There is no lack in this world or the next. Plentitude is our reality, Eden our portion. We have all been bathed in a portion of material wealth greater than we could ever exhaust. The creation story whether literal or not depicts and paints a picture of an abundance beyond drinking dry. Rivers, gold, greenery, provision, plentitude, no lack at all. He provided for us, He created enough, He saw what He made and behold it was good! Adam staggered through Eden, a place of ‘Plenty,’ we have no idea the magnitude of surplus that he had to manage! Five Rivers full, rooted in a place where ‘The Gold Was,’ given every tree and herb bearing plant, animals responding to His Divinity, a hot wife, man He had it ALL! The earth is full, creation abundant and ready to respond, our desires are trigger points that cause us to become targets for manifest blessing. Our ‘Starting Point’ is one of wealth, riches, super abundance and fullness! We ‘Have’ an inheritance, we don’t work towards one! Every inheritance is free, they are a direct result of ‘Being’ who we are, freely they are given and freely received! We have an Inheritance! It came free and is abundant! He provided for us, He created more than enough!

The whole earth is FULL and works for us! The earth responds and supports ‘Our’ Image just as it responded and supported ‘His’ Image. In a stable thousands of years ago creation responded to the image of Divinity Who was unable to communicate with words a single thought! Laid in a manger with a balled up fist, not a tooth in His head, still pooping yellow creation moved all around Him. (Lotta Glory on the Baby Jesus!) What did that look like? A star moves over Him, Wise Men show up from the east, gold and gifts get dumped at His feet!! The abundance of the seas roll in just because He ‘Was’ and Kings came to the brightness of His rising! Mmmmm Dude He was yet to mutter a single word of command YET because of who He was the universe moved all around Him!! Throughout His Life He proved the reality of the earths abundance, “You need to pay your taxes? Hey go catch a fish and the tax money will be in the fishes mouth!” “Cast your net on the other side of the boat, That’ll work!!!” No wonder He cursed a stubborn fig tree who refused to yield! He realized that whatever He ‘Desired’ as He asked creation responded. Creation worked with Him, the Universe responded to Him, it delighted in honoring Him! Perfect Synergy, Perfect Ecology! He is the proof if needed that it’s possible to live outside of any religious or political frameworks and still prosper and attract the goodness of the Universe every day! The system offers much yet Jesus is proof that the Universe itself has more than enough for all men!

We have no idea just how keen creation is to work with us and respond to US! We are made in His image, Wow take that in, made in HIS image! According to His very likeness! As He is so are we! In the same way creation would have yielded to the Image of the first Adam, in the same way it yielded to the Last Adam SO it yields to US! The actual You resonates with a Divine frequency that attracts the attention of the planet. As we recognize our Divinity and come to terms with our greatness we vibrate with a resonance which draws in the substance of reality. Apparently ‘All of creation stands on tip toes waiting for the revealing of our sonship!’ Creation believes in us, creation responds to us, another voice/vibration it will not follow! We WILL become progressively more aware in the coming daze of just how full the earth is, AND just how keen creation is to grant us our every desire. As the poverty mentality dissolves, as we realize the greatness of our Image and the reality of our Kingship, as we move away from the ‘Unreality’ of religious mindsets regarding receiving, abundance will flow. There is NO LACK, the earth is full, whatever WE desire it releases! The same ravens that fed Elijah day and night if alive today lol would respond to us also!

(Now some personal stuff as I ramble some new thoughts I’m getting these daze!) This has become a new framework of reality for me recently. I no longer see lack. Everywhere I go I see fullness. It’s not just a perception, it’s a reality based out of Truth. My eyes have been opened in a crazy way to just how rich this earth is and how glorious my inheritance really is. As I engage this reality I’m beginning to see tokens of its fruit being attracted into my life. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so secure, satisfied or expectant of continual blessing and favor in my life. This in itself is opening new doors of anticipation and opportunity to explore and go beyond whatever my bank balance may say is possible! Next year I want to open a gym in my area. It will be a place of community and atmosphere. I want to call it ‘Universal Life.’ The focus will be the Oneness of Humanity. A portion of the proceeds each month will build kids homes in third world countries and on the walls of the gym will be pictures of the kids and their new surroundings. I’m believing that this will promote a ‘Together we are One and Together we can make a difference’ mentality, even if it’s just in that one gym! The more I realize I’m rich, the more I see the Universe as a balloon of blessing loaded down and exploding over my Life, the more wealth I’m seeing manifest and the more I’m seeing the possibility of stuff manifesting like the new gym. This is reality! Isaac realized this reality, in a time of famine he sowed, confident, knowing that there would be a yield, knowing the earth would bring a yield FOR HIM! Amazing. I’m realizing that this reality is not dependent upon circumstance, goes beyond my wage or whatever my bank balance declares to me and is a Universal Law for all! The liberation we can walk in knowing this Truth is beyond bliss. We are thankful!!!

Two years ago I was in South Africa at a gathering. Man I showed up hammered drunk on reality! I wasn’t able to share at the gathering where I was being hosted, wave after wave rolled through the room and yet again my efforts were shown not to be necessary! I was carried back to my room and laid on my bed only to find the manifest presence of the Divine waiting for me! It was a crazy time. As I laid there I started to get some thoughts regarding finance and provision, thoughts which sort of started a 30 month lesson which I only now feel I’m beginning to learn! The focus of the impressions I started getting were all based around finance, provision and Mammon. He started to show me how yet again the Church places so many hoops around us to jump through ‘In Order to Have’ or ‘To thrive!’ It really is unreal the amount of plastic, unhealthy and unreal practices we promote within the church and how we promote these very ‘Exercises’ to others as ‘Keys’ of prosperity and blessing! Yet again we take it upon ourselves, we load ourselves down with obligation and responsibility SO that we feel ok to receive! (It’s so much easier to receive if we feel we have worked and now are ‘owed’ a wage! LAW.) “If you give THEN will you receive,” Wait I thought we had already received an inheritance, that we were full, that we reign as Kings? “If you pay your Tithe you will prosper and have abundance but if you don’t you are under a curse!” Wait I thought we already had an abundance and He became a curse for us in order to set us free? According to your Gospel? He showed me how ‘Mammon’ is nothing more than a state we find ourselves in WHEN we attach finance to a system or process!

Sadly the world, the Church, is full of these unhealthy processes. Often we are conditioned to just go with these programs, we sign up and go with the flow not realizing just how unhealthy and unnecessary they actually are! Often these ‘Processes’ are nothing more than the Churches ‘ bid to manipulate, control and gain benefit. Rooted in a foundation of fear of lack, due to a framework of thinking YET to appreciate the magnitude of abundance all around us AND not seeing the Universes amped up desire to pour it’s bounty at our feet! Sadly the result is a continual dependency on the system, ministers are scared to say what they really think, they hold back for fear of doors closing, invites being pulled and partners jumping ship! So guys remain held back, we as a church fail to move forward in freedom and grow as we should, AND THE SYSTEM GOES ON AND ON AND ON! Man it’s wrong!!!! An example; Recently I saw a guy on Facebook asking for guys to partner with his ministry (maybe there’s nothing wrong with that BUT,) His ‘Need’ was a practical one for his family the way out was for a stack of guy to give to him a certain amount each month, hence solving the financial issue. The whole thing just sucked, lacked faith and yet again looked like the pyramid system of one guy being help up on a pinnacle whilst every other big hearted and maybe gullible congregants footed the bill! My question was this, where is the reality in this situation? How will you ever grow IF you are continually looking to the ‘System’ as the solution? Do we not have an inheritance and is there not a Universal Law in place that ‘Whatsoever things we desire, believe and you have?’ Once we have patched up this problem, this time, what about the next time you see a ‘Need?’ Crazy??? It’s ok Dude the Universe is Full and more than willing to dump off a load at your feet, RELAX!!!

The systems we have created will fall. Why? Well in reality they hold us back from walking in the absolute freedom we were created to function in! Jesus life proved that humanity can prosper, walk in abundance and thrive outside of any system. He understood Universal Laws, He realized His connection with humanity and the universe, He recognized there was no lack AND that Creation responded to His image! So how do I see giving, receiving these daze? I’ve been fortunate to hang around with some of the most generous guys who really have a revelation on some of this stuff, I’ve been blessed! Guys like Ben Dunn and John Crowder are just crazy lavish givers. YET their giving is never out of a ‘Have To’ in order to ‘Get’ mentality but very much a ‘Can Do’ because ‘I have’ mentality! I like that. Massive revelation here, ‘We Have’ SO we can give and give and give and give. Not out of obligation or religious responsibility but just because it’s fun and we are free from lack! Secondly we will begin to understand more and more the reality of the Oneness of humanity. This in return will cause an ‘Appreciation’ for each other to manifest which will cause a loving lavishness to manifest, “They were One and were in One accord and no-one said what he had was his own and there was no lack!” I like that! Recently a great friend of mine who totally understands this whole thing gave a stack of money to his Mexican neighbor to fly home as he had a need and no money! He didn’t know the guy but his love and appreciation of humanity caused him to give a stack of money to this guy as he was in need! An appreciation generation.

Recently Donna and I felt the need to shift some stuff in this area. As a family we have had guys partner with us financially for 8 years or so. These guys have supported us in an amazing way, their generosity has allowed us to go to the nations and love on guys at a time where we needed real revelation on finance! YET we felt it was time to release all of these guys from every sense of responsibility and obligation so that there may be freedom and opportunity for whatever gifts are given to be out of pure appreciation and not obligation! This freedom is a must! There can be no sense of process, program or obligation in these matters. We must break away from the conditioning inherent within the church concept, it causes powerlessness and dependency. An illusion, a lie! Reality is we are Rich, we are Full, we can give and receive because of this Truth NOT because of any system in place which ultimately causes bondage not freedom! As this revelation increases so much more will be done from a point of ‘Appreciation,’ as we love each other and see each other as one and as we realize we are rich together we will share so much! We have not even began to tap into the resource and abundantly offensive substance we have all around us YET! The frustration on our vision is unreality. So many have desired to go, to build, to have, to do, yet lack of revelation in this area has left a bitter taste and overwhelming disappointment. This is going! As we realize who we are, that we are rich, that the Universe is KEEN to respond to our desires and that we have a huge inheritance as Sons we will begin to walk as ‘Those who did dream!’ Man what a journey this Life is!

I know many are feeling this right now, the inner pull to walk in freedom, with it comes so many questions and tensions lol! What is the alternative? Big Big Hugs Dave and Donna (Please share your thoughts with us, this is not a ‘Preaching’ site but one of evolving together with honest dialogue as friends and journeyers!)