His Glory, for me walking in the supernatural is nothing easier than walking the dogs with my wife to a local park and beholding the works of His hands!

Listen I believe we are about to see the greatest demonstrations of power planet earth will ever witness. I believe the supernatural is way more than an act it’s a Person who lives within us and that just being who we are is and will trigger supernatural activity. I’m in no way against the supernatural, how can I be against something that I am? Yet I do realise the evolution humanity is going through and I do consider the hearing of Truth and the relaying via the Gospel of the foundation of our lives as way more important and significant than floating a foot off the ground. History is scattered with stories of guys who ‘Saw’ so much yet whose lives failed to represent Him! Who witnessed power yet never were true witnesses of Him! Man that’s sad! Let’s evolve together in the Truth guys, let’s allow Him to encourage us how to effortlessly walk in who we are and together let’s see Eden manifest all around us, Big Hugs DAVE