My new book ‘Tales from the couch’ has began to make a real splash. For years friends have been encouraging me to get this book into print and to share the extraordinary and hilarious stories of my life. I guess I always knew that I had something special brewing inside of me and I guess that I always had an idea of the potential fruit from a possible book release but really I had no idea of the affect my book would have upon others. I’ve now received countless messages from hundreds of guys who have been deeply impacted whilst and after reading my book. Every day people are messaging me and every day the content of their messages can be summed up by; “This book is more of an encounter than a read!” Many have confessed to laughing hysterically as they have read it, many have shared of the tears they’ve shed, many others have talked about only being able to read small amounts at a time as they would find themselves falling into trances and experiences! Just today I’ve received separate messages from different people all saying; “I was reading your book whilst my family were asleep and I laughed so hard I disturbed the entire house!” There really is no way for me to communicate the weight of glory which this book communicates, it’s powerful and I unashamedly present it’s impact to you!

Guys here’s a pretty cool review from my great friend Phil Smith. Phil read the book and loved it but also found himself together with me as several of the encounters in the book actually took place! Read and enjoy! (Guys please get yourself and a friend a copy of ‘Tales from the couch’ today. This book carries a strong drink with it and is available in the UK on Ebay, Amazon and Kindle and you can buy a hard copy worldwide via my website )

“I as well as many others had been encouraging Dave to write a book about his experiences and the journey he has gone on for some time now. I was very excited when Dave finally finished writing this and it doesn’t disappoint! Dave writes about his journey over his life, warts and all. He doesn’t try to make it fit a theological framework but expresses his heart.

What hits you is his vulnerability and honesty. He is not trying to persuade you of some theological belief system. Indeed it would be wrong to try and make a formula out of the experiences that Dave shares about in his book. He would not want that either, Dave says in it that it’s his journey and no one else’s.

Recently I read something by Lester Sumrall about Smith Wigglesworth’s last few years alive. He described how Smith’s ministry was not palatable, was offensive to many, was misunderstood even. Many found Smith too extreme to handle. At the time he was living, very few in the UK honoured him, forgetting the many dead raisings he had seen and the fact Smith had carried potentially the most powerful anointing to come out of the Uk in the last 100 years. What struck me about Smith’s life was the raw intensity of the Spirit that he carried, he didn’t fit the religious box, his ministry wasn’t polished, it didn’t have good PR. Despite all this he impacted the world. He was the real deal.

When reading Dave’s book you are struck by a level of rawness and reality. Dave has encountered God, he’s the real deal and his stories are not polished yet he has seen something. His book is an open doorway to encountering the Glory to a greater degree.

We have a lot of good teaching out there, some great conferences but not many people who carry an ability to open the Body of Christ up to encounter God and bring people into a greater dimension of the Kingdom of God. That is what Dave carries and the spirit that is on his book. It has the ability to break open a new level of reality for you.

I love Dave’s honesty in his book. Sometimes too much of Christianity is about the party line and people are scared to really say what they think. Dave has never had this issue! You may not agree with all Dave says, I don’t! But that’s partly Dave’s point, he is on a journey as we all are, so go encounter God for yourself and have your own experiences. His book will definitely help open you up to a new level of encounter.

I think it does carry a spirit of reformation on it, challenging Christianity as a religion. But ultimately what you are left with is a sense of awe and wonder at a God who is bigger than we are and the religious boxes we try to fit Him in.

There’s so much more power in mystery than theology. I think that is what is at the crux of his book- mystery; mystery at a God who he has walked with over many years. You will walk away from reading it, scratching your head saying “did that really happen?” Tales from the Couch is honest, hilariously funny and filled with mystery.”