“Instead of hating the people that you think are war makers, hate the appetites and disorder in your own soul, which are the causes of war. If you love peace then hate injustice, hate tyranny, hate greed – but hate these things in yourself not in another!” Thomas Merton

The dream realm is so amazing! Whether we believe dreams are ‘Gods’ super highway to communicate truth, or consider them an inner perception or awakening to reality, OR whether we consider these two options one and the same thing, I don’t think we should ever underestimate the power of the dream realm! At times dreams can have such a deep impact where afterwards you are profoundly aware that you have changed, or maybe you have woken up just that little bit more to live out of who you truly are! I love the fact that as we rest we can be awakened by love to understand mysteries and Truths often hidden or lost through the busyness of the day! As our bodies sleep our inner man can walk with an alertness which escapes him in the chaos of normal every day life. A window of opportunity is granted to soar, to understand, to gain a knowledge which shatters the false frameworks in our thinking. What a Joy! I’ve had all sorts of crazy dreams over the years, the whole Big Brother ordeal was partly due to a dream where it was communicated to me that the Glory of God would be seen through secular media. It got my attention enough for me to realize that something was about to happen! Again, a few years ago Donna and I entered into a 7 year boundary dispute not of our own making! It was an horrendous ordeal for us as a family, we needed help and often help came in the form of dreams. Often I would see situations and people before they would manifest and would have wisdom given in how to deal with the whole thing! After 7 years of junk we went to court, the case was over in 10 minutes and we recovered all including £12,000 costs we had paid out!! I suppose it would be a good thing to be attentive and thankful for the dream realm!

Last night I had a dream which I believe has changed how I will manifest ‘Me’ from now on. In the dream I was in India and I watched as each night as two gangs of men would brutally fight each other. In the dream the fighting would last all night long as the gangs would riot and attack each other. The situation got progressively worse each night, the gangs seemed to thrive on the violence and new members added themselves to the gangs each day as the week went on. By the end of the week the streets were filled with chaos, the gangs were just pummelling each other with clubs and sticks and the whole violent mess was out of control. As I watched I realized that in all the carnage NOTHING was getting resolved! As a matter of fact the situation was worsening each evening and the violence seemed to be birthing yet more violence! I knew I had to bring change, and I knew that change wouldn’t come from more fighting! Something just had to give! On the last night I felt something stirring inside me and I hurried out onto the street and just shouted; “Stop, this has to end, your violence is getting you nowhere!” Suddenly everyone stopped, the chaos receded and it was as if supernaturally guys realized their own stupidity. A crazy dream but one that shook me into a new manifestation of Me!!!

“Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that!” Martin L King

When I woke up I realized straight away that Violence was not the antidote to Violence! That darkness begets darkness, and that it was foolish to think that anything other than Love could ever prevail against hostilities! I sorta realized straight away just as Martin Luther King stated; “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that!” Whatever the issue was between these two gangs was unsure and I suppose irrelevant, what was certain though was that there model of dealing with difference and issues had failed! There was a deep anger and hatred manifesting, an ‘Inner’ issue which found release by violent exchange. I suppose at some level of consciousness, wherever we are at presently on our journey we have all made room for and justified violent exchange to a degree. For some reason it’s not difficult to resort to and look to conflict as a way of resolution on Planet Earth. Whether that justification of conflict looks like a politician signing a declaration of war all in the name  of ‘Warring against terrorism,’ or someone holding down the horn on their car for as long as they need to give vent because someone ‘Cut them up’ as they drove, conflict on whatever level is always an option for the Human on Planet Earth.

The life of Jesus Christ amazes me! The guy was only in incarnational form for 33 years, yet the life He lived and the example that He set was second to none! Two thousand years after His death billions are not only still impressed by Jesus Lifestyle but are hooked on the wisdom of His teachings! What a guy! As a ministry for years we preached that Jesus didn’t come as an ‘Example’ to us but that He came as a ‘Substitute,.’ That He didn’t come to show us ‘how’ to get the job done, after all we were ‘Unable,’ but that He did something ‘for’ us and ‘as’ us, that He did what we never could! A great angle on things, YET you cannot look at the life of Jesus on planet earth without being massively impressed with not just His teachings but also the EXAMPLE of His life! Jesus only lived 33 years amongst men, YET the principles and consciousness that he released and tapped into remains with us today!! For me it gives hope to humanity that we too can awaken to reality, that we too can ‘Grow in favor with God and Man,’ and fully manifest our Divine lives into this world!

Jesus manifested it all; wisdom, power, knowledge, joy, forgiveness, life, YET the one thing that we cannot say that he manifested was violent aggression towards those who violated Him or his peers. If you were asked to write down what you considered to be 20 remarkable attributes that Jesus carried, I can guarantee that ‘Countering violence with violence’ would not be amongst them! “Well Dave what about the time He went to the temple and made a whip and drove out the people?” Glad you mentioned that. Firstly it says nothing about Jesus whipping anyone, just that he drove out the money changers. Secondly, isn’t it ironic that Jesus ‘Zeal’ was aimed towards the religious order, (an order that HAD to change via an aggressive shift in thinking,) AND NOT towards the violent and oppressive Roman system that watched over and ruled Jerusalem in those days? As a matter of fact when you look at Jesus attitude towards ‘Cesar’ you see one of Him teaching the people to humbly comply with Cesar’s requirements and to not violently resist; “Render to Cesar the things that are Cesar’s and to God the things that are Gods!” Also at a point in time where we see Jesus with a great groundswell of support behind him, with guys wanting to take him by force and install Him as King we actually find Him rebuking their foolishness as if it was not a Kingdom dynamic! Right through the life of Jesus we see a staggering example set before us of Him humbly walking in the opposite spirit to the one causing the oppression! It was as if He thought the answer to breaking violence was love and that war would not create peace but would just reproduce more of the same;

“If someone want’s you to go with them one mile then go with them two. If someone want’s your cloak then given them your coat too. If someone slaps you on one cheek then offer them the other. Don’t just love your friends but also love your enemies. Be perfect AS your father in heaven is also perfect!” Matthew 5 v 39-48

This seemed to be the ‘Way’ that Jesus was manifesting, right in the midst of Roman rule and oppression. In the midst of a corrupt human system which apparently needed to fall Jesus chose the Way of love over war and hatred, and in no way reacted with violence against an oppressive and violent regime! “Serve them, love them, give to them what they truly deserve!” This was a different ‘WAY!’

I saw in my dream yet again that what we sow that will we also reap, that we are the ones who create the world around us, both inner peace or inner turmoil within us are building blocks we use to create! If a man is messed up on the inside, if his/her thoughts are full of anger and unrest then he will find it easy to react and then will openly attempt to justify his actions. Our old Prime Minister Tony Blair is still having to answer questions regarding yet another war we entered into half cocked, a war where many lives were sadly lost all in the name of freedom! The world is full of ‘Inner Angst.’ I’m thankful that we are waking up to reality but you only need to switch on the news and look into the eyes of humanity to see a lack of peace and a raging anger and hatred. War is nothing more than a manifestation of that hatred, often countered by more of the same. Violence produces violence and the cycle repeats with very few shouting; “Stop, this has to end, your violence is getting you nowhere!” The answer isn’t more violence but somehow a love revolution and an awakening to the reality of these Truths!

This is a massive subject and I don’t want to continue with more in this Blog post, all I know is something has happened in me. Yes if someone breaks into my home and attacks my family I will still beat the snot out of them! But something is changing, perceptions are changing, the lie is being exposed for what it is, inner turmoil is being exposed as we awaken to love and thankfully we are moving on! Violence is not the answer to counteract Violence! Love is. Jesus pioneered this Love, He embodied this Love. That same love is our reality. Change comes not by the many but by the few, one Gandhi, one Martin Luther King making a stand as Love against violence. It’s a start and causes waves of change! This simple message will BLOW UP this year, it will be massively promoted via the media that ‘Violence has to end, aggression has to end, it is not the way to peace!’ Children will make a stand, they will lead us, they just know play not war! Watch, as we awaken we will see just how foolish we have been with our justification of war, conflict and violence on whatever scale it has manifested! Whether it’s manifested within relationships, governments or nations, violence will be exposed as inner wrongness in our thinking! Peace is more than possible, peace is our reality!!

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend!” M L King

I hope you have many questions, questions are a great indication that our theological frameworks are shifting! Please leave us your thoughts, we are all in this great thing called Life together and all are as precious as each other! Big Hugs x